EJ scowls, while pointing his finger in court. Days of Our Lives
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At Brady’s Pub, Nancy tells Chloe she thinks Craig is having an affair. She sits with Chloe and Brady and explains Craig has been putting in long hours at the hospital. Plus, she found condoms in his suitcase after he came home from a medical conference. Chloe admits she hasn’t talked to her father in a few weeks, but their marriage is the best she’s ever seen. Brady asks if there’s any other proof. Nancy admits she logged on to his credit card account and discovered five hundred dollar restaurant bills.

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A distressed looking Chloe hugs Nancy in Brady's Pub. Days of Our Lives

Nancy wants to head to Dallas right now to confront Craig at his latest “conference.” However, Brady tells her about their ordeal with a suspicious Philip. He suggests she be certain before doing anything rash. Nancy relents, but wonders if Philip was right and it’s just a matter of time before Chloe and Brady get together again. They deny it. When Nancy learns they’re not living together, she tells her daughter she might need a place to stay. Chloe balks, but says she loves both her parents and will do whatever it takes to make this work. When Nancy goes to freshen up, Chloe calls and leaves a message for her father.

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In the witness room, Chad walks in on “EJ” kissing Abigail. Abby pushes him off and slaps him. Chad grabs a smirking “EJ”. Abigail holds Chad back as “EJ” taunts him about feeling Abigail’s “sweet lips against mine.”

After “EJ” leaves, a rattled Abby tries to understand why EJ would do that — especially considering Chad is getting ready to testify. Chad doesn’t know or care, just as long as he’s gone. Prison is too good for that son of a bitch.

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In the DiMera mansion, a light casts over JoDevil's yellow eyes. Days of Our Lives

Outside the courtroom, Trask overhears Kate and Lucas bickering about a “frame up.” Kate covers and says they were talking about EJ believing he was framed. “EJ” comes upon them, but changes back into his Johnny form. As he secretly observes them, he thinks to himself that Chad should now be back on board to send his brother to jail for a very long time. “Johnny” reveals himself as Trask heads into the courtroom. He tells Lucas how relieved he is that his mother is safe and has him looking out for him.

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Belle looks seriously at EJ in the courthouse on Days of Our Lives

In the courtroom, the real EJ worries to Belle about Chad’s testimony. Belle believes Chad’s a good guy and will come through for him. However, when Chad returns, he glares at his brother, who grows concerned. Chad re-takes the stand and angrily declares he believes EJ is guilty as sin. JoDevil smirks as Chad tells the judge he should lock EJ up and throw away the key. Despite Belle exploding, the judge dismisses Chad. “Johnny” confronts Chad, who remarks EJ shouldn’t have done what he just did to his wife. EJ demands to know what he’s talking about, but Chad storms out with Abigail. As EJ reels, “Johnny” leaves to file the papers transferring his DiMera shares.

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Trask questions Chad on the stand on Days of Our Lives

Lucas is called to the stand next. After identifying Jason to Trask as Sami’s guard, Belle questions him. She wonders how they know he didn’t kidnap Sami and asks if he has an alibi. Lucas says he was with Philip. As Lucas reiterates that Jason identified EJ as the kidnapper, EJ explodes. He accuses Lucas of helping Chad plant the evidence. He yells, “I’ll kill you!”

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The judge calls for order and then a recess. A smirking Trask tells EJ to enjoy his freedom while he can. EJ seethes to Belle about Lucas being the real kidnapper. However, all Belle wants to know right now is why Chad changed his mind on the stand. EJ insists he didn’t even see him between sessions.

At home, Abigail continues to wonder why EJ would jeopardize his case by hitting on her. Chad just hopes he gets locked up so they don’t ever had to deal with him again. Abby wants to check on the kids and they plan to meet in the shower later. As she heads upstairs, Kate stops by to see Chad. She wonders why he changed his mind about saving EJ. He tells her what he walked in on. Kate remarks it’s almost like EJ wanted Chad to send him to prison.

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Jake and Gabi lean in across the table from each other in Horton Square. Days of Our Lives

In Horton Square, Jake and Gabi discuss Johnny taking over EJ’s shares. Gabi can’t believe EJ would even suggest such a thing, but Jake reveals it was Johnny’s idea. Jake believes Johnny could be ambitious enough to be corruptible, which would make him an excellent ally for their cause. “Johnny” walks up. He introduces himself to his Uncle Jake and gets reacquainted with Gabi, who looks up and down. Jake and Gabi suggest their interests could align. “Johnny” tells them to text him so they can talk. He hits on Gabi before walking away. Gabi thinks they can use Johnny’s flirtation to their advantage.

In front of Brady’s Pub, JoDevil says to himself, “I always thought she was hot, and soon she’ll be mine. Doing the devil’s handiwork has so many fringe benefits.”

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