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As we enter Salem, Orpheus is mocking Clyde for reading “Chick lit,” then mentions his “new cellmate.” After a bit of cat and mouse, Milo says he knows a great deal about Clyde and EJ’s relationship. Like how Clyde killed him. As the accused inmate points out, EJ’s “alive and kicking.” He swears he never shot his cellmate. Maybe, Orpheus, acknowledges, but Clyde’s definitely responsible for his temporary death.

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“Even if I had been there,” Clyde muses, “EJ doesn’t remember a damn thing about that evening,” thanks to “Rolf’s miracle drug.” Orpheus says that in time the memories come back, so what’s the plan when EJ finally remembers what happened? Clyde’s up for parole soon, and it would be a shame if that went wrong somehow. The two men make nice a bit and suggest they could help each other out if Clyde gets out and EJ never remembers.

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EJ, meanwhile, is off getting an update from Belle on his case. The news isn’t good. Belle tracked down the henchman who held Sami hostage and tried tricking him into confessing but didn’t have any luck. EJ’s feeling hopeless, but Belle insists there are other avenues out there like arguing insufficient evidence. But that’s an uphill battle. Maybe if EJ hadn’t insisted on no jury… He admits his mistake and thanks her for everything. Then he tells her about his cellmate — which is going surprisingly well.

EJ admits that he and Clyde used to be in “business” together, which makes Belle suggest that they should request a different cellmate. But EJ thinks Clyde could be helpful in navigating prison. They then talk about Chad, and Belle surmises that he knows something that could exonerate EJ. She’s going to try finding out what that is. She promises to get her client out of prison and EJ again tells her how grateful he is for her.

EJ sits across the table from Belle in the prison's visitors' room. Days of Our Lives

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Across town, Ben, is trying unsuccessfully to put together a baby swing when Ciara walks in to talk about their JoDevil possession theory. Susan shows up at their door, saying she had a premonition about them talking about someone “near and dear to her heart.” She, though, thinks they want to talk about EJ. They break the news that it’s not her son, but her grandson who’s the problem.

Susan tries wrapping her head around Johnny being possessed and they explain all the strange occurrences that have been happening. They wanted to talk to Susan and see if she sensed anything about her grandson. She insists that if she’d had any inkling about Johnny, she never would have left town. They apologize for being wrong about the devil’s return, but Susan stops them.

She had a premonition that the devil hadn’t left, but thought maybe her demon receptor was off. Then she recalls that the night of the engagement party she ended up in the hospital. And she felt like there was an evil force behind it. She can’t believe she didn’t see it before. Susan insists she can’t bury her head in the sand about Johnny and she runs off to confront him, forbidding Ben from following.

Ben and Ciara flank Susan on their couch. Susan holds Ben's hand. Days of Our Lives

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Over at DiMera, the devil finally revealed himself to Jake, asking the old Joker question: “Did you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?” A stunned Jake asks who he is. “Did you think the devil was gone?” JoDevil responds, teasing his cousin for being slow on the uptake. He then comes clean about manipulating Gabi and turning her against her boyfriend. Jake tries making a run for it, but JoDevil slams the door shut. “Guess I’m dancing with the devil after all,” Jake says, then takes a swing.

The next office over, Chad is trying to throw Gabi out of his office, but she tells him, “This is my desk in my office, I’ll put my damn feet wherever I want.” He’s looking at the new CEO of DiMera. Chad’s laughter quickly turns to shock as he realizes she’s serious. Gabi informs him that while he was running around rescuing his wife, she held an emergency shareholder meeting and took over with Johnny. Chad says he’s going to call his own meeting and undo this mess. As they trade barbs, they hear a crash and we flash back to Jake, unconscious on the table while JoDevil leers down at him.

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Chad leaves as Gabi goes to investigate and finds Jake and Johnny, the latter of whom insists he was just defending himself. Jake wakes up and struggles to tell Gabi that her new business partner is… “a creep.” His memories had been wiped. Gabi asks what happened, but Jake isn’t entirely sure. But still, he insists that Johnny is lying about everything, including his attack.  Gabi asks Johnny to leave so she and Jake can talk alone. They acknowledge that their relationship is over and Jake asks if he can go by the house and get his stuff. He still insists that he loves her, though, and doesn’t understand how they went from being on top of the world to this.

In the show’s last few minutes, EJ walks in on Clyde and Orpheus plotting and his cellmate introduces him to “Milo Harp.” Clyde tells EJ that he just needs to have patience about getting out of prison. But when Clyde mentions “this nice, cushy lifestyle,” EJ suddenly regains some memories.

Belle wears her red coat, as she talks with a defiant Chad in the DiMera mansion. Days of Our Lives

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Belle heads over to visit Chad and get the truth from him, but he’s took hung up on Gabi taking over DiMera. Jake visits Ben and tells him about Gabi’s double-cross, explaining that it was all Johnny’s doing. Ben’s pretty sure he knows how. And Susan walks in on Johnny and informs him she’s “here to see if you really are my grandson.”

Will Gabi be able to see through the devils deceptions in time to salvage her relationship with Jake? If everyone should be able to recognize lies it’s her! She’s certainly told plenty in her life, so while you’re here why not revisit some of them with a gallery of Gabi’s most memorable moments?

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