Sami leans against John's chest, while sitting on the couch. He wraps his arms around her. Days of Our Lives
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With Lani in the kitchen with Doug, and the babies in their stroller, Eli watches Julie fuss over the Christmas tree. She presents her grandson with Jules and Carver’s ornaments. They add them to the tree. Later, Eli and Lani leave the kids with Julie and Doug before heading out.

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Eli and Julie beam at Carver and Jules in their stroller. Days of Our Lives

In the Square, Paulina tells Abe about Chanel and Johnny’s marriage. Eli and Lani walk up. Paulina wishes them a Merry Christmas, but Lani keeps walking. Paulina blurts out that Chanel is married, causing Lani to stop in her tracks. Lani thanks Paulina for telling her. Paulina then pulls out a present for the babies. It’s a kaleidoscope of photos of the whole family. Lani notes her mother made her one. Paulina calls it a Price family tradition, but Lani can’t accept it. After Eli encourages her to, Lani reaches for it and thanks Paulina.

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In Horton Square, Paulina holds out a present to Eli and Lani. Days of Our Lives

Johnny wakes Chanel up in bed by calling her “Mrs. DiMera,” which she very much likes the sound of. Chanel fears his parents won’t love the fact that they got married, but he says his folks have bigger things to worry about. Namely, his dad getting arrested for kidnapping his mom. He wonders if she’s having second thoughts about marrying into his family, but she’s all in. Johnny suggests they go tell Allie their news, but Chanel seems a little uncomfortable with that idea. The moment is put off when he suggests a little Christmas morning nookie.

Chanel and Johnny talk in bed on Days of Our Lives

At Nicole’s place, Allie and Tripp discuss the fact that her grandmother morphed him into Jan Spears and put him in a coma. They agree to just focus on the fact that they, and Henry, are happy and ready for pancakes. They’re interrupted, however, by a text from Johnny who says that he has some news.

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Wearing a robe, Allie holds a playful Henry. A shirtless Tripp smiles at them. Days of Our Lives

When the newlyweds arrive at the apartment, Allie assumes Johnny wants to talk about his dad kidnapping their mom. They debate the issue until Johnny tells them the real reason they’re there. He and Chanel flash their wedding rings. Allie’s face falls. She says, “You just made the biggest mistake of your life.” They thought she’d be happy for them, but Allie reminds Chanel what a player Johnny is. The women bicker, until Johnny interrupts to defend their love. He then accuses Allie of being jealous. Johnny tells Tripp that his girlfriend wants his wife for herself.

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In Nicole's apartment, Chanel and Johnny grin, as they hold up left hands, revealing their wedding rings. Days of Our Lives

Nicole visits EJ at the police station and asks if he really had Sami kidnapped. “I had absolutely nothing to do” with it, EJ insists. He points out that more than a few people would love to frame him for the crime. After running through a list of people who hate him, he lands on Rafe as the number one suspect. Nicole scoffs and offers up Lucas instead. EJ questions whether Lucas has the brains or nerve for it… but then believes it could have been him. Nicole backtracks, but EJ knows Lucas is more malicious than she gives him credit for. Nicole then muses on Sami kidnapping herself, or, again, EJ doing it. After he reiterates that he didn’t, Nicole believes him. However, they still have to figure out who did do it or else he’ll spend New Year’s in Statesville.

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Nicole sits across the table from EJ in the interrogation room. Days of Our Lives

Behind the bedroom doors, John tells Doc that it’s Christmas morning and time for her to come home to him. Cackling, MarDevil says, “Nice day for an exorcism… good luck with that!” John starts the exorcism process by saying the Lord’s prayer, although it doesn’t seem to do much good.

At John and Marlena’s, Sami frets about her mom’s situation when Lucas arrives. She explains that John has Marlena locked in the bedroom and tied to a bed. Sami catches her ex up on what went down at Julie’s. “As it turns out, my mother is the devil’s favorite place to go for the holidays,” she says, fearing that MarDevil has turned John into a goat. Lucas tries to distract Sami by talking about EJ kidnapping her. As they debate it, they hear a noise.

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Sitting on John and Marlena's couch, Sami hits Lucas with a pillow. Days of Our Lives

Back in the bedroom, John picks up a lamp Satan made fall to the ground. He picks up his Bible and rosary and reads aloud. He then throws holy water on MarDevil, who writhes as it burns her skin. With Lucas in tow, Sami runs into the room in tears, urging John to stop. John leads Sami out, calling for Lucas to follow them. However, MarDevil slams the door before Lucas can leave. MarDevil knows Lucas kidnapped Sami. She didn’t make him do it, but she planted the idea and he just couldn’t resist the temptation. MarDevil threatens that if Lucas doesn’t get her out of there, she’ll tell Sami everything.

In the living room, John tries to console Sami who worries about her mother. John holds her, saying they have to be a united front. They suddenly realize Lucas isn’t there.

Back in the bedroom, MarDevil orders Lucas to untie her. Lucas considers and then starts to oblige. Sami bursts in, wondering what he’s doing. Lucas jumps back insisting he was retying the rope, but MarDevil tells Sami Lucas is lying… about everything.

Meanwhile, John asks God to give him a sign that Doc’s soul will be saved for a second time. There’s a knock at the door. John opens it to find Eric standing in the doorway.

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John opens the door to Eric on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Marlena’s family unites, and Steve and Kayla enjoy a little romance.

Eric’s back, but a reunion with Nicole probably isn’t in the works. See how Ericole got to this point in our photo gallery below.

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