In front of a roaring fire in DiMera mansion, JoDevil's yellow eyes blaze. He leans forward on the couch, clutching his stomach. Days of Our Lives
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Eli comes home to dinner, red velvet cake, and Lani all dressed up for Valentine’s Day. His smile fades as he confesses he visited TR. When Lani reacts, he explains he did it to protect her. After more discussion, Eli suggests they focus on them. He raises a glass to his wonderful wife. He is in awe of everything she does. He turns on music and asks her to dance.

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Eli supports Lani on Days of Our Lives

Paulina shows up at TR’s hotel room with the flowers he sent her. She drops the vase at his feet. As they argue, he declares he’s staying in Salem for the movie and to get to know his daughter. When she objects, he throws Pricetown in her face. He thinks if Lani can forgive her for such a huge betrayal, maybe Paulina can do the same for him. Paulina points out his abuse and her deceit are two different things.

TR agrees and recounts all his wrongdoings. He shares that he ended up in prison for using his clients’ money to buy drugs. Hitting rock bottom was the best thing that ever happened to him. He rebuilt himself, but he’s never been able to fully enjoy his success because the guilt weighed on him. Now, he’s finally in a position to make things right — if she’ll let him. Paulina says flowers won’t fix anything, but flashes back to sending Lani her own bouquet after the truth came out. She admits to being a little hypocritical, but says true forgiveness needs to be earned. TR is willing to put in the time because he never got over her. He doesn’t know if he ever will. He would love to make it up to her and to get to know his daughter. He asks her to think about it. Paulina leaves, clearly affected.

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In an outdoor setting, Allie and Chanel watch, as Tripp steps to JoDevil. Days of Our Lives

At Tripp’s outdoor picnic, “Johnny” tells him Allie slept with Chanel. Tripp gets in his face and accuses him of lying. “Johnny” says he heard them talking about it in the square. Teary-eyed, Tripp says he wants to talk to Allie alone.

After Chanel and “Johnny” leave, Tripp asks Allie to be honest with him. Allie’s eyes water as she admits she did sleep with Chanel. After explaining how it happened, she insists it was a mistake. She loves him. He’s who she wants to be with. Who she wants to marry. “Are you kidding me,” he says, gobsmacked. “You don’t seriously think that we’re still getting married?” She pleads with him, but Tripp says there’s no coming back from this. They are done. He asks for the ring back. She cries and shakes her head, but gives it to him. He walks away, leaving her in tears.

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Outdoors, a solemn Tripp holds out his hand to Allie. She looks down, touching her ring finger. Days of Our Lives

In the Square, Chanel lashes out at “Johnny” for what he just did. “Johnny” makes glib comments about knowing what it’s like to marry the wrong person. Her face hardens. She will take him for everything he’s worth. “Johnny” makes more inappropriate comments, leading her to stalk off.

Back at Eli and Lani’s, the marrieds emerge from their bedroom, pulling on clothes. There’s a knock at the door. Lani opens it to Chanel, in tears.

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In the DiMera living room, JoDevil smirks, while clutching a letter opener. Days of Our Lives

JoDevil returns to the mansion, gloating over the pain he just caused. Johnny’s voice screams out. He won’t let JoDevil continue hurting the people he loves. JoDevil falters in pain. He composes himself and grabs a letter opener. He warns Johnny to stop fighting him or else he’ll slaughter his little cousins in their sleep. Johnny yells, “No,” and relents.

At The Bistro, Chloe and Brady gape as Craig kisses Leo. Craig is surprised to learn Brady and Leo have already met. Brady declares Leo made his family’s life hell. Leo insists he was the victim. Brady tells Craig Paul did a deep dive into Leo’s past and it was one scam after another. Now, Craig is his latest mark. Chloe is sorry, but warns her father that Leo is using him for his money. Brady adds that Leo was recently part of a stolen gem fiasco in Arizona. Leo admits it, but after meeting Craig, everything’s changed.

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Leo and Craig grin, standing side by side in The Bistro. Days of Our Lives

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Leo explains his life fell apart after the Peacock caper. It was so bad, he had to dress up as a Chipmunk to pass out free nuts at a medical convention. That’s when he met Craig. Leo understands Chloe’s skepticism, but the pain he’s felt his whole life, stemming from his pig of a father, went away upon meeting Craig. “Not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate how lucky I am,” he says. Brady calls Leo a predator, and Chloe demands her father end this now.

Craig appreciates their concern, but this conversation is over… for the time being anyway. He knows all too well that people can do terrible things. They don’t have to focus on the past. He just wants to focus on what they have, together. He’s committed to Leo. He’s sorry Chloe doesn’t agree, but this is his life and he’s never letting him go. Chloe tells her dad he’s making a huge mistake and storms out with Brady.

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