Chad and Abby hug in Sarah's room at the island mansion. Their reflections are seen in the mirror. Days of Our Lives
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Tripp glumly enters Brady’s Pub. Roman asks how the proposal went. Tripp says it was a disaster because he found out Allie slept with Chanel. He wonders if Allie isn’t as into men as she wants to be. However, he does believe Allie loves him. Roman wonders if there’s some way they can get past it.

Kate finds Allie crying at the picnic table. She sits and holds her. Allie tells her “Johnny” outed her to Tripp about sleeping with Chanel. She hates her brother for what he did to her and Chanel. But she also feels terrible about Tripp finding out, because she does love him. Kate urges her not to give up and invites her to go to the Pub with her.

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Kate and Allie talk outside, at night, near bushes. Their coats drape over thier shoulders. Days of Our Lives

Back at the Pub, Roman asks Tripp if there’s a way he can forgive Allie. Tripp turns to see Kate and Allie walk in. Tripp gets up to leave, but Kate asks him not to. She says Allie still loves him and is miserable over what happened. She asks if he can find it in his heart to forgive her.

Allie looks at Tripp with pleading eyes and takes him aside. She hates herself for what she did to him, especially after all that he’s done for her. She’s always felt like she wasn’t good enough for him and now she’s proven that. She’ll never stop hating herself for this and she’ll never stop loving him. Tripp could never be sure if he’s who she wants, or who she’s with when they’re not together. He can’t live like that. He walks out, leaving Allie in tears. Kate and Roman try to console her, but she races out.

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Tripp sits at the bar in Brady's pub. He turns and glares at Allie, standing between tables. Days of Our Lives

On the private jet, Chad shakes his knee, worried Ned gave them bad information. Tony assures him their visit with the pilot paid off and they’re on their way to Abigail. Chad doesn’t even know anything about this island. Tony does, because he and Renee spent time there. He fills Chad in on their sister and how she did terrible things to Anna, after discovering they weren’t blood-related. He says his life has become far less complicated now that she’s dead. He looks out the window and sees lights. They’ll be there soon.

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Tony and Chad sit across from each other on a private jet. Days of Our Lives

Abigail pounds on the locked bedroom door in the island mansion. Sarah enters. Abigail’s thrilled to see her, but Sarah doesn’t know who she is. Also, her name is Renee. Abigail picks up Renee’s diary and tells her this isn’t her story. She just read it after getting injected with a mind-altering drug. Sarah thinks she’s making it up. Abigail tells her the whole story, but Sarah only focuses on the fact that Abigail is married to a DiMera. She beams as she says they’re practically sisters. Abigail tries to tell her she’s a Horton, but Sarah doesn’t want to hear it.

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Sarah faces Abigail in her bedroom in the island mansion. Days of Our Lives

Kristen rolls a cart of food and champagne into the storage room. Steve and Kayla are gagged and tied to chairs. Kristen says, “Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds.” She recalls the couple holding flare guns on her when Sarah knocked Steve out from behind. When Kayla ran to his side, Kristen pulled a gun on them and whisked them back to the storage room. They demand to see Abigail, now. Kristen presents them with the meal she made for them, assuring them it’s safe to eat. She notes, it’s not only Valentine’s Day, it’s their anniversary. She pops open the bottle and pours them a glass. Despite their reservations, they agree to eat the dinner she made. Kristen unties them and leaves.

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In the storage room, Kristen stands at a table, smiling, with her hands to her chin. Steve and Kayla sit tied to chairs. The table has a white linen cloth, champagne and covered dinner plates on it. Days of Our Lives

Tony and Chad enter the shabby mansion. They decide to split up to check the many rooms. When they leave the living room, Kristen walks in, thinking she heard the front door. Later, Chad opens the door to Sarah’s room. Abigail flies into his arms. Sarah grins and says, “Hi Chad. Nice to meet you.” Chad wonders what’s going on with her, as Tony enters. Sarah runs to him and says, “My darling. I can’t believe you’re here.”

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Tony shoots Chad and Abigail a look, as Sarah embraces him. Days of Our Lives

Back in the storage room, Steve and Kayla decided to stop second-guessing Kristen and celebrate. They raise a glass and wish each other a happy anniversary. After eating, they feel confident they haven’t been poisoned. They reminisce about their Valentine’s Day weddings and how the last one was their forever wedding. Steve promises he’s not going anywhere and pulls her into a kiss.

Kristen returns. When they note she didn’t lie about not poisoning the chicken, she grins. “That’s what I came down to tell you,” she says. “Actually, I did lie.”

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In the storage room, Kayla leans into Steve's arms. An open champagne bottle sits on the table in front of them. Days of Our Lives

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