Julie stares wide-eyed at Ben and Ciara on Days of Our Lives
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Nicole waits for Trask outside the courtroom. She tells her Ava put the three prisoners up to making false claims against Rafe. Trask dismisses her, pointing out she has no evidence.

Nicole meets with a prisoner, Mr. Hutchins. She tells him she’s Jennifer Devereaux from The Spectator. She says she has evidence that Rafe was framed. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Nicole says she can prove Ava put him up to it. He says the last time a former associate of Ava’s crossed her, they wound up dead. Nicole asks if Hutchins is a former associate of hers. He responds that he never said that. Trask enters and orders Nicole out, while suggesting she call a lawyer.

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Allie finds Ava crying in Horton Square. Ava tells her Nicole and Rafe slept together. Plus, they accused her of framing Rafe out of revenge. Allie gently asks if it’s true. Ava acts offended. Allie apologizes, but stops Ava when she starts trashing Nicole. Ava swears on her son’s life, while flashing to Charlie’s grave. Allie knows she’d never swear on Tripp’s life if she didn’t mean it. Absolutely not, Ava says. She loves Tripp with all her heart, and lets slip Tripp has a surprise planned. Allie asks if he’s going to propose. Ava tries to deny it, but eventually confirms he is. Allie’s mouth drops.

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Chanel finds Tripp at the hospital. She asks him to be a witness in her divorce case. To testify how happy Johnny was being married to her. Tripp is happy to do it. Tripp pulls out a ring and asks if Chanel thinks Allie would like it. Chanel asks if he’s proposing to her. He says, yes. Tonight. She knows Allie will love the ring. Her face falls a little as he gushes about how wonderful Allie is. When he muses over how he should do it, Chanel reminds him Allie doesn’t like champagne so he shouldn’t drop it in a glass. She writes down a recipe for a cosmo instead.

After Chanel has left, Tripp calls Ava to thank her for her help with tonight. After he asks her to pick up ingredients for cosmos, he says Allie will be so surprised. Ava grimaces.

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Chanel and Allie sit across the table from each other in Horton Square. Days of Our Lives

Chanel meets Allie in Horton Square. Allie tells her about Tripp, leading Chanel to tell her she’ll love the ring. She wonders what Allie will say.

At the police station, Jake calls Gabi wondering where she is. She doesn’t answer. He flashes back to seeing “Johnny”’s text on her phone. He says, “Come to think of it, I know exactly where you are.”

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Jake glares at Johnny and Gabi on Days of Our Lives

In the DiMera living room, “Johnny” leans in close to Gabi after convinces her to avenge Jake’s double-crossing. Jake walks in. With controlled anger, he asks why Gabi wasn’t at the police station with Rafe. “Johnny” interrupts Jake’s rant at Gabi. He rattles off plans to vote Jake in at DiMera and Gabi in at Titan. Jake wonders if he wants the CEO job for himself. “Johnny” pretends to step out to call Shin, but sends Jake a text from Maggie instead. Before he leaves to meet with her, Jake gives Gabi a passionate kiss. JoDevil lurks and glowers yellow eyes at Jake, who doubles over. He says he got a shock. After recovering, he leaves to meet with Maggie.

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As they decorate their apartment, Ben and Ciara feel their baby kick. They start to kiss and lie back on the couch. As they continue making out, Julie pounds on the door. Ciara helps Ben puts his shirt back on and then opens the door to her grandma. Julie notices the cross she sent over isn’t there. Ciara tells her it kept flipping upside down, so they took it down. Julie recoils as she tells them an upside-down cross is the sign of the devil himself.

In their apartment, Ben and Ciara stare into each other's eyes. Days of Our Lives

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They remind her Marlena’s exorcism worked and the entire family was there to witness it. Julie points out the devil jumped from Doug to Marlena… so how do they know the devil has left Salem? Julie recounts the fire breaking out on her stove just as she was about to bring them the cross. They note Johnny was there when it happened. After Julie leaves, Ben worries that Julie is right and the devil jumped into someone else. They go over who was at Marlena’s exorcism the devil could have jumped into. After listing everyone else, Ciara ends with, “Johnny. The one who brought us the cross.”

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