Sitting on the couch, Chanel and Allie lean in for a kiss on Days of Our Lives
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Chanel comes to Allie’s place as the latter cries over Tripp. Allie tells her friend the engagement is off. Chanel blames herself, but Allie points out there’s no one to blame but her, for blowing it with the most amazing guy she’s ever known. Chanel touches Allie’s hand. She wants to help her make the pain go away, just like Allie did for her. They lean in close, but get interrupted when Nicole comes home.

After Chanel leaves for the bakery, Allie asks what happened in court. Nicole relays that Rafe’s fate is in the jury’s hands now. As they talk about the case, Allie relays that she and Tripp broke up. Nicole says if you love someone and they love you back, even if you’ve done something wrong, there’s always a chance to make it right. Allie doesn’t think Tripp will ever give her that chance.

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After Shawn questions Tripp about Ava, who escaped custody,
Ciara bumps into the doctor at the hospital. Tripp tells her he and Allie broke up because she cheated with Chanel. Ciara is surprised, but even more so to learn “Johnny” was the one who ratted out his sister. Tripp is just so tired of coming in second place with the women he cares about. Ciara calls him a wonderful man who doesn’t deserve to be lied to like that. She offers to be there for him if he needs anything and leaves.

Chanel is next to find Tripp. She tells him Allie loves him and wants him. Can he find it in his heart to forgive her? Tripp doesn’t want to hear another word from her and he never wants to see Allie again.

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Chanel and Tripp face each other with tense looks at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

At the DiMera mansion, Chad catches Belle up on Gabi taking the CEO position out from under him and Jake. When talk turns to EJ, Chad blows up over his brother forcing himself on Abigail. Belle defends EJ, which sets Chad off even more. She wonders if there’s something he’s not telling her. He yells at her that, as DiMera counsel, she needs to help him get his CEO position back or he’ll find someone who will.

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Ben and Jake sit on the couch holding beers on Days of Our Lives

At his place, Ben grabs beers, as Jake vents about Gabi backstabbing him with “Johnny”’s help. Ben shares his theory that Johnny is possessed by the devil. Though leery at first, Jake thinks it would explain how he got Gabi to believe Jake had that meeting with Maggie. He then recounts how “Johnny” glibly suggested he morphed into him, but then fought and he can’t remember the rest. Ben thinks maybe he got sucker-punched by the devil. Jake says it makes no sense, yet it explains everything. Ben tells him Susan is with “Johnny” right now, so if he is possessed, she will know.

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Susan visits “Johnny” in his room at the mansion. She’s there to figure out if he’s really her grandson. After she tells him of Ben and Ciara’s accusation, “Johnny” suggests they just got confused because his movie is called Possessed. She counters that the devil could have easily jumped from Marlena to him during the exorcism. He points out a lot of other people were in the room. She brings up Ben and Ciara’s upside-down cross, but he thinks if he were possessed, she’d know it, considering her own impressive powers. She agrees, and since she’s not sensing any weirdness from him, he must not be Satan. He recalls using his powers on her during their last visit to wipe her memory of JoDevil.

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Susan holds a cross and recoils, as JoDevil presses his finger to her forehead. Days of Our Lives

Downstairs in the foyer, Susan hugs her grandson as she tells him how much she loves him. However, her smile fades as she senses the devil is still there in Salem. In fact, he is under that very roof. Belle emerges from the living room and tells Susan she’s doing everything she can to help EJ. She’s on her way out though, so “Johnny” tells her not to forget her coat. He walks to the other room as Belle puts on her red coat and leaves. Susan sees 666 painted on the back of it. She freaks out — “Dear sweet Jesus. Belle Brady is the devil”— as JoDevil secretly flashes yellow eyes.

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Susan leans her back against a door while reading the Bible. Days of Our Lives

Susan races to Ben and Ciara’s. She opens the Bible and reads a passage about rebuking the devil. She collapses on the couch. Ben and Ciara flank her, asking if Johnny is possessed. Breathlessly, she tells them the devil is in Belle Brady.

When Belle finds Shawn at the station, he sees something that looks like ash on her coat. He brushes it off.

Back at the mansion, JoDevil revels in Belle taking the heat off him so he can go forward with his plans. Chad wonders, what plan is that? Chad issues a warning to his nephew and walks out. JoDevil says the fun is just beginning.

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Shawn looks at the back of Belle's red coat. She frowns and looks over her shoulder. Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Nancy faces off with Leo, and Will and Sonny come home.

From Andre pretending to be Tony to Paulina pretending to be Lani’s aunt, and everything in between, we look at the biggest lies told in the daytime.

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