At Brady's Pub, Susan holds out a cross at Belle and Shawn. Days of Our Lives
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In the morning, Eli finds Lani on the couch. He detects she’s upset. She admits she was with TR the previous night. He’s glib, but she says she’s conflicted about wanting to know about her biological father. Eli understands and will support whatever she wants to do. It means a lot to Lani that he trusts her. Of course, he trusts her, but he doesn’t trust TR, which is why he’s investigating him, with Billie’s and the ISA’s help.

TR stops by Sweet Bits with an updated movie script. Allie and Chanel refuse to do it because of Johnny and how TR treated Paulina. TR vows to make amends with Paulina and Lani, and says if Johnny agrees to recast the roles, he’ll let them out of their contracts. He vows he’s not the same man he used to be. He’s clean now.

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TR talks to Allie and Chanel in the Square. Chanel tilts her head and crosses her arms. Days of Our Lives

In the park, TR calls Lani. He suggests they all have dinner as a family. She’ll talk to Eli and get back to him. After hanging up, TR texts someone that he needs to see them. Later, a drug dealer meets him for a handoff.

At the station, a woman walks in looking for Eli. She says she got a call from Billie Reed about TR Coates. She’s his ex-girlfriend (played by Donielle Artese). They move to the interrogation room, where she learns Eli’s personal connection to TR. She confirms that TR hasn’t changed at all. He’s still a heroin user and beat her. She didn’t report it because he threatened to ruin her acting career. However, she ended up in the hospital the last time and they took photos. She urges Eli to keep TR away from his wife and kids. Eli thanks the woman, Beth Howard, before leaving.

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Eli faces TR in the park on Days of Our Lives

After the dealer departs, Eli finds TR in the park. TR discreetly drops the drugs, as Eli tells him he just talked with Beth Howard. He knows he’s still using and used to beat her. TR denies it, but Eli picks up the drugs as the men stare each other down. Meanwhile, Lani arrives at the station and finds Beth in the interrogation room.

Will pays “Johnny” a visit at the DiMera mansion. They immediately start bickering. Will shouts that what he’s doing to Grandma Marlena is unforgivable. He urges “Johnny” to do a rewrite of the story. To take the devil out of it. “Johnny” says the devil is the story. Will points out the story could destroy Marlena and her career. “Johnny” can only see how it will hurt his movie career. Will looks at Stefano’s portrait and says, “You’d be proud,” and leaves.

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Will and Allie sit next to each other on the bench in Horton Square. They lean their heads to touch and smile. Days of Our Lives

As Chanel heads out to talk to “Johnny” about the movie, Will passes through the Square. He’s still hot over Johnny, leading Allie to relay how their brother outed her fling with Chanel to Tripp. Will jokes that she shouldn’t wait for him to be shocked, since it’d be a little hypocritical. She chuckles, but confesses how confused she is. Will tells her that’s not the worst thing to be. She wonders if she’s gay.

Ben stops by to see Marlena at home. He tells her the devil is still there in Salem… and in Belle. He explains they thought it was Johnny, but Susan saw the 666 on Belle’s coat and felt the presence of the devil. Marlena says, “Oh Belle. God help you.”

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Susan holds up Belle's red coat in Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

Susan lurks outside Brady’s Pub as Belle and Shawn eat at a table. She sneaks in and finds Belle’s coat on the rack. Belle walks up wondering what she’s doing. Shawn joins them. Susan says he could be in grave danger because he is married to the devil. Shawn thinks he would notice, but Susan says the devil wouldn’t tip his hand after what happened with Marlena — not until he gets Ben and Ciara’s baby. She’s going to stop him right now. She pulls a cross on Belle, who rolls her eyes. When Susan admits the cross isn’t working, she inches her way out of the Pub to go see Marlena. Alone, Shawn says he’ll warn Marlena while Belle thinks she should talk to “Johnny” about who else’s presence Susan could have felt at mansion.

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At Brady's Pub, Susan holds out a cross at Belle and Shawn. Days of Our Lives

Back at the DiMera mansion, Chanel demands “Johnny” let her and Allie out of their movie contracts. He flirts, leading them to argue. He eventually agrees to let them out of their contracts if she drops the lawsuit. Belle enters, prompting Chanel to leave. Belle tells “Johnny” that Susan accused her of being the devil. As she recounts everything Susan said, her face falls. She looks fearful and tries to leave, but “Johnny” grabs her wrist. Later, Chanel returns to the room and finds Johnny passed out on the floor.

After Shawn gives her a heads up, Marlena rings the DiMera doorbell. Belle answers with glowing yellow eyes.

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