Johnny, in his red suit, looks seriously at Paulina. Allie, Chanel and Lani surround them in the DiMera mansion. Days of Our Lives
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On the phone at home, Marlena tells John he doesn’t have to keep checking on her. He should just enjoy his poker game with Abe and Roman. After hanging up, there’s a knock at the door. Marlena opens it to Susan who holds out a cross and throws holy water at her. Marlena flinches while insisting the devil is gone from her. Susan eventually believes her and Marlena invites her in. Marlena apologizes for everything that happened to her. Susan says turning into a kitty cat wasn’t so bad, but being Kristen was another story. Susan brings up Johnny and Chanel’s party at the mansion, but Marlena notes she’s probably not welcome after destroying Paulina’s wedding.

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Eli and Lani sit together, facing Paulina, at their apartment on Days of Our Lives

After a long day of chasing down perps, Eli rubs Lani’s feet on their couch. However, their quiet evening is interrupted by Paulina. She stops by to invite them to Chanel’s wedding reception tonight. Lani passes, leading Paulina to suggest they get the family together soon. Eli says that sounds great and sees her out. As Paulina cries in the hallway, Eli tells his wife tonight’s party is about Chanel, who would appreciate having her there. He offers to stay with the kids, while she goes to support her sister. Lani gives in and thanks him.

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When Anna and Tony return home to the DiMera mansion, they see balloons and a “Congratulations” banner set up. EJ enters the living room and tells them the party is for Johnny who married a gold digger. Anna tells him to stop being so cynical, while Tony warns EJ could alienate Johnny further if he doesn’t support his marriage. EJ calls it a match made in hell, but Tony and Anna point out her family already has money. EJ retorts that it’s new money and disparages Paulina’s taste. He motions to the decorations, and says, “Well, you get the picture.” Paulina walks in, asking him to spell it out for her. Is her taste, cheap? Tacky? EJ says of course not… it’s festive.

Upstairs, while lounging in Italian sheets post-sex with Johnny, Chanel calls Allie to invite her to their party. Johnny appears shirtless in the doorway and says, “You ready for another round?” Chanel grins, but notes he was wiped out this morning, but now he’s unstoppable. Johnny furrows his brow and flashes to seeing the devil in the mirror. He says it must be because he’s so crazy in love with his wife. After more canoodling, Johnny tells Chanel how excited he is for their families and the whole world to see how committed and in love they are.

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In her kitchen, Allie watches Tripp who talks on the phone. Days of Our Lives

At the apartment, Tripp tells Allie he’s on-call at the hospital, so he might get paged away from the party. She feels bad for all the terrible things she said to Chanel and Johnny when she first learned of their marriage. She now thinks Johnny’s really in love, just like she’s really in love with Tripp. They kiss and decide to shower together. After they’ve cleaned up and changed, Tripp gets called to work.

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Johnny wears a red suit, as he looks in the mirror. His eyes are devil yellow. Days of Our Lives

Dressed for the party, Chanel opens the DiMera mansion door to Allie, who admires Chanel’s look. “You take my breath away,” she says. Chanel is really glad she’s there.

Upstairs, Johnny dresses in his red suit. His reflection in the mirror has devil eyes. He urges Johnny to stop fighting him so they can set the whole town on fire. Johnny says, “No. This can’t be happening.” But JoDevil knows he wants it. Just give in to it, he says, Now! Johnny jumps back, as, across town, Susan does the same and throws up on Marlena’s shoes. Marlena wants to take Susan to the hospital, but Susan doesn’t want to miss the party. Marlena thinks it’s necessary and wants to call EJ to tell him. Susan doesn’t want EJ to worry though, so Marlena just tells him Susan’s not feeling well.

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At the hospital, Tripp checks out Susan who talks about her vision. She says this one was completely different. It was so powerful it made her sick. Meanwhile, Eli hears the twins crying, while he watches TV at home. He gets up to check on them, as the babies’ cries are amplified in the baby monitor.

Paulina grins, as Johnny leans in to take her hand. Days of Our Lives

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Back at the mansion, Chanel and Allie enter the living room. Anna comments how right the two of them look together. Paulina shifts uncomfortably, wondering where Johnny is. Just as Paulina tells Chanel Lani isn’t coming, she shows up. Then, Johnny busts through the door, declaring, “Heeerrrre’s Johnny!” He’s more ramped up than usual as he greets their guests and “Mama Price” (her idea). Speeches are made and Johnny kisses his bride, as Allie’s eyes dart. When Johnny makes his speech, he talks about Stefano, a man who knew what he wanted. It’s taken him a while to figure out what he wants, but he finally has. Johnny turns to Chanel and says, “I have come to realize, it’s not you.” He’s sorry, but he doesn’t want to be married anymore. Chanel’s mouth drops, as everyone looks around speechless.

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