Xander side-eyes Fake Sarah, as she walks past him, puffing out her cheeks. Days of Our Lives
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At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander pulls “Sarah” into an embrace. “Thank God you’re all right,” he says. “Thank God.” “Sarah” jumps back, telling him to get off her. In fact, she wants nothing to do with him. When Xander asks for a minute alone with “Sarah,” Maggie pulls him into the hallway. Gwen, as Sarah, worries to herself about fooling Xander. When they return, “Sarah” tells them she’s leaving tomorrow, which causes Maggie to cry. Maggie tells her to call regularly and hugs her.

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Fake Sarah smirks, as she hugs Xander, in the Kiriakis mansion. Days of Our Lives

After Maggie leaves, Xander asks why “Sarah” sounds like a woman he doesn’t even know. He recounts all her odd behavior with him, Rex and even Maggie. She blames it on him pulling the baby switch on her. She tried, but can never forgive him for that. Now, she has to go check out of the Salem Inn. Xander can’t believe “Sarah”’s breaking Maggie’s heart like this. “Sarah” vows to do better, and tells Xander to go be with Gwen. Xander asks how she knows about that. “Sarah” says Maggie told her they are very much in love. Is that not true? Xander never thought he could love anyone again after what “Sarah” did to him, but Gwen came along, and yes, he loves her. “Sarah” tells him to go be with Gwen and leave her the hell alone. She storms out.

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Fake Sarah stands between Xander and Maggie in the Kiriakis mansion. She looks to Xander. Days of Our Lives

Abigail sees a moping Kate at Brady’s Pub. Kate explains she just came face to face with two of the people she despises most in the world: Jake and Gabi. Abigail thinks it all ended well, considering Kate is now with Roman. Plus, she got Jake fired from DiMera. Kate wonders why Abigail’s even there. She explains she’s working on a story about Sarah, and has teamed up with Xander to find her. As Abby fills her in, Kate recounts how Kristen impersonated her and shoved her into a giant suitcase to ship her out of town. That sparks something in Abby.

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Kate, Maggie, and Abigail sit at a Brady's Pub table together. Days of Our Lives

Maggie shows up and tells Kate and Abigail that Xander is with Sarah. Maggie gets emotional as she recalls Sarah’s odd behavior. She’s just not herself. After Maggie’s left, Kate heads to the bar to get her and Abigail a drink. At the table, Abby thinks about everything she heard about Kristen’s masks and Sarah not being herself. She says, “Oh, my God.” Kate turns from the bar to see Abigail rush out.

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A forlorn Xander looks at a photo of Sarah at Kiriakis mansion. Days of Our Lives

Alone at the Kiriakis mansion, Xander forlornly looks at a photo of Sarah. He remembers their engagement when he got down on one knee, and she gave him a proposal cake. Maggie returns home to a confused Xander. He really thought there was more to the story.

Abigail finds “Sarah” in the Square. She says, “You’re not really Sarah, are you?”

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Abigail and Fake Sarah, glare at each other in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

In Horton Square, Jake reels after almost literally running into Kate. Gabi warns she might still “have the hots” for him. Jake retorts that “Johnny” might have the hots for her. She reiterates that they can use that to their advantage. Jake balks when she says she plans to flirt with him. She insists she’ll just lead him on, she’d never sleep with him. Jake is anxious about it, but Gabi insists she’s got this.

After Sami’s guard, Jason testifies off-screen in court, Trask enters Sami’s deposition into evidence and rests her case. Belle requests the case be dismissed for a lack of evidence, but EJ stands ready to testify.

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Belle thinks it’s a bad idea, but calls him to the stand where he insists he didn’t chloroform Sami and keep her from her kids. When Trask questions him, she points out he’s done it before. EJ explains he chloroformed her after Sami shot him in the head and left him to die. He was trying to protect his children. Trask then brings up the time he chloroformed Sami to extract stem cells from her unborn baby. EJ invokes the fifth amendment. Dejected, EJ leaves the stand. The judge calls for closing arguments.

Chad finds “Johnny” in the DiMera living room and they immediately start bickering about EJ. “Johnny” needles Chad about EJ and Abigail’s long-ago affair. He then says EJ lied about Chad framing him for Sami’s kidnapping. Chad looks guilty, as “Johnny” says he needs to rethink his relationship with his father. Maybe, he should be working with Chad. Chad doesn’t trust him and doesn’t want to get burned again. “Johnny” promises to prove himself. Chad leaves.

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Gabi shows up at the DiMera mansion to find “Johnny” in his fencing uniform. She notes he’s sweating, so he takes off the jacket, revealing his bare chest. He wonders what he can do for her. She wants to talk about what their partnership might look like. He says, “It might look something like this…” and kisses her.

Back in court, Belle tells EJ she did her best in her closing arguments to prove this time was different than the other times he chloroformed Sami. Chad shows up just as the judge finds EJ guilty. He is immediately remanded to holding where he will await transfer to Statesville.

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