Kayla leans over Steve, who picks a door's lock. Days of Our Lives
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After Xander goes shopping for an engagement ring, Gwen sees a text message from Chad on Abigail’s phone. It begs her captor to let Abigail come home to her family. She texts back, “I’m sorry. I can’t help you.” Chad screams. He voices a text threatening to kill them if they harm one harm on his wife’s head — even if they are family. He throws his phone across the room as Shawn enters the mansion. Shawn updates him on his lack of progress on the case, and asks if he knows anyone who can find Kristen. Chad thinks he does.

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Chad puts a hand on a hip, as he talks on the phone at the DiMera mansion. Days of Our Lives

In her Salem Inn room, Gwen says to herself that she’s sorry she can’t do anything to help Abigail now. She smashes the phone, as Maggie stops by. She says she wanted to see how Xander is doing after Sarah’s return. Gwen relays that they are engaged. Maggie’s surprised to hear it and calls Sarah’s visit off. She wasn’t the Sarah she knows and loves.

In Horton Square, Xander looks at Sarah’s engagement ring. He says the only way he can afford Gwen’s ring, is to sell this one. He flashes back to his and Sarah’s double proposal.

At the Salem Inn, Xander stands in front of Gwen, with an open ring box. Days of Our Lives

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When Xander returns to the Salem Inn, Maggie congratulates him. She’ll always be sorry it didn’t work out with Sarah, but if Gwen makes him happy, she wishes them both the best. After Maggie leaves, Gwen expresses her insecurity over Sarah. Xander wants to prove how much he loves her and pulls out a ring box. She wonders how he could afford it. He explains he sold Sarah’s ring and reveals the new diamond. Gwen calls it stunning. Xander says, “So are you.” He gets on one knee and proposes again. She says, “A thousand times, yes. I will marry you.” She calls the ring perfect. She loves it and she loves him.

In her room in the mansion, Sarah reads a book. She puts it down and says, “Why can’t the man I love whisk me away on a stallion? Or at least a raft?” She knows no one is coming to rescue her, so she’ll do it herself. She leaves her book, titled, Love’s Bitter Harvest by Tiffany Townsend, behind.

EJ holds out his hand, and furrows his brow as he talks to Belle, in the prison visitors' room. Days of Our Lives

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In the prison visitors’ room, Belle gives EJ a phonecard, but he has no one to call. She says he can her call him anytime. Chad shows up. He knows EJ’s been in contact with Kristen. Where is she? EJ insists he has no idea, which Chad doesn’t believe. They yell until Belle interrupts them. EJ insists he hasn’t heard from Kristen in months. He has no idea where she is. Chad asks about DiMera properties. EJ reminds his brother he all the access to that information. After insults and accusations are exchanged, Chad says the world is a better place with EJ behind bars. If EJ never gets out no one will miss him, least of all Chad. He storms out, leaving EJ rattled.

In the prison visitors' room, Belle talks to a Chad. EJ stands behind her with his arms folded across his chest. Days of Our Lives

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Belle tells EJ he doesn’t deserve to go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He thanks her for being his lifeline. They joke about who his cellmate could be before she leaves.
EJ enters his cell. His cellmate’s back is to him on the top bunk. He rolls over, revealing it’s Clyde.

Shawn calls when Chad returns home. He might have a lead.

In a storage room, Steve wears a white bandage over his left eye. He faces Kayla, who wears a dark jacket, with a priest collar tucked into the pocket. Days of Our Lives

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Steve and Kayla are jolted awake by a noise in the storage room. They find a tray of food on the table, along with a bag that contains Steve’s eyepatch and their driver’s licenses. Kayla starts to eat the salad Kristen left, but Steve fears it could be poisoned. Kayla’s starving so she’s willing to take the chance.

After they change into clothes from the bag, Steve finds flare guns. He grabs her fork and says it, along with the guns, is their ticket out of there. He tries to pick the lock with the fork, but he cuts himself. As Kayla “patches” him up, they kiss. Sarah enters. They turn, shocked.

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In the island mansion, Kristen ignores a call on Steve’s phone from Shawn. She ignores it, but listens to his message that relays Abigail is missing and he thinks Kristen is involved. Abigail enters and says, “I told you they’d be looking for me.” Abigail asks about the locked room and accuses Kristen of trying to poison her. Kristen eats Abby’s cereal and drinks her smoothie to prove she’s not. When Kristen’s head starts to spin, Abigail explains she found sleeping pills in a cabinet and slipped them into the drink. There’s enough in there to take out a horse. She’s surprised Kristen’s still standing. Kristen falls over. Abigail finds keys on her body and heads out.

Abigail stirs a drink at the deserted island mansion on Days of Our Lives

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Abigail goes to the locked room, but the door is open. She finds it empty, but sees the romance novel. Abigail searches the room until a groggy Kristen enters. Panicked, Kristen looks around and says, “No.” Abigail asks where Sarah is.

Kristen talks to Abigail at the island mansion on Days of Our Lives

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