Johnny wears a red suit, as he looks in the mirror. His eyes are devil yellow. Days of Our Lives
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Chanel finds Johnny sick in bed at the mansion. He doesn’t think he’ll be very much fun tonight, so he suggests she go on without him. She won’t leave her new husband there alone on New Year’s and cozies up with him. After Chanel gets him a hot beverage, they talk about Allie’s disapproval of their marriage. Johnny doesn’t think Allie is over the fact that she lost when it comes to her. They get flirty, but Johnny passes on sex due to his cold. Instead, he suggests a movie.

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Johnny wraps his arms around Chanel in bed on Days of Our Lives

In the Square, Allie overhears Lucas tells Tom and Alice’s plaque he did it “for love.” She wonders what he did, and offers to listen. They sit on the bench, as Lucas talks about EJ kidnapping Sami. Allie calls it cruel and sadistic. She’ll never forgive EJ for it. They move on to discussing Johnny and Chanel’s marriage. She confesses she cursed their union. Lucas is amused, but points out she needs to be careful she doesn’t lose them over it.

Tripp runs into Marlena coming off the elevator at the hospital. She grins and says, “Going down?” He says it’s good to see her, knowing it really is her. She grows serious and apologizes for what happened. He knows it wasn’t her, but the devil. John joins them and reiterates Marlena’s sentiment that they’re happy Allie has him in her life. He wishes them a Happy New Year before he gets on the elevator.

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Tripp finds Allie with Lucas in the Square. They share that Nicole is watching Henry so they can go out tonight. Lucas, in turn, is going home to watch a movie.

As Chanel and Johnny watch An Affair to Remember in bed, Allie and Tripp drop in. They’re all dressed up and bring a bottle of champagne. Allie apologizes for her reaction to their news and congratulates them. She asks them to ring in the New Year together and drink to their happiness. Chanel quickly accepts and grabs the bottle. Despite Johnny’s cold, he thinks he can rally. He says they’ll meet them downstairs for the midnight countdown.

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In his apartment doorway, Ben shakes Jake's hand on Days of Our Lives

Jake comes by Ben and Ciara’s studio. He invites them out with him and Gabi for New Year’s Eve. They appreciate the offer, but pass. When he calls them lame, they update him on the devil trying to take their baby. Jake is shocked, but understands and leaves.

Later, Ciara and Ben fight over what to watch on TV, as John and Marlena stop by. Marlena is there to ask for their forgiveness. Ben says it’s not necessary. Ciara just wants to know why the devil wanted their baby. Marlena wants to tell them, but she doesn’t remember what happened. She just gets emotions and images, but no real memories. She apologizes, but they remind her of all the things she’s done for them. Marlena is so proud of them both and knows they’ll be good parents.

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Ciara holds Ben's arm, as he clasps Marlena's hand in their studio apartment. Days of Our Lives

At home, John tucks Marlena in on the couch and then goes to get strawberries and whipped cream. Marlena turns on the TV, which is all static. She flashes to the devil trying to possess her. She says, “No. Dear God, please, no.” John returns to a cowering Marlena. He says the TV has been on the fritz lately and fixes it. He holds a rattled Marlena who assures him she’s fine. She tells him there’s no place on earth she’d rather be than there with him.

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Marlena excitedly presses a remote control. She lounges on her couch, with a blanket over her legs. Days of Our Lives

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At the bar, Sami tearfully tells Gabi she just got proof EJ is the one who kidnapped her. She admits the worst part is he is the love of her life. What is she supposed to do now? Gabi isn’t the best person to give advice on men, but she has learned not to settle for someone who doesn’t respect her and isn’t her equal. She doesn’t think EJ deserves her and calls Sami one of her role models. She’ll always have her back. Sami breaks down again, hating herself for missing EJ after what he did to her. Gabi encourages her to pick herself up and figure out what she wants in life. Gabi offers to ditch Jake and spend the night with Sami. Sami won’t allow that and urges her to be with the man she loves, and who loves her. Sami chuckles over going home to cry all night at her mother’s house.

After dinner in the Square, Gabi and Jake talk about Sami and EJ. Gabi gets an alert that Shin ousted EJ at DiMera. They celebrate.

In the Pub, Lucas sees the same news about EJ. He thinks that’s at least a win. He gets up to leave and runs into Sami. She tells him she’s through with EJ and is never going back to him. Now, she wants to begin again with him.

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Chanel watches as Tripp and Allie kiss at the DiMera mansion. Days of Our Lives

As the clock turns midnight, Sami and Lucas kiss at the Pub, while Jake and Gabi make out in the Square. Meanwhile, Ben and Ciara smooch in their bed, while John and Marlena canoodle on their couch. In the DiMera mansion living room, Chanel waits for Johnny to get dressed as Tripp and Allie lock lips. Upstairs, Johnny dresses in a red suit and looks in the mirror. His eyes flash yellow and he says in a distorted voice, “Happy New Year Salem. You didn’t really think you were getting rid of me that easily. Did you?”

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