Craig opens his Salem Inn door to Sonny and Will on Days of Our Lives
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Justin reads by the fire in the Kiriakis mansion. Bonnie enters the room in a roble. Since Victor and Maggie are out of town, she starts taking it off. She’s always wanted to make love in the light of a roaring fire. Sonny walks in as she drops her robe. Sonny shields his eyes, as Bonnie dresses. After they’ve all composed themselves, Sonny confirms that Ari came with him and Will and asks if they can stay there. The couple readily agrees. Bonnie even promises to close the door for future hanky panky and goes to change.

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny shields his eyes. A fully dressed Justin, and a robe wearing Bonnie, look at him. Days of Our Lives

Alone with Justin, Sonny tells his father that he can’t forget about all things Bonnie did to his mother. Justin understands, but thought he moved beyond his animosity. Sonny can’t get over what happened on their wedding day which led to Justin trying to bribe a judge. Justin says he would do it again for Bonnie, but that doesn’t comfort Sonny. Bonnie returns unnoticed, as Justin asks if Sonny still has a problem with his wife. Sonny says, she’s not the wife he would have chosen for him, but if she makes him happy, then he supports it. Bonnie runs in to hug and thank Sonny.

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In the Kiriakis living room, Sonny glowers with his back to Justin, who stares at him, with his hands on his hips. Days of Our Lives

At the hospital, Marlena talks to a patient on the phone who has found a new therapist. Will appears and hugs his grandmother. She calls his visit the perfect pick me up, considering her career may be over. She tells him she lost most of her patients the first time she was possessed, and now it’s happening again. Will points out she’s not possessed anymore, but Marlena recounts the bad advice the MarDevil gave her patients. She worries the board is about to fire her, especially considering “Johnny”’s movie is being made. Will is shocked to hear it’s still happening.

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Will hugs Marlena at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

As Brady and John eat the Pub, Brady admits he doesn’t feel right pursuing a relationship with Chloe when they don’t know what happened to Philip. He then tells John that Craig is dating Leo. John’s mind is blown. Brady shares that he and Chloe have devised a plan to rescue Craig from his clutches, but John thinks that’s a bad idea. He doesn’t think Leo is as bad as Brady’s making him out to be. Brady scoffs, but John thinks maybe Leo found the love and acceptance he’s always searched for in Craig. Brady believes Leo will break Craig’s heart unless he does something about it. John warns him to stay out of it.

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In the Square, Chloe tells Nancy she met Craig’s new boyfriend. Nancy feels betrayed, accusing Chloe of taking sides. Chloe insists she loves both her parents. Both women cry as Nancy apologizes for putting her in a terrible position. After hearing how terrible Leo is, Nancy gets up to protect Craig from a “conniving gold digger.”

In a Salem Inn room, Craig tells Leo he’s not sure about them. Leo asks if Brady turned Craig against him. Craig can’t judge him for his past schemes, but he can’t lose Chloe over this. Leo assumes Craig is afraid of being with a man and is looking for an excuse to jump ship. Craig denies it. Leo understands it’s hard for Craig to turn his life upside down, but now he can embrace his true self. Craig worries his daughters will cut him out of their lives. Leo promises that won’t happen. They exchange, “I love yous” and take off their shirts. Nancy barges in. “Get your grubby little hands off my husband.”

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In a Salem Inn room, Craig turns his back to Leo, and wrings his hands. Days of Our Lives

Chloe follows in, as Leo tries to make nice with Nancy. He wants them all to get along, but Nancy’s scowl suggests she’s not exactly on board. Leo pours them drinks while suggesting to Nancy Craig leaving her was the right thing. She says she can get on board with Craig being gay, but not with him being with this piece of trash. Leo was just trying to extend an olive branch, but Nancy tells him to stick it where the sun don’t shine. She throws champagne in his face and walks out. Chloe apologizes for being out of line the last time they spoke and asks Leo if they can start over. All that’s important to her is that he makes her dad happy. She asks to take him out to drinks, just the two of them. Leo happily goes to get changed. Craig thanks Chloe for doing this. As they hug, Chloe’s face falls.

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Back at the Pub, John jumps out of his chair as Marlena and Will walk in. Brady admits he was the one to ask Will to come to Salem. Sonny joins them as Brady gets a message from Chloe. He says, “Operation Free Craig is a go.”

After Bonnie has left to pick up dinner, John and Marlena stop by to see Justin. Marlena needs a lawyer since the hospital could be ready to fire her for the things she did while the devil was in control. He calls that unfair and readily agrees.

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John and Marlena talk with Justin in the Kiriakis living room. Days of Our Lives

Bonnie enters the Pub and finds Nancy crying. She comforts her as Nancy sobs.

Will and Sonny show up at Craig’s door. They’re there to talk about Leo.

Brady finds Chloe at The Bistro. They hope Will and Sonny can talk sense into Craig. Leo shows up and asks, “What’s going on here?”

Next on Days of Our Lives: Paulina and Eli team up, and Bonnie offers to help Nancy.

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