Fake Sarah points at Gwen and Abigail in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives
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“Johnny” finds Gabi at The Bistro and suggests they go someplace more private. He doesn’t want anyone to interrupt them again, like his sister did before. Jake walks in, wondering what they are talking about. Gabi flashes to “Johnny” pulling her in for a kiss. She tells him Allie interrupted their business chat at the mansion. She suggests Jake get them some drinks so they can all talk business. When he steps away, “Johnny” assumes Gabi wants to keep their kiss a secret, and maybe even hopes it happens again. Gabi retorts she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want Johnny to beat the crap out of him.

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At the Bistro, Jake and Gabi sit across a table from JoDevil. Days of Our Lives

Jake returns with drinks and proposes they bring Victor onto the DiMera board. When they get rid of Chad and EJ, they can get rid of Victor. “Johnny” needs to think about it, but someone would really have to persuade him to come around on the idea. He leaves. Jake leans over to kiss Gabi’s head, wondering what she isn’t telling him. He becomes irate upon learning “Johnny” kissed her. Gabi assures him she has him under control.

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Allie holds a crying Chanel on Days of Our Lives

At her place, Chanel tells Allie her mother saw them in bed together. Allie worries Paulina will tell Tripp while she’s at the hospital for an appointment. When Chanel wonders why she stopped by, Allie reluctantly says she saw “Johnny” kissing Gabi. Chanel becomes emotional assuming he never loved her. Allie holds her as she cries. She’s sorry she was right about Johnny, but the brother she grew up with is gone. Chanel doesn’t want to talk about it, so Allie leaves.

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Paulina and Chanel talk at home on Days of Our Lives

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In a hospital exam room, Paulina recalls seeing Chanel and Allie together, as Tripp walks in. Paulina says she wants another doctor, but backs down when he inquires as to why. After checking out her ankle, Tripp says she can stop using a cane. When Tripp asks about Chanel, Paulina relays she’s doing better — thanks to Allie. Paulina catches herself and gives him a guilty look. Paulina prattles on about what good friends they are, which is just what Chanel needs. Tripp notes she seems nervous, but assures her he knows the women have kissed before. However, Allie loves him, so he’s not worried.

Paulina returns home. Chanel tells her mother she’s ready to take “that little worm for everything he’s worth.”

As Rafe insists to Trask on the phone that he was set up, Nicole enters the kitchen. When he hangs up, Nicole learns Ava isn’t there, despite insisting they all have dinner together. Nicole thinks this all feels forced, but then worries she’s being paranoid. Rafe isn’t so sure she is.

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Gwen and Fake Sarah smirk at each other in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

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In Horton Square, Abigail tries to take off “Sarah”’s mask, sure she’s really Gwen. However, Gwen walks up, wondering why she’s attacking “a stranger.” Gwen and “Sarah” introduce themselves and make nice about Xander. “Sarah” then assures Abigail she’s really “Sarah” and not wearing a mask. Abigail apologizes and explains why she thought she was Kristen. “Sarah” encourages her to get some help and walks away. After a confused Abigail also strolls away, “Sarah” returns to Gwen, who says, “Thank God you pulled that out of your hat, Ava.”

Inside the Salem Inn, Ava and Gwen rehash everything. Gwen says she owes Ava for stepping in for her as Sarah. She was just too emotional after seeing how wrecked Maggie was with her “daughter”. Ava agrees she owes her, but right now she has Rafe and Nicole to deal with. Gwen begs her to blow them off to help her one last time.

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As Rafe and Nicole drink wine at home, Ava calls Rafe to tell him she won’t be there for dinner. Nicole wonders if Ava left them alone on purpose. As they muse over her testing them, Rafe pulls Nicole in for a kiss.

Abigail returns home to Chad. She tells him Sarah came home, but she’s not really sure it’s her. She shares her theory about Kristen, and how this is all a charade to make them stop looking for Sarah. With fake Sarah off to the airstrip, she fears this is her last chance to get to the bottom of it. Chad thinks she’s getting ahead of herself. He says he’ll read the kids a book, and then do everything in his power to keep her mind off Sarah.

Ava, in the Sarah mask, heads to the airfield. Abigail shows up and lunges for her. She pulls off the mask and discovers Ava underneath it.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Chad fills Xander in, while Rafe makes his feelings clear.

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