A teary-eyes Chanel looks at a stoic Johnny in the DiMera mansion on Days of Our Lives
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After cleaning Roman out, John and Abe continue playing poker at the Pub. When Abe asks after Marlena, John remarks she’ll probably show up on his door to apologize for blowing up his wedding. Abe thinks the devil did him a favor by revealing the kind of person he was about to marry. He’s glad Paulina’s out of his life, but John thinks his friend needs work on his poker face. Abe admits he forgave her, but he can’t trust her.

Later, Abe chuckles as he gathers all the chips from the pot. John jokes he was wrong about Abe’s poker face. Abe tells John to go home to the woman he loves, he’ll stay there and play solitare. Alone, Abe pulls up the Queen of Hearts card and flashes back to happier times with Paulina. He slams the card down and says, “Time to fold.”

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John and Abe play poker at a Brady's Pub table on Days of Our Lives

As Tripp examines Susan at the hospital, he suggests she has a stomach virus, but Susan assumes her nausea is due to her premonition. Alone with Dr. Evans, Susan shares her bad feeling that the devil isn’t done with them. Marlena assures her the devil is gone and he’ll never try to get inside her again. Susan becomes nauseous again.

At the DiMera mansion, Chanel’s face crumples when Johnny says he doesn’t want to be married to her anymore. Paulina yells at her “arrogant twit” of a son-in-law before comforting a distressed Chanel. Johnny says he’s owning his truth and he needs his freedom. EJ smugly says his son is his own man who makes his own decisions. Chanel cries as Johnny says he wants a divorce. He thinks she’s incredible, but he realized they’re both young and there’s more he needs to explore and experience. He’s not talking about women, but he’s not ruling it out either. He hopes they can be friends one day. Maybe even friends with benefits. EJ smirks and shakes his head.

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Paulina holds a crying chanel. Lani puts her hands on Chanel's arms. Days of Our Lives

Chanel wonders who the hell he is and what has he done with her Giovianni? Johnny points out Allie warned her about him. Chanel counters that he showed her more love than anyone else ever has. Johnny thinks he was just trying to convince himself he was capable of such love. But the reality is he’s just not there yet. He’s sorry. Chanel spits, “You can go straight to hell Johnny DiMera,” and storms out. Allie yells at her brother and follows Chanel. As Paulina lashes out at Johnny, he brushes her off and saunters out of the room. Paulina yells, “Don’t you dare walk away from me,” and follows him.

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On the staircase, JoDevil turns to look at Paulina. She looks at the ceiling in horror. Days of Our Lives

At the hospital, Marlena gets Susan a glass of water. As she drinks it, Susan jumps back and drops her glass. At the same time, Paulina follows Johnny to the stairs and grabs his hand. He turns and, with yellow eyes, makes the ceiling come crashing down. Lani yells, “Mom!” and races to her.

After the dust settles, Lani and Paulina lie in the rubble of the fallen chandelier. Paulina thanks her daughter for saving her. Back at the hospital, Susan thinks something compelled her to drop the glass and that something else was broken.

Back at the mansion, EJ curiously watches Johnny stroll up the stairs and then looks over the wreckage.

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Lani and Paulina prop themselves up, among the rubble of a fallen chandelier in the DiMera foyer. Days of Our Lives

Tripp returns to Susan at the hospital who says her labs are clear. Marlena offers to take her home, but Susan looks concerned.

Meanwhile, Lani, Anna and Tony help Paulina to the living room. Lani tends to Paulina’s ankle, but Paulina wants to find Chanel. Lani suggests they let Allie take care of Chanel, while Lani tends to her. Paulina smiles.

Chanel enters Paulina’s apartment in tears. She recalls her and Johnny’s first meeting at Julie’s Place. She tears off her ring, as Allie walks in. Chanel runs into her friend’s arms. She laments always being second choice. Allie assures her she’ll find someone to love — and they will be the luckiest person on the planet.

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Johnny in a red suit stands on the DiMera staircase. His eyes are devil yellow. He smirks and holds up a campagne flute. Days of Our Lives

In Chanel’s bedroom, a reassuring Allie helps her friend get out of her dress. After Chanel changes, she thanks Allie for being there for her. Allie reminds her it’s what they do for each other. Chanel says, “You and me against the world.” She leans forward to kiss her.

Upstairs at the mansion, JoDevil talks to himself in the mirror. EJ interrupts, demanding to know what’s gotten into him. He was so cold. “Johnny” says Chanel is great, but he plans to do big things. In fact, EJ might even have been right all along. Maybe Chanel was out for his money. EJ looks skeptically at him.

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Susan enters the mansion and sees the wreckage in the foyer. As she recalls dropping the glass, Tony startles her. She wonders what in God’s name happened there.

Back upstairs, JoDevil straightens his tie in the mirror. He notices a suspicious-looking Susan in the doorway. When he calls her Grandma, she retorts, “We both know you are not my Grandson.”

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