Gwen and Xander look intently at each other, while propping themselves up in bed. Days of Our Lives
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At home, Nicole reads a story on her tablet about Eric saving Marlena. She says, “If anyone can do it, it’s you.” There’s a knock at the door. It’s Eric. They catch up on Marlena and him returning to the priesthood. Nicole jokes that she ruined him for all other women. He chuckles and they declare they both want each other to be happy. He asks if she’s seeing anyone. She says she’s seeing EJ. Eric points out EJ kidnapped his sister. Nicole doesn’t believe EJ had anything to do with it, and then asks why he’s there. Eric just wanted to see her before he left. Nicole tears up and says she’ll miss him. He reciprocates the sentiment and they hug. Nicole wipes away her tears as he reiterates that he wants her to be happy with whoever that may be.

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Nicole opens her door to Eric, in his priest collar on Days of Our Lives

Maggie stops by the Horton house to see Jennifer and Jack. After catching up, Maggie explains she’s there on Xander’s behalf to talk to Jack about Gwen. She can’t understand why Sarah did what she did to him, so if she can help Jack and Gwen reconcile, which would make Xander happy, she’d feel like she was repaying Sarah’s debt. She adds that Xander would like to repair their relationship as well. Jack can’t forgive him or Gwen hurting Abby. Maggie says it’s in his hands now and leaves. Jennifer asks Jack if Maggie’s words swayed him. Jack doesn’t know. Jennifer supports his decision no matter what, but Jack wonders if Abigail will.

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Xander holds Gwen's head, as he kisses her in bed. Days of Our Lives

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Gwen stares at Xander as he sleeps in bed. She flashes to Xander declaring he needs to find Sarah. She wonders how she’ll get him off the “Sarah track.” He wakes up and they look forward to saying goodbye to the old and embracing the new on New Year’s Eve. He wonders if that’s what she meant by getting him off the “Sarah track”. She sputters a bit before pointing out nothing good can come from looking for her, especially since she didn’t come back to him after dumping Rex. When he acts offended, she cheekily points out he’s been obsessing about Sarah, so she’s the one who needs compassion right now. Xander apologizes and insists he’s just concerned about his ex. He doesn’t want her back. Gwen suggests there could be tons of personal reasons Sarah has been sending Maggie misleading texts. Xander doesn’t buy it and promises the sooner he figures out what’s going on with Sarah, the sooner the two of them can let go of the old. He jumps out of bed so he talk to Maggie.

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Chad finds Abigail in the DiMera living room cleaning up the kids’ toys. EJ enters upon getting released from jail. He claims he was framed for kidnapping Sami — and Chad’s at the top of his suspect list. The couple debunks his theories, so EJ cast suspicions on Jake, Rafe and finally, Lucas. Chad and Abigail scoff at that as well, so EJ suggests they get back to the office. Chad wonders why his brother would go anywhere near DiMera considering the charges against him. Chad thinks the best thing for the company is for him to be the face of the company and for EJ to back off — for now. EJ doesn’t like it, but agrees to do the right thing for DiMera. After they leave, EJ pulls out his phone.

Abigail joins her parents at the Horton house. After Jennifer steps out to take a call, Jack tells his daughter he’s thinking of reconciling with Gwen, but he won’t do anything until she tells him how she feels about it. Abby would be happy if she never saw Gwen again, but she won’t get in his way if he wants a relationship with her. Jennifer returns to deliver big news that will impact all of their lives.

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Maggie comes home to find Xander in the living room. She tells him she put in a good word with Jack. He appreciates her effort. However, he’s there about Sarah. He tells her about Sarah dumping Rex, which surprises Maggie. Worried, Maggie calls Sarah, but her number is no longer in service.

At the Pub, Lucas daydreams about Sami finding out about him kidnapping her. He snaps out of it when Sami appears in the flesh. She tells him she saw her guard, Jason in jail, but he stuck to his story about EJ. Lucas asks if she’s ready to give up on her husband now. Sami isn’t convinced EJ kidnapped her. As they continue to debate the issue, Sami gets a call from EJ. He asks her to come by the house. After she leaves to hear what he has to say, Lucas comes up with a way to put the final nail in the coffin.

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Nicole side-eyes Sami, who talks to EJ at the mansion. Days of Our Lives

At the mansion, EJ primps himself anticipating Sami’s arrival, but Nicole beats her to it. When Sami arrives, EJ insists he didn’t kidnap her. He thinks Lucas framed him. Sami scoffs.

At DiMera, Chad updates Shin about EJ over the phone. After he leaves his office, Lucas sneaks in and uses Kate’s password to log into his computer. Chad returns to find him there.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Chad learns shocking information, and Jake and Gabi seek help with their plan.

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