Outside the Bistro in Horton Square, Xander reaches out to take Sarah's hand. Days of Our Lives
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At the DiMera mansion, JoDevil prepares for the shareholders’ and hears “Johnny Angel”’s voice. Johnny won’t let JoDevil hurt anyone else he loves. JoDevil scoffs. He’s no John and Marlena. There’s no one he loves enough to force the devil out of his body. Johnny disagrees. Their argument is interrupted by a call from Gabi. Jake enters his bedroom as Gabi tells JoDevil she’s ready for Jake to get what he deserves. She hangs up and tells Jake she just meant he will finally be CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

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In a crimson red suit, JoDevil's eyes glow as he doubles over, holding his stomahc in the DiMera living room. Days of Our Lives

Back at the mansion, Tony greets “Johnny” who is surprised to see him home already. Tony tries to talk to him about the movie, but “Johnny” glosses over it and rushes out. Later, Chad joins Tony and thanks him for his help in tracking Abigail down. Tony in turn updates him on Sarah moving in and hiring a divorce lawyer for him. Chad bursts out laughing, calling it a mess. However, maybe now that Sarah’s in a familiar place, her memory will be jogged. After more discussion, Chad gets up to leave for work.

Kate finds Li Shin at the DiMera office. She learns Gabi and “Johnny” have called a meeting while Chad and Tony are away. She wonders what is so pressing about their agenda. Li isn’t at liberty to discuss it.

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Chad and Tony face each other in front of the DiMera living room mantle. Days of Our Lives

Gabi and Jake show up, with “Johnny” following behind. He says Tony and Chad are stuck on the plane due to weather, so they can go forward with the meeting. When it starts, Jake proposes they elect Victor to the board of directors and replace Chad as CEO with him. Kate challenges both motions. Gabi jumps in to suggest adding Johnny to the board instead of Victor and electing her as CEO. “Johnny” seconds that motion. Jake shouts, “What the hell is this?!”

Kate assumes Li will vote for Jake, so the vote would end in a tie, making it a moot point. However, when the official vote is taken, JoDevil compels Shin to vote his way. Jake explodes again as Gabi explains she overheard him double-crossing her with Maggie. Jake doesn’t know what she’s talking about. “Johnny” advises Gabi to get settled in her new office and he’ll take care of Jake.

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Gwen stands across the table from Ava in the interrogation room. Her hand is jutted out, while making a point. Ava stands, glaring, with her hands on her hips. Days of Our Lives

Chad enters his office and finds Gabi in his chair. She says, “You’re out and I’m in.”

Back in the boardroom, Jake accuses “Johnny” of turning Gabi against him. “Johnny” taunts him about Gabi, leading Jake to grab him. JoDevil’s eyes glow, as he orders Jake to, “Get your hands off of me.”

In the interrogation room, Ava warns Gwen that she won’t go to prison for what they did. Gwen suggests Ava keep her mouth shut and she’ll do the same.

In the park, Gwen wonders if things can get any worse for her. Ned the pilot shows up and says it can. He wants a million dollars for not telling Chad and Tony about her involvement in Abigail’s abduction. Gwen agrees, but Ava has the money. So he needs to her out of the Salem PD.

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In Horton Square, Xander holds out his phone, and looks expectantly at a stone-faced Sarah. Days of Our Lives

Ned wears a fake mustache while visiting Ava in the interrogation room as her lawyer, “Saul Goodman”. He’ll negotiate a deal with Trask for her freedom. However, his fees are steep. Ava grins, recognizing Ned, and says, “You’re hired.”

Xander runs into Sarah in the Square. He’s overcome to see her, but she believes he’s Renee’s husband, Alex. She calls him a liar and demands a divorce. She stalks off to talk to Don Craig about just that. Dumbstruck, Xander calls Jack. “You want to go ahead and finish that story you were trying to tell me?”

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In Horton Square, Xander's forehead is creased, and mouth is downturned, as he looks at Gwen. She averts her eyes. Days of Our Lives

After getting filled in, Xander hangs up with Jack, when he sees Sarah pass through again. She continues to insist that she’s Renee, so he pulls out his phone and shows her a photo of them together. She’s never seen it before. Besides, that woman is Sarah and she’s Renee. Sarah confirms Renee’s face is the face she sees in the mirror. As she turns to leave, Xander grabs her hand. “Please. Please wait,” he urges. She swats him away. Xander begs her to at least let him take her to see Maggie.

Sarah goes on another rant and stomps away. Gwen shows up. A crestfallen Xander fills her in. She asks if Sarah wants to pick up where they left off. He says no and suggests he tell her more in their room.

Sarah shows up at the DiMera mansion. She hugs Tony and tells him she can’t find Don Craig, but she scheduled an appointment with a good lawyer about their divorces and about evicting Anna. Tony won’t allow it, but Sarah won’t allow another woman to share a bed with the man she loves.

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In the DiMera living room, Sarah leans in, scowling at Tony. Days of Our Lives

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