Wearing a nun's habit and priest collar, Kayla and Steve stand before Mother Superior. Days of Our Lives
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In court, EJ happily accepts Belle as his lawyer but asks why she decided to represent him. Belle says Nicole convinced her, which surprises him. She also assures him she can handle any blowback from the board or Sami.

Court begins with EJ waving his right to a jury trial. Belle asks for a moment with her client and demands to know what EJ’s thinking. He says he trusts the system, but Belle assumes he “got to” the judge. EJ denies it. Belle says they’re doing things her way or she’s out. EJ relents.

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Belle looks exasperated with EJ in court on Days of Our Lives

Xander urgently meets with Abigail at the DiMera mansion. She relays that she discovered one of the DiMera jets was used around the time Sarah disappeared, but the pilot has since quit. They think it’s suspicious, so Abigail plans to ask the travel department for his forwarding info. He thanks her and races out.

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Xander looks to Abigail with wide eyes in the DiMera foyer. Days of Our Lives

Gwen runs into Ava in Horton Square. They sit down at a table as Gwen worries about Xander teaming up with Abigail. Gwen accuses her sister of reveling in payback, which Ava can relate to. Ava fills Gwen in on convincing two incarcerated men to accuse Rafe of planting evidence on them. Gwen questions her wanting to send the man she loves to prison. Ava tells her to keep her mouth shut about it, as Xander walks up. Ava says she’s planning a surprise party for Rafe. Gwen promises her lips are sealed.

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Gwen smirks at Ava, as they have coffee at a table in the Square. Days of Our Lives

After Ava leaves, Xander asks how Gwen even knows Ava. She lies that they met due to Ava’s son, Charlie. Ava asks about his meeting with Abigail. He says it might be just a matter of time before they track down Sarah.

At the station, Rafe tells Shawn about the bogus complaints against him. Shawn wonders if someone put them up to it. After some consideration, Rafe tells Shawn about Nicole finding Duke cut up. Ava saunters in as Shawn says it’s worth looking into. She came with food, but Rafe is in the middle of something. Ava leaves to drop off the carryout in his office. Shawn detects tension, leading Rafe to admit he thinks Ava could be involved in his mess.

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Rafe looks stressed in the police station on Days of Our Lives

Abigail finds Chad in his office. She asks about the pilot who quit, but all Chad remembers is that he left suddenly. Also, his last paycheck was returned and payroll couldn’t track him down. Chad has to leave for court, but says he’s starting to think he overreacted about EJ. Abigail thinks he deserves to go to jail for kidnapping Sami. She fears Chad’s going to lie on the stand out of loyalty to his brother. Chad assures her he’s not. She leaves for court with him.

Back in court, Trask calls Chad to the stand. Chad starts to tell Abigail something, but the judge summons him. Chad vows to tell the truth as he gets sworn in.

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Kayla stands in front of Steve in a nun's habit. Days of Our Lives

In a hotel room, Kayla exits the bathroom in a nun’s habit. She thinks it’s blasphemous to impersonate a nun, but Steve says it’s for a good cause. They need a way into the convent to find Kristen — and this is it. She’s uneasy, but agrees. Steve gets into his own getup as a priest, and says, “Let’s get this show on the road, Sister.”

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“Father Nichols” and “Sister Mary Elizabeth” come to see the Mother Superior at the convent. They make up a story about Kayla needing a place to stay. The Mother would be happy to have them, but she has to confirm with others. Steve gives her his number. After they leave, Kristen enters the office in a nun’s habit. She asks Mother Superior who her visitors were. She explains about Sister Mary Elizabeth need lodging. Kristen, herself, is grateful that the Mother took her in and is letting her lie low there.

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Alone, Kristen calls Ava, who rants about Rafe in his office. The fugitive demands to know if Ava sent Steve after her. Of course, she didn’t, but she tells Kristen about Xander wanting to hire Steve to find Sarah. Maybe Steve took the case? That’s the last thing Kristen needs right now. Ava adds that Gwen is desperate to keep Xander from finding Sarah. Kristen gets an idea of how to help Gwen and Sarah in exchange for helping her escape.

Steve and Kayla return to their hotel, reveling in their performances. But now, they wait. Steve takes off his collar and they kiss. Kayla backs away. She can’t do this in a nun’s outfit. Steve suggests she change then, so heads for the bathroom, as Steve smirks.

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