EJ raises his brows at someone offscreen at the mansion. Days of Our Lives
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EJ catches JoDevil talking to Stefano’s portrait at the mansion. He assumes his son was telling Stefano about last night’s cruelty. “Johnny” says he was just channeling his father, who he thought would be happy to be right about his marriage. “Johnny” adds that EJ was right about his future too. His place in the world is not in Hollywood, but at DiMera. EJ wonders why the change of heart. “Johnny” just decided he doesn’t want to tell other people’s stories. He wants to be the star of his own movie. Besides, he has a lot to learn from him.

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JoDevil stands before EJ in the DiMera mansion on Days of Our Lives

“Johnny” asks EJ how he thinks his kidnapping trial will go. EJ first plays it off, but then admits it looks bad. “Johnny” says he has to think about the move after the next move. EJ notes his son is full of DiMera this morning. “Johnny” says if EJ does go to prison, it’s up to him to ensure DiMera thrives until he can hand him back the reins. And it starts with EJ signing all his shares over to him. That way, he can counteract any moves Chad makes. EJ hedges, but eventually agrees to do it. “Johnny” promises he won’t regret it.

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Chad furrows his brow at Belle in his office. Days of Our Lives

Belle meets Chad in his office to pick up signed contracts. She asks if he’s going to EJ’s trial. He says he has to since he’s a witness for the prosecution. Belle can’t believe Chad thinks EJ is guilty. She points out he could 8 to 10 years in prison. Chad didn’t think it be that much. Belle says if EJ did kidnap Sami, he deserves a lot more.

After Belle has left, Kate drops in to see Chad. He thinks he should fess up about Lucas being the kidnapper. Kate points out EJ will kill Lucas if he finds out. She can’t lose Lucas on top of losing Philip. Chad agrees to keep Lucas out of it when he confesses to planting the evidence. She says he’ll lose everything. Chad has to take his chances because EJ is his brother and he has to tell the truth.

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Belle crosses her arms, as she glares at Nicole at Basic Black. Daysy of Our Lives

Rafe and Ava run into Nicole outside Brady’s Pub. Nicole quickly leaves to go to Sweet Bits instead. As they sit to eat, Ava prattles on about Rafe and Nicole avoiding each other for her sake. However, she doesn’t think they need to suffer any longer.

Belle finds Nicole at Basic Black to sign contracts. As they talk about EJ’s trial, Belle notes he wanted her to defend him. Nicole thinks Sami losing her mind over it is a good reason to do it. Belle won’t represent EJ just to spite her sister. Nicole suggests she do it for EJ then. Despite hating him, Nicole believes he’s innocent and that someone is framing him.

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In the Square, Tripp watches Melinda type on her phone. Days of Our Lives

Tripp runs into Melinda outside Sweet Bits. She bemoans the fact that they’re not open yet and starts to type out a bad review on her phone. Tripp defends them, saying Chanel doesn’t need any more grief.

Chanel and Allie wake up in bed together. They awkwardly look at each other, confirming they slept together. Chanel asks if Allie is weirded out since that was her first time with a woman. Allie says it felt natural and wonderful, but now she can’t help thinking about… her phone rings. It’s Tripp. When she answers, she explains she didn’t open the bakery so she could be there for Chanel. They make plans to meet up later. When Tripp says he loves her, Allie hesitates, but says it back. After hanging up, Allie calls herself the worst person ever for cheating on her boyfriend. She thinks she needs to tell him the truth.

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Chanel and Allie sit up in bed. N are over their bare chests, as Chanel looks at Allie with concern. Days of Our Lives

After hanging up with Allie, Tripp sees Ava in the Square. As he tells her about Allie taking care of Chanel, Ava worries about the connection the women share. Tripp insists Allie loves him, but Ava is skeptical. Tripp knows Chanel is not a threat.

As Allie gets dressed in Chanel’s room, the latter urges her friend not to fess up to Tripp. Their night was special, but it was a one-time thing. Chanel knows Allie still loves Tripp and, despite everything, she still loves Johnny. Allie doesn’t want to be like her mother who made everything worse by not telling EJ about her and Lucas. Chanel worries she’ll lose Allie over what just happened. Allie promises that won’t happen. They hug and Allie leaves.

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Trask marches into the SPD. She hands Rafe an allegation that he planted evidence to get a conviction. Rafe calls it ridiculous, but Trask says there more than one person making the claims. She’s brought the matter to internal affairs.

Ava brings Nicole food considering Sweet Bits was closed. Plus, she wants to apologize for being so insecure. She invites Nicole to dinner, but Rafe might not be there because who knows what comes up at his work.

Back at the mansion, “Johnny” assures EJ he’ll be in court with him. After EJ leaves, JoDevil mocks EJ for believing him. Chanel stomps in. She throws her ring at him. “Johnny” tells her to leave the keys to the house. She slams them on the desk and tells him to go to hell.

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After changing clothes, Allie visits Tripp at the hospital. Instead of confessing, she tells Tripp how lucky she is to have him. She worries she takes him for granted, but Tripp says when it’s the real deal you just know. No words necessary.

Trask finds EJ in the courtroom. She looks forward to going toe to toe with him. Belle walks in and says Trask will be dealing with her. EJ smirks.

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