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As we get into Salem, Abigail confronts her “cousin,” insisting that she’s not Sarah, she’s Kristen DiMera. “Sarah” denies it and tries walking away, but Abigail starts putting things together, correctly guessing that Kristen kidnapped Sarah. Abby’s faux cousin mocks her, just as Kristen calls.

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“Who is this really?” Abigail demands. Kristen insists it’s really her, and then offers a scoop about how she had nothing to do with Philip or Brady. “I’m an innocent woman and you can quote me on that,” she says and hangs up. Faux Sarah tries running off again, but Abigail won’t let her go. A voice on the other end of a phone call isn’t going to cut it. Her fake cousin refuses to admit anything, but then Abigail thinks back to a convo and realizes exactly who she’s talking to.

“You are so desperate to keep Xander that you will do anything,” Abigail says. “Right, Gwen?” More insults fly, but Gwen flashes back to Kristen appearing in her Sarah mask. She tries walking off, but Abigail decides it’s time to rip the mask off her.

Fake Sarah and Abigail tussle in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Elsewhere, Kristen is rifling through drawers in the hotel when “Sweetness” calls Steve’s phone. Kristen sends Kayla to voicemail, makes a call of her own, then leaves. Back at the convent, Kayla’s trying to break into the Mother Superior’s desk, only for Kristen to slink in and pull a gun on her. Kristen starts mocking her, so Kayla tells her to “save all the little pippy patter.”

Instead, she turns the pippy patter to teasing Kayla that Steve’s dead. It’s not true, Kayla insists, Kristen is just trying to throw her off balance. The DiMera dances around it, but finally Kayla believes her. “You killed him,” she whispers.

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Craig shows up just as Chloe leaves a message for him on the phone. The two commiserate about Nancy getting things stuck in her head, just as she walks in and gets ticked off at being dismissed. Craig and Nancy start going at it as she insists that he’s having an affair. Chloe tries calming her mom down and says she believes her dad. It’s enough to get Nancy to take a breath and listen to her husband and finally believe his innocence.

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Back at the DiMera mansion, Gabi tries talking to a shirtless Johnny about their partnership when he grabs her and lays a kiss on her. She pushes him away with a slap, though Johnny seems to enjoy the fact that she drew blood, saying he’s been reading her signals “loud and clear.” Gabi insists that even though he blew up his marriage, she’s in a loving relationship with Jake. Johnny rolls his eyes at that “grease monkey” and says she can still have some fun on the side.

Gabi admits she’s attracted to Johnny, but she’s committed to Jake — and no, she’s not interested in an open relationship. He then yanks her into another kiss… just as Allie walks in. Oops. Gabi runs off as Allie lights into her “brother,” who’s clearly relishing every moment.

And it gets worse when he starts teasing her about being jealous of him for pursuing Gabi. Johnny keeps mining that same vein and hits pay dirt when he claims that Allie’s really the one with the keys to Chanel’s heart, “playing kissing games with her BFF.” And when he hits on the two of them sleeping together, Allie looks like she’ll burst into tears. Instead, she spits at him, “I actually hate you.”

She’s done with him. “Right, Giovanni. Be a good little DiMera. But while you do that, keep something in mind. You used to have a twin sister, and you don’t anymore.” JoDevil couldn’t be happier as she storms out.

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Across town, Chanel checks in on Paulina after the “accident.” Her mom, in turn, insists they need to talk about the other night. How is Chanel holding up? Momma Price then makes sure there was no pre-nup and tells Chanel that she’s already talking to a lawyer and the two of them are taking Johnny to the cleaners. Nope, the soon-to-be-single young woman insists, she doesn’t want Johnny or “his twisted family’s fortune!”

Then talk turns to Allie, and Paulina pushes gently before acknowledging she saw the two of them together. In bed. Chanel claims nothing happened, but Paulina tells her that she can always tell her the truth. Always. Chanel tries lying some more, but Paulina stops her. “When I say that I saw you two together,” she says, “I meant that I saw you together.”

Fine, Chanel admits. It happened and she won’t be ashamed. That’s fine, Paulina shrugs, “but you went to bed with a brother. And a sister. Twins, no less! That’s a dicey situation.” She just wants her daughter to take a step back and figure out she feels about them both. Don’t let it get out of hand. Chanel admits she’s attracted to Allie, but breaks down as she says she was really, truly in love with Johnny. Paulina comforts her daughter as she cries, and says she knows she’ll find the right person one day.

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Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady walks in on Xander having a drink or ten. When Brady declines, Xander asks how he drowns his sorrows since he doesn’t touch alcohol. Brady explains that he doesn’t drown them. He lets himself feel them and talks to people until he feels better. That’s not good enough for Xander.

Brady’s about to leave when Xander’s misery pulls him back. He asks what’s wrong and Xander tells him about “Sarah” dumping him. Brady’s sympathetic — especially after Kristen — as Xander goes on wallowing in self pity, admitting he’s a terrible person.

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In the last few moments of the show Allie shows up at Chanel’s door saying they need to talk. Gabi calls Jake to tell him about Johnny, only for the devilish DiMera to walk in on her. Craig, Nancy and Chloe decide to celebrate their reunion. Kayla launches herself at Kristen until the gun goes off and Abigail and “Sarah” are battling it out when Gwen walks in, stopping them dead in their tracks.

Things are getting hot in Salem courtesy of JoDevil, but can a possessed Johnny’s evil ever live up to his grandfathers? Check out a gallery full of Stefano’s crimes and decide for yourself!

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