In Julie's living room, MarDevil holds out two lit torches. John thrusts his hand at her, as Ben, Ciara and Julie cower behind the devil. Days of Our Lives
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Steve calls John from the hospital to check on him and urge him to keep the faith. They wish each other a Merry Christmas before hanging up. John says to himself they could certainly use a Christmas miracle right about now. There’s a knock at the door. John answers it to Gabriel. He’s stunned, but pleased to see him. John knows Gabriel can’t interfere, but he needs the angel to tell him how to find his wife. Gabriel reveals MarDevil is at Doug and Julie’s. He gives John a St. Benedict medal, which invokes God’s blessing. It will help John find the strength he needs to drive the devil away from his friends. Gabriel can’t go with him, but assures John he can do it alone if he doesn’t lose faith.

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Julie sprays a fire extinguisher on the Christmas tree. Days of Our Lives

After MarDevil sets Julie and Doug’s tree on fire, she announces she came for her present. She rests her yellow eyes on Ciara and Ben. Julie uses the fire extinguisher to put out the fire, declaring there’s no place in his house for Satan. Their goodness will protect them. MarDevil laughs. She always gets what she wants and what she wants is Ciara’s little angel. Ben protectively stands in front of his wife, who orders MarDevil to stay away from her. Ben tells MarDevil she will have to kill him before he lets her get to Ciara. MarDevil says that can be arranged. Julie joins Ben to protect Ciara from MarDevil with their love.

After more verbal battle, MarDevil raises lit torches, mocking Julie’s assertion that love will protect them. Suddenly, the torches blow out. John walks in. “It looks like I got here just in time,” he says. MarDevil reignites the torches, but John puts them out by thrusting Gabriel’s medal at them. John thrusts his hand again, sending MarDevil flying against the wall.

After Ben helps get an unconscious Marlena to the car with John, he returns to the house alone. He holds a teary Ciara, assuring her she’s safe now. Julie knows if anyone can drive out the devil, it’s John and his love. Doug thinks they showed Satan there are powers greater than the ultimate evil.

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Ben and Ciara hold each other in front of a burnt Christmas tree in Julie's living room. Days of Our Lives

Shawn jumps up in bed when Belle walks in. Confused, they look to the Belle in his bed, who morphs back into Jan. Shawn swears he thought it was Belle as he hurriedly gets dressed. Belle can’t believe he didn’t make sure it was her before he jumped into bed with her. Shawn insists he checked with Rafe first. Jan grins. She says she had a partner, revealing Kayla and Steve saw someone else in her hospital bed. She taunts Belle about having sex with Shawn, before he arrests her.

Belle follows as Shawn leads Jan in handcuffs to the police station. Belle demands to know where MarDevil is. Jan doesn’t know and wouldn’t say anyway, because she has the devil to thank for this glorious day. Shawn prevents Belle from lunging at her as Jan continues her taunts about sleeping with Shawn. Jan adds that they are now bonded for life.

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Shawn drags a smiling, and handcuffed, Jan into the police department on Days of Our Lives

At the hospital, Allie and Steve compare notes over not being able to find Tripp. After getting Kayla’s okay, Steve uses her office computer to look at security footage for his son. As the piece together that MarDevil was probably involved, Belle calls Steve. She tells him to check Jan’s bed because whoever is there is not her.

Steve and Allie rush into Jan’s room to find Tripp hooked up to machines. Allie holds his hand and tells her unconscious boyfriend he needs to come back to them. After the tubes have been removed, Allie continues to tell Tripp how much she loves him. He stirs awake.

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A teary-eyed Belle faces Shawn at the Salem P.D. on Days of Our Lives

Back at the station, Shawn apologizes to Belle for getting fooled by Jan. Belle tearfully says she doesn’t blame him, but it will take a while to get it out of her head. Shawn hates that Jan took their anniversary away from them. Belle reminds him that Jan did her worst, but they are still together. However, she looks concerned as they embrace.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad and Abigail prepare to wrap presents for the kids. Jack and Jennifer enter, surprising them. As they revel in being together again, Abigail notes it’s almost time to hang ornaments at Doug and Julie’s.

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At the DiMera mansion, Chad holds two bags of Christmas presents, as Abigail hugs Jack. Days of Our Lives

As Doug, Julie, Ciara and Ben look forward to a Horton family Christmas, the Deverauxs walk in. Off to the side, Ben suggests to Ciara that he leave so as not to ruin their family Christmas. She reminds him she’s his family. Chad and Abigail walk over to peacefully wish Ben a Merry Christmas. The ornaments are brought out and the family hangs them on the tree. Julie remarks how beautiful the tree now looks, but they need an angel. Jennifer pulls out a box and hands it to Julie who opens an angel that belonged to Laura. Jennifer knows her mother would want her to have it on her tree. Ben takes it and places it on the tree.

MarDevil wakes up, restrained in bed. John says, “I hope these accommodations are to your liking.”

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Julie, Jennifer and Jack pull out Christmas bulbs from a box at the Horton House. Days of Our Lives

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