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At the hospital, Steve and Kayla worry about John and Marlena before Steve changes into a Santa costume for the annual party. They talk about missing their kids who are stuck in Seattle. The hospital party also makes Kayla think about the people who can’t be there. She separates Steve’s thick mustache to give him a kiss. She sits on his lap as she unwraps his gift, which is a bracelet. He thought it would go nicely with the anchor necklace he gave her years ago on their honeymoon. She loves it and kisses him again.

Kayla sits on Steve's lap. He's dressed as Santa, and she opens a present. Days of Our Lives

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At Allie’s place, Johnny accuses his sister of being in love with Chanel. Allie calls his assertion ridiculous. She just doesn’t want to see her best friend get hurt. Chanel says she’s not her best friend, but her sister-in-law. She was hoping Allie would be happy for them. Allie wishes she could, but reminds Chanel of her mistake with Xander. Chanel insists she and Johnny are in love and in it for the long haul. Allie is sure Johnny will break her heart. After more bickering, Johnny and Chanel leave.

Alone with Allie, Tripp asks his girlfriend if Johnny was right. “Are you in love with Chanel?” Allie vows she’s not, but Tripp calls her reaction pretty emphatic. Allie says, “Don’t you know by now? You’re the one that I love.” She asks him to tell her he believes that.

In Nicole's apartment, Chanel and Johnny grin, as they hold up left hands, revealing their wedding rings. Days of Our Lives

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At the station, Brady thanks Belle for getting him out of his charges. Belle’s thrilled for him, but worried about Marlena’s exorcism.

John pulls Eric into a hug when he sees him at his door. Eric explains he got the first flight out after John called. Eric throws off his coat and says John has back up now. John’s mouth drops at the sight of Eric’s priest collar. Eric explains how Nicole’s words about him never changing after he took the collar off prompted him to inquire with the church in the Congo. John says his timing couldn’t be better. Eric has the strongest faith of anyone John’s ever known… and he’s going to need it.

John grips Eric's shoulders. They share a tense look. Days of Our Lives

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In the bedroom, a tied-up MarDevil taunts Lucas about the secret he’s keeping from Sami. Sami asks Lucas what she’s talking about. Lucas desperately tells Sami how much he loves her and that he’d do anything to get back together. Eric’s arrival interrupts him. MarDevil gawks at the sight of the priest.

After Eric and MarDevil verbally spar, Eric suggests he do this alone. Sami, Lucas and John leave. MarDevil says if he goes up against her alone he will die. She begins taunting him about Kristen and morphs into her.

In the living room, Brady and Belle join Lucas, John and Sami. Brady swears to Lucas he didn’t hurt Philip. A guilty-looking Lucas says he believes him. John tells them Father Eric is with MarDevil. Belle and Brady are stunned to learn Eric is a priest again. Either way, Brady doesn’t think he should be fighting the devil alone.

Lucas, Sami and Belle talk on the couch. Behind them, John leans his hands on the window pane, looking out. Days of Our Lives

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Back in the bedroom, a rattled Eric becomes even more so when “Kristen” produces a laptop. It plays the video of Kristen raping a drugged Eric. As “Kristen” encourages Eric to give in to her again, Brady appears to support his brother. The devil returns to Marlena’s form. Eric realizes they should take a whole new approach.

In the living room, Belle recounts finding Shawn in bed with Jan. She bickers with Sami about her bringing Jan back in the first place. John orders them to stop, as Eric and Brady return. Eric says they have to fight the devil as a family. It’s the only way to save their mother’s soul.

Eric and Brady stand at the side of a bed, looking at the devil in Kristen's form. Wearing black lingerie, her wrists are bound to the bed with ropes. Days of Our Lives

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As Tripp tells Allie he believes she loves him, John calls his granddaughter.

Allie and Johnny meet outside Marlena and John’s door. They agree to focus on their grandmother for now. Sami greets them and asks to talk to Allie alone. Johnny goes inside, as Sami asks to verify something with Allie that Paulina told her. Allie sternly says this is not the time. They head inside, as Lucas leaves the family to it. Eric preps everyone for an emotionally and physically exhausting exorcism.

Chanel runs into Tripp and Henry in the Square. They agree to keep things neutral between them. He invites her to the hospital Christmas party, where Kayla reads to the children.

At the Horton Christmas tree, Lucas looks skyward and apologizes for what he did to Sami. He prays for God to watch over her and her family.

Lucas looks up at the Horton Christmas tree, full of bulbs. Days of Our Lives

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The family gathers around MarDevil in the bedroom. Eric blesses them all before they say a group prayer. Wind blows MarDevil’s hair back. Papers blow around and the bed shakes. MarDevil cackles that they can pray all they like, but Marlena is hers for eternity. Eric urges everyone to speak to Marlena and pray to God that she hears them. As Eric continues with the exorcism, John holds the cross around his neck. He yells for God to remind Marlena how much they all love her. Scenes from Marlena’s life with her family flash. MarDevil yells, “No! No!” before going limp against the bed. Her yellow eyes close. John kneels next to her and whispers, “Doc.” Marlena opens her eyes and smiles. “John,” she says before assuring him it’s really her. She looks at her family and says, “You all saved me.” John and Eric untie Marlena as the family closes in around her.

Sami and Belle hold hands, as they stand in Marlena's living room with Brady, Eric, Lucas, and John. Days of Our Lives

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