TR stands in Lani's doorway. Days of Our Lives
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At the Kiriakis mansion, Gabi seethes as she overhears Jake telling Maggie he’s fine if Gabi isn’t CEO of Titan. As long as he is CEO of DiMera, then he’s got everything he wants.

As Ava grins while reading an article about Rafe’s trial, Jake returns home. After some banter about their living arrangements, Jake tells Ava he has a plan to get him and Gabi out of this house. Ava gets in digs about Gabi’s murderous past.

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Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie questions how Gabi will react to not being CEO. Jake says he can handle her. Gabi storms off, unseen. Maggie assures Jake she’ll let Victor know what they discussed. When Maggie leaves the room, Jake morphs into JoDevil. He says to himself, “If that doesn’t drive Jake and Gabi apart, I don’t know what will.”

Ava hands Tripp a ring box in Rafe's kitchen. Days of Our Lives

Later, Tripp stops by to tell Ava he’s asking Allie to marry him. Despite her previous reservations about Allie and Chanel, Ava is happy for him. Tripp plans to pop the question on Valentine’s Day, but he needs to find a ring he can afford. Ava runs off and returns with her grandmother’s engagement ring. Tripp is touched and can’t wait to give it to Allie. Ava says her love life has been spotty, to say the least, but she still believes in happily ever after. After Tripp leaves, Ava looks at a photo of herself with Rafe. She says, “We could have had our happily ever after, but you threw it all away. And now, you’ll have to pay for that.”

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In the park, Gabi rants to herself about Jake, as “Johnny” calls, still at the Kiriakis mansion. He pockets a phone he sees on the chair, as she vents her frustrations about Jake. He offers to come meet her.

Jake storms into the DiMera mansion calling out for Gabi and “Johnny.” He wonders where they are.

“Johnny” finds Gabi in the park, and she immediately rants about what she overheard between Jake and Maggie. “Johnny” is sorry Jake hurt her, but if he can’t see how amazing she is, then he doesn’t deserve her. Gabi says he’s right. She jumps up to give Jake a piece of her mind, but “Johnny” stops her. He thinks she should play him until they can get his DiMera shares for themselves. “Johnny” says they could do great things together. Run this town. Maybe even shake up the whole world. Gabi says, “All right. Let’s do it. Let’s take everything.”

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Outside Brady’s Pub, Nicole talks on the phone to Rafe. She tells him she will do everything she can to prove Ava is setting him up. She sees Allie exit the restaurant. They talk about Rafe, with Nicole sharing her doubts about Ava. Allie realizes Nicole slept with Rafe. Nicole asks her not to tell anyone about it. Allie asks, “Not even Tripp?” Nicole knows it’s a lot to ask, but says, “Can you please do this for me?” Allie understands, and offers to dig through Ava’s things of proof she set up Rafe. Nicole balks. She knows she would never betray Tripp like that.

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In Horton Square, Paulina points her finger, while talking with Chanel. They sit on the bench, and Chanel wears her Sweet Bits apron. Days of Our Lives

In Horton Square, Chanel tells her mother she’s can’t go to Florida. She cites the divorce, as a reason. Plus, she’s contractually obligated to stay there. Paulina’s mouth drops when she hears TR Coates came to see her about the movie. Chanel reveals she told TR that Lani is her sister, not her cousin. Paulina panics, and orders Chanel to go home and pack a bag — right now. She races off to get Lani.

Allie finds Chanel in the Square, who explains Paulina wants her to go to Miami. She thinks it might be a good idea to put distance between her and Johnny… and other things. Allie says, “Like sleeping with me?” Chanel promises this isn’t about them sleeping together. JoDevil smirks, as he eavesdrops.

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Chanel furrows her brow while talking to Allie in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Lani opens her door to TR. He knows she is Paulina’s daughter. That means, he could be her father. Lani says a man named Ray is her father. He responds, “That’s me. Terrell Raymond Coates.” Lani orders TR out of her apartment. TR insists he’s not the same man he was when Paulina knew him. He got off the drugs and went through a lot of therapy. He promises he’s now a man she can be proud to call father.

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Lani leans in, and points to herself, while talking to TR in her apartment. Days of Our Lives

Lani rails at him for all the reasons Paulina gave her up as a baby. She won’t just call him, ‘Daddy’ now because he did some self-help work. TR again swears he’s a changed man. He just wants to get to know his daughter. Lani already has a father and he is the best man she knows. TR thinks they can still get to know each other. Paulina appears in the doorway and yells, “Get the hell away from her!” TR’s face hardens. He knows he missed a lot of years, but he will do whatever he has to to be a father to Lani now. That’s a promise. He glares at Paulina as he walks out. Paulina tightly embraces Lani.

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