In the courtroom, Abigail cradles Chad's face, as he leans over the witness stand in distress. Belle pours a glass of water. Days of Our Lives
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At Basic Black, Brady gets word from Steve about going undercover with Kayla at the convent. Chloe grows upset that they still don’t have any answers about Philip. She ignores a call from her mother Nancy. She can’t talk about Philip with her right now. Brady assures her he’s there to listen any time. They leave to get lunch.

In front of Stefano’s portrait, JoDevil gloats about taking over DiMera while EJ rots in prison.

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Chloe and Brady look lovingly at each other, while sitting at the Basic Black conference table. Days of Our Lives

Kate’s surprised to see Lucas at Brady’s Pub. He explains he was subpoenaed to testify at EJ’s trial. Lucas declares he needs to go down for what he did to Sami, but Kate knows Lucas is the real kidnapper. She adds that Chad is testifying right now to clear EJ. JoDevil sneaks in wearing a hoodie and eavesdrops at a nearby table. As Lucas explodes over Chad going back on their plan, JoDevil thinks he has to do something about that.

Kate and Lucas sit across the table from each other at Brady's Pub. Days of Our Lives

In court, Trask grills Chad about the paper trail he found incriminating EJ. Chad says he can’t answer her questions with a simple yes or no. Belle realizes Chad is trying to help EJ’s case. When it’s Belle’s turn to question him, Chad has trouble breathing. He grabs his throat and starts to choke. JoDevil stands outside the door with his yellow eyes blazing. He clenches his jaw and tightly clasps his hands together. Abigail follows as Chad stumbles out of the courtroom choking. JoDevil releases his hands and grins.

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JoDevil flashes an intense look and yellow eyes, as he clasps his hands out in front of his body. Days of Our Lives

“Johnny” joins EJ and Belle in the courtroom. He says Chad got what he deserved for turning on his brother. He quotes the Bible about Cain and Abel, much to EJ’s surprise. “Johnny” pulls out the papers transferring EJ’s DiMera shares over to him. Belle argues against it, but “Johnny” says this is between him and “his father.” Belle walks away, as “Johnny” assures EJ he will always be on his side. EJ signs the papers.

In the witness room, Chad drinks water as recomposes himself. Abigail asks what Chad was trying to say on the stand. Chad thinks it’s best she doesn’t know, so as not to make her complicit. When she panics, he promises her everything will turn out fine. She has work to do, but she promises to be back in court when he re-takes the stand.

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Outside the courtroom, Chad furrows his brow, as he grabs his throat. Days of Our Lives

As Chad returns to the courtroom, he runs into Belle. He thinks she and EJ will be pleased with what he has to say. However, he left his phone in the witness room and dashes off to get it.

Meanwhile, EJ finds Abigail working on her laptop in the witness room. He says he can’t suppress his feelings for her any longer. He wants her. Abigail gasps.

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At the same time, Belle finds EJ in the courtoom, who relays that he signed over his shares to Johnny. Belle is puzzled by Johnny’s change of heart about the family business, but EJ has faith in his son. Belle is hopeful Chad’s testimony will make the whole point moot. EJ reiterates that Johnny will do what’s best for him and the company… just as “EJ” kisses Abigail in the witness room, which Chad walks in to see.

Back at the Pub, Kate tells Lucas Chad is going to take the fall, as Brady and Chloe walk in. Brady and Kate step away to talk in private, as Chloe asks Lucas why he’s so tense. Lucas says he’s just worried about Sami, who he convinced to stay away from the trial. His testimony, plus the deposition she already gave, should be enough to put EJ away for a long time.

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Lucas faces Brady and Chloe at the Brady Pub on Days of Our Lives

Off to the side, Brady tells Kate he’s trying to find Kristen who might be involved in Philip’s disappearance. Kate tells him to call off the search. When Brady expresses confusion, Kate makes up something about it giving her too much hope, and also Steve could get in the way. Brady made a promise to Chloe, so he won’t tell Steve to back off.

After Lucas gets Kate leave for court, Brady tells Chloe about Kate’s request. Nancy approaches them. She demands to know why Chloe hasn’t been returning her calls. Chloe says she can’t talk about Philip, but Nancy says this is about Chloe’s father. She thinks he’s having an affair.

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Chloe frowns and crosses her arms, as she faces Nancy at the Brady Pub. Days of Our Lives

In the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie tells Jake and Gabi that Victor isn’t available right now, so, she’ll be taking the meeting on his behalf. Maggie is all in on the plan to get Victor a seat on the DiMera board. Jake and Gabi believe they have enough votes to make it happen, but Maggie needs an iron-clad guarantee before Victor will sign off on the deal. She walks out. Jake and Gabi head out to lock down the votes.

In the Square, Jake and Gabi make calls to board members. After hanging up, Jake relays that EJ’s shares might be in play since the word is, EJ is signing them over to Johnny.

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Jake and Gabi lean in across the table from each other in Horton Square. Days of Our Lives

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