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Tony comes home to a worried Anna. He tells her Kristen got away, but he and Chad brought everyone home. Anna’s relieved, but shares the “queasy” feeling she got when she heard about where he went. He reluctantly tells her that Sarah thinks she’s Renee.

At the hospital, Sarah demands to know why she’s being held there. Steve and Kayla try to get through to her, but she won’t hear that she’s not Renee. Kayla wants to run tests on her brain to see if there’s any lasting damage from the drug. After some initial resistance, Sarah agrees. However, she slips out after Kayla and Steve leave the room.

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Sarah sits, propped up, in a hospital bed, glaring. Days of Our Lives

Back at the mansion, Tony tells Anna that Sarah will have to accept that she is his one and only. They kiss, as Sarah enters and exclaims, “Get your hands off my Tony!” Anna retorts, “This is my Tony.” Sarah rants at and insults Anna, who fights right back. Kayla and Steve show up, as Tony intervenes. Sarah refuses to go back to the hospital and leaves the room.

Kayla tells Tony and Anna they could work on getting a court order to force Sarah’s tests, but in the meantime, they need to keep her safe. Anna can’t believe they’re suggesting she live there. Kayla says at least they’d know where she is. Sarah returns as Kayla and Steve leave. Sarah wants to hire Tony a lawyer to get him a divorce. When she threatens to have Anna forcibly removed from the house, Tony shouts, “I don’t think so.” Sarah remains unfazed as she walks out.

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Tony and Anna scowl, looking offscreen, at the DiMera mansion. Days of Our Lives

Chad visits Ava in the interrogation room. He wants to know why she kidnapped his wife and who helped her do it. She can’t answer his questions. Chad says she’ll answer to the police then. He will make damn sure someone pays for what happened to his wife. If it’s not her, then she should turn on her partner. He thinks he can pull strings with Trask to get her a deal. Ava will take her chances, considering she hasn’t been arrested yet. He tells her the offer stands, before leaving.

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Chad stands in front of Ava, who sits in the interrogation room. Days of Our Lives

Gwen jolts awake in bed after having a nightmare about Abigail outing her to Xander. Xander asks if she wants to talk about it. She lies that it was about Dr. Snyder. In her dream, he told her that Xander was just using her to get over Sarah. Xander tells her he dreamed that they were married and they had four kids, a white picket fence, and a golden retriever. She knows he didn’t dream that. He admits it, but he does daydream about it all the time. He wouldn’t marry her if he didn’t adore her and want to spend the rest of his life with her. She knows his feelings are genuine. She can’t wait to be his wife.

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Xander and Gwen talk in bed on Days of Our Lives

As they revel in her becoming Mrs. Gwendolyn Cook, Ava calls Gwen. She orders her to get to the station right now. After hanging up, Gwen tells Xander it was the wedding planner, who she needs to meet with right now.

When Gwen arrives at the SPD, Ava asks why she shouldn’t sacrifice Gwen to save herself.

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Jack and Jennifer talk with Abigail on the Horton House couch. Days of Our Lives

Abigail runs to embrace her parents at the Horton House. After filling them in, Abigail thanks them for watching the kids and says they can go back to Boston now. They praise her work as a journalist and she tells them her next story will be about Sarah’s kidnapping.

After Chad has arrived, Jack calls Xander from the house. He tells his mate that Sarah was on the island with Abigail. He explains everything to a confused Xander. “The woman you saw in bed with Rex, the woman who broke up with you, was Kristen in a Sarah mask,” he says. Xander collapses in his chair. He thinks it’s too insane to be true, but Jack says Abigail confirmed it. Xander yells, “Where is she?” Xander hangs up and races out of his room before Jack can tell him the rest.

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Sarah sits at Tom and Alice’s plaque in the Square. She says she’s not their granddaughter, she’s Renee DuMonde. She stands as Xander exits the hotel. They lock eyes.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Chad wants answers from Ava, and Xander gets shocking news from Jack.

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