In Rafe's kitchen, Nicole bites her lip, while looking away. Rafe spreads out his arms, and raises his brow. Days of Our Lives
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Ned, the pilot, sees Xander slump this way through Horton Square. He wants his money in exchange for what he knows about Sarah’s flight. Xander says he already found her. The deal’s off. Ned just bought an expensive watch, though. He can’t return it because he loves it. Xander retorts that sometimes, no matter how much we love something, we still end up losing it.

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Xander furrows his brow, while staning in front of the Salem Inn. Days of Our Lives

As Chad calls Abigail wondering where she is, Belle stops by to get some of EJ’s personal things. Chad won’t do anything to help EJ after he forced himself on Abigail. Belle doesn’t believe EJ would do that.

Later, Chad stops by Xander’s hotel room, looking for Abigail. He fills Xander in on Abigail’s theory that Sarah isn’t Sarah. Xander thinks all the mask talk sounds crazy, especially when Chad tells him Abigail saw Gwen and “Sarah” at the same time.

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Chad faces Xander in a Salem Inn room. Days of Our Lives

After Abigail grabs the mask in the airfield, she’s shocked to find Ava underneath it. Why would she impersonate Sarah? Ava smirks and says she’s just having some harmless fun. Abigail doesn’t buy it, and pulls out her phone to call Rafe. Gwen whacks her in the head with a rock, and she goes down. Gwen wonders what they do now. Ava suggests they put her down like a dog. Gwen refuses to kill her. Ned happens upon them and offers to transport her somewhere — for the right price.

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Ava and Gwen deal with the pilot in the airstrip on Days of Our Lives

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Shawn brings EJ into the SPD to meet with Belle. Trask gloats over finally taking down a DiMera. After Shawn escorts EJ to the interrogation room, Belle shows up. Trask needles her about her rookie mistake of putting EJ on the stand. Shawn joins them. The Bradys present a united front as Trask tries to get under their skin.

Later, Trask and Shawn debate Rafe being a dirty cop. Shawn defends him, but Trask says crime has gone up under Rafe’s leadership. He probably manufactured arrests to get the heat off him. Shawn insists Rafe is a good cop and a good man. Trask just wants the facts. She tells Shawn to comb through Rafe’s files to see if he can uncover a pattern. She suggests she start with a perp Rafe brought in last night.

Belle looks concerned, while standing in the DiMera foyer. Days of Our Lives

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Belle brings EJ his toiletries in the interrogation room. She brings up what he did to Abigail in the witness room. EJ scoffs. He never left the courtroom, because he was signing “Johnny”’s papers. If she doesn’t believe him, then she should ask his son. EJ maintains his brother is setting him up, and accusing him is Chad’s way of coping with his betrayal. Belle thinks what he’s saying is insane, but EJ swears he never laid a finger on Abby.

Rafe crinkles his forehead, and raises his eyebrows at Nicole in the kitchen. Days of Our Lives

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In the kitchen, Nicole pulls away from Rafe’s kiss, reminding him he’s with Ava. They speculate over whether or not Ava is setting them up. Either way, Rafe can’t get Nicole out of his head — or his heart. He needs to end things with Ava. Nicole urges him to wait for things to settle down, but Rafe says it’s not fair to keep the woman he’s with in the dark about the woman he wants to be with. Nicole asks if he’s sure. Rafe is, unless it’s not what she wants. Nicole reminds him she’s going through a divorce. He says they can take it as slowly as she wants. When she continues to worry about Ava, he gushes about how wonderful it would be to finally have their feelings out in the open.

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Shawn’s knock at the door interrupts them. Shawn relays that Rafe’s latest arrest claims he planted evidence on him. He’s there to arrest him. Ava returns with dessert as Shawn puts the cuffs on Rafe.

Gwen returns home to Xander. He says Chad was just there with a crazy story about a mask.

Back at the airfield, the pilot says to himself, “I’m glad the ladies coughed up the cash.” He drags a large bag away.

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