At the Salem Inn, Xander stands in front of Gwen, with an open ring box. Days of Our Lives
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In the island mansion, Abigail urges Kristen to tell her where Sarah is. Everyone back home is worried about her, especially Xander. A gun-toting Kristen tells Abigail to mind her own business. She sees a call on Steve’s phone from Brady and ignores it. Abigail warns Kristen that Chad will hunt her down if she hurts her. Not to mention, how will Brady feel about it? Kristen doesn’t need to worry because they won’t find out. She reminds Abigail she’s in control and suggests she eat something. Kristen leaves the room. Later, Abigail finds Steve’s eyepatch, along with his and Kayla’s IDs.

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Abigail stands, and turns, to look at Kristen who smirks, and sits on a couch. Days of Our Lives

In her room, Sarah throws a book. She needs to get back to the man she loves. Kristen comes to the room. Sarah is thrilled to see her and hugs her. Sarah says she needs to get back to “him.” She knows he loves and misses her. Kristen says they need to protect her, but Sarah believes she can protect herself and him too. Alone, Sarah dances around and says, “It won’t be long my love. I’m coming home to you.”

Kristen returns to Abigail. She wants to know what Kristen did to her Uncle Steve and Aunt Kayla.

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At a heavily draped window, Sarah forlornly looks over her shoulder. She has long curly hair, and wears a white dress. Days of Our Lives

A morose Kate finds Roman at Brady’s Pub. She relays EJ was sentenced to 10 years in Statesville. Roman thinks he deserves 20 years for kidnapping Sami. Kate reminds him she was close with EJ once, but Roman has no sympathy for the man. Kate leaves to talk to Chad. Roman wonders what’s gotten into her.

Kate finds Chad at the mansion, after he hangs up with Jennifer. He informs Kate his wife has gone missing. Chad fills her in on Abby’s theory about Kristen. Kate believes it. They speculate about how Kristen could have pulled this whole thing off, and if Gwen is involved. Chad might not know where Abigail is, but he believes she’s okay because Kristen wouldn’t do anything to hurt him or the kids. After formulating a plan, Kate says she’ll call the police to have them meet Chad at the airfield. He rushes off.

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Chad furrows his brow, and holds out his hands, as he talks to Kate at the DiMera mansion. Days of Our Lives

In their Salem Inn room, a naked Xander drops to one knee and asks Gwen to marry him. She tearfully says, “No.” Xander gets dressed, as Gwen shares her theory that he doesn’t really want to marry her. Xander wonders if she doesn’t want to marry him because of Sarah. Xander reminds her he just needed to make sure Sarah was okay, and he did that. Now, he wants to be with her. Gwen’s not sure how she’s supposed to believe that. He tells her it’s the truth and kisses her. Gwen pulls away. Xander knows he needs a ring and pulls out the one he gave Sarah. Gwen calls that insensitive and hurtful. Xander apologizes. He just got caught up. When he has the money, he will get her the biggest ring, straight out of all her rom-com fantasies. Gwen stops him. She doesn’t want a ring. He wonders what he has to do to convince her all the love in his heart is for her now. An emotional Gwen takes a minute and whispers, yes. She will marry him. Xander picks her up and kisses her.

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In their Salem Inn room, Xander stands closely next to an anguished looking Gwen. Days of Our Lives

In the Square, Craig downs some liquid courage while sitting with Chloe. She tells him he can do this. He has to tell Nancy he’s gay. Craig tells her that’s not accurate. He never said he was gay. Chloe says the terminology doesn’t matter, he just needs to be honest with his wife. Nancy shows up. She babbles on about trying to get Chloe and Brady together. Chloe interrupts her. She and Craig have something to talk about. Nancy runs off, hopeful they’re finally taking that trip to Iceland.

After her parents have left, Brady joins Chloe on the bench. She confirms that her father is cheating on her mother — with a man. Brady asks if Craig is gay. Chloe doesn’t know how he identifies. Brady asks if she ever suspected her father is gay. Chloe doesn’t know. She always knew he was different than other dads, but she liked it.

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Chloe and Brady talk on a bench in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Craig and Nancy go to the Pub. Roman gives them a chilly reception, considering how they treated Carrie years ago. Nancy smooths things over, and he steps away to get them chowder. Nancy talks up what a great family man Roman is, just like Craig. Nancy notes his discomfort and asks what he’s keeping from her. Craig admits he is seeing someone else. There’s something else he needs to say, but Nancy doesn’t want to hear it. She starts yelling. Craig tells her to calm down, but Nancy throws chowder on him and storms out.

Nancy returns to the Square in tears. Chloe learns Nancy thinks Craig is cheating with a woman, as he appears. Chloe urges Craig to tell Nancy the rest.

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Craig stands across the Square, from an angry Nancy and Chloe. Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Ben has a surprise for Ciara, and Steve and Kayla are reunited.

While Kristen may currently be keeping Chad and Abigail apart, they’ve faced many an interloper in the past. Relive “Chabby”‘s angst-filled love story in our photo gallery below.

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