EJ holds a drink in his hand, as Paulina makes a point in the DiMera mansion. Days of Our Lives
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After Xander tells Abigail everything he knows about Sarah, Abby thanks him and then tries to usher him out. However, he wants to help, as more than just her source. She doesn’t think that’s a good idea because Gwen accused her of trying to come between them. Xander assures her Gwen is really upset with him, not with her. He claims he’s just searching for Sarah on Maggie’s behalf, but Abigail scoffs. However, she could use him to do the leg work.

After a search, they find no record of Sarah booking a flight out of Salem. Abigail suggests Sarah could have chartered a private plane. She plans to talk to the DiMera and Kiriakis charter crews to see if Sarah booked with them. Xander plans to talk to the “dodgier” charter people, who will do anything for the right price.

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Abigail glares at Xander in the DiMera mansion on Days of Our Lives

In the Horton House, Jennifer tells Gwen she’s glad she and Jack worked things out. She hopes Gwen and Abigail can stay on good terms. Jennifer even suggests the two of them get to know each other better. But when she brings up Laura’s death, Gwen’s walls go back up. Jennifer isn’t accusing her of anything, she just wants to talk about it. Gwen swears Laura’s death was an accident and hopes Jenn can believe her. It’s hard for Jennifer to hear about the end of her mother’s life, but she does believe her. Gwen thanks her. Jennifer loved her mother, but apologizes for the way Laura treated her. After more emotional sharing, Gwen leaves. Jennifer tells Jack she’s glad she and Gwen cleared the air. They note they have one more stop to make before they leave, which they’re dreading.

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Paulina holds a wrapped present, while talking with Chanel in the Square. Days of Our Lives

Paulina presents Chanel with yet another wedding gift in the Square. Plus, she’s going to throw her and Johnny a good old-fashioned wedding bash. She wants to talk to Johnny’s parents about it, but Chanel updates her on all the upheaval in EJ and Sami’s life. Paulina does not understand the family tree Chanel married into. Chanel reminds her mother their family has their own skeletons. When Paulina learns EJ is against the marriage, she vows to make EJ come around. She wants to take Chanel home so she can talk to him.

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John clasps Marlena's shoulder, as they face Johnny on their couch. Days of Our Lives

John hovers over Marlena at home, but she assures him she’s fine. She promises the devil is not coming back, but then opens the door to a visiting Johnny. As they discuss putting the whole devil ordeal behind them, Johnny flashes to dressing in his red suit. Marlena asks if something is wrong. Johnny says he’s been feeling off, but he’s fine. He then tells them he and Chanel got married. They’re thrilled for him, which he appreciates considering his parents aren’t. When they talk about EJ kidnapping Sami, Johnny declares he wants nothing to do with his father or his money. In fact, he gave him back all his funding for his movie. John wonders if Johnny is still going forward with it. Johnny says of course not. However, he did have a deal with a studio to distribute it, but he’ll tell them he’s shelving the project. Marlena hates to see him give up on his dreams, but Johnny can find another story to tell. Johnny gets a message from Chanel and leaves.

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When EJ interrupts Kate and Chad’s conversation in the office, he asks what they’re trying to keep secret. Kate looks to a stressed Chad and says it’s about Lucas. EJ says he already knows that Lucas left town with Sami, but wonders why Chad would want to keep that from him. Chad says he had Sami kidnapped, so who knows what he would have done with this information. EJ shares his belief that Lucas is the one who kidnapped Samantha. EJ tries to get Kate to side with him, but she stands firm with Chad. EJ is disappointed in her. Chad and EJ square off before EJ leaves. Kate tells Chad she didn’t tell EJ the truth, fearing his reaction. She’s not sure she did the right thing, however, somewhere out there, Stefano is out there looking down on him, saying, “That’s my boy.”

After making a call to get flight information, Abigail drops in on Chad at the office. He tells her he’ll be able to count on Kate with EJ gone.

After saying goodbye to Doug and Julie at Julie’s Place, Jennifer cries over leaving her home. Kate approaches them. After sniping with Jennifer, she tells her to have a nice life and walks off.

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EJ looks up at Stefano's portrait on Days of Our Lives

Talking to Stefano’s portrait, EJ declares everyone is conspiring against him. He has no choice but to take them all down. Paulina’s presence interrupts him. She tells EJ they’re throwing a wedding reception, right there at the mansion.

Upstairs, Johnny primps in the mirror. The devil appears in his reflection. He tells Johnny he’ll make him a star, which is what he wants. “This is going to be so much fun,” mirror devil declares. Chanel walks in and tells Johnny that Paulina is throwing them a wedding reception. Johnny says he’s feeling better, so a party sounds like all the fun in the world.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Xander and Abigail team up, and Paulina has plans for Chanel and Johnny.

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