Xander and Gwen sit on their Salem Inn bed. They grin at each other, as she touches his chin. An orange gift bag sits between them. Days of Our Lives
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From the mansion, “Johnny” calls the judge to thank him for finding his father guilty. He hopes he sends him away for a long time. After hanging up, JoDevil chuckles.

Belle brings EJ a suit to a room at the courthouse. She feels like she let him down, but he knows he was too arrogant to listen to her about not taking the stand. He thanks her for believing in him when his own family doesn’t. He puts on his suitcoat, and eyes her, as she straightens his tie.

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In an office, Belle fixes EJ's tie. Days of Our Lives

Later, Belle returns to the room with EJ, who screams and rips off his tie. He can’t believe he will be rotting away in Statesville for ten years. Belle wants to help sneak him past the press to the prison van. EJ urges her to go home to Shawn instead. He needs time to himself before he’s taken away. Belle says she’ll wait in the hallway, but he insists she leave. Belle realizes he’s planning to escape. He says the less she knows, the better. She points out if he runs he’ll never see his children again. EJ agrees to call off the extraction. He’ll put his trust in her. Belle takes his hand, vowing to clear his name.

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Kristen drags a large black bag between two shrubs. Days of Our Lives

In the DiMera living room, Chad texts Abby who he believes is in Boston with her parents. Gwen texts him back as her “simp of a sister.” Meanwhile, Kristen drags a heavy black bag through tropical bushes. She says, “Ava and Gwen, you ladies both owe me.”

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Back at the DiMera mansion, “Johnny” finds Chad who relays Abigail left without saying goodbye to him or the kids. “Johnny” hopes she’s back in time to start the movie. Chad’s surprised to hear it’s back on. “Johnny” explains that his movie producer, TR threatened him. Chad doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but he’s happy for his career. He can even have his DiMera shares transferred to him, since he’ll be so busy. “Johnny” promises he can handle it all. He then tries to rile up Chad against EJ, but Chad has sympathy for his brother, who is about to have his whole life taken away. Chad gets an alert that EJ got ten years. He can’t imagine it, but “Johnny” thinks justice was served. He tells Chad to think about playing John in his movie and wants Abigail back ASAP. Chad eyes “his nephew” as he leaves the room.

Chad calls Jennifer when he can’t get ahold of Abigail. However, Jennifer says she’s not with her.

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In the DiMera mansion, JoDevil sits at a desk, while Chad looks at his phone in a chair behind him. Days of Our Lives

Kristen drags the bag into an ornate, yet shabby mansion. She opens it, revealing a motionless Abigail. Later Abigail grabs her head as she wakes up on a couch. Kristen enters, explaining they’re at an old DiMera property on a deserted island. Abigail woozily tries to get up and leave, but Kristen pulls a gun on her. Abigail sits and recounts the events leading up to her kidnapping. She knows Kristen did something to Sarah, but where is she?

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Abigail stands, and turns, to look at Kristen who smirks, and sits on a couch. Days of Our Lives

Xander returns to the Salem Inn, as Gwen worries to Ava on the phone. He hears her mention Kristen, and asks why she’s talking about her. She covers, and Xander gives her a present— a snow globe of London. He apologizes for canceling their holiday trip there so he could look for Sarah, especially considering how much she hates him. Gwen in turn apologizes for overreacting to his attachment to his ex. But he’s all she’s got. If she lost him, she’d be completely alone. Xander assures her she’ll never lose him — ever. They kiss and fall back on the bed.

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At a heavily draped window, Sarah forlornly looks over her shoulder. She has long curly hair, and wears a white dress. Days of Our Lives

After having sex, Xander tells Gwen how Sarah instructed him to get on with his life. He wants to do that now because his future is with her. He kneels by the bed and says to Gwen, “Would you take pity on this poor pathetic, completely naked scoundrel, and grant me the honor of becoming my wife?”

In a room with the same shabby décor as the mansion Abby is in, a long-haired Sarah turns from a window.

In the Square, Paulina tells Lani that TR is Johnny’s movie producer. She expresses her disdain for the man, who introduces himself. Paulina panics as he learns Lani’s last name is Price. She insists Lani is her niece and orders TR to stay away from her family. She stomps off.

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Paulina and Lani stand side by side, facing TR in Horton Square. The twins' baby stroller is between them. Days of Our Lives

Paulina accompanies Lani and the twins home. Lani wonders why she told TR she was her niece and not her daughter. Paulina says she’s trying to protect her and Chanel, considering Chanel is divorcing “Johnny.” None of it makes sense to Lani, who wonders if there’s more to the story. Paulina says she knows when someone is bad news and she doesn’t want her to have anything to do with TR Coates. Though wary, Lani promises to stay away.

Still in the Square, TR leans in close when he searches Lani’s name on his phone. Later, “Johnny” finds him to say the film is a go.

JoDevil shakes TR's hand in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

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