Belle opens the door to see Shawn in Bed with a blonde on Days of Our Lives
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At the Salem Inn, Jan grows nervous before opening the door to Shawn. MarDevil agrees she needs some freshening up and waves her hand. Jan morphs into Belle. MarDevil says, “Who better to seduce Shawn than his own wife?” Jan, as Belle, opens the door to Shawn and pulls him into a passionate kiss. MarDevil watches from the closet before sneaking out.

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MarDevil and Jan, disguised as Belle, look at their reflections in the mirror. Days of Our Lives

Shawn pulls back from “Belle.” He’s not sure she’s his wife. “Belle” wonders who else she’d be. She reaches for his belt, but Shawn stops her. He asks why she texted from a blocked number. She says she wanted it to be a surprise. He’d love to enjoy this time with his wife, but with everything going on, he’s going to keep his pants on. “Belle” calls that smart, but suggests he call Rafe to find out if the “real” her is at the police station. Shawn pulls out his phone and calls his boss, who confirms Belle was planning a surprise for him. He gives Shawn the rest of the day off and hangs up, revealing MarDevil on the other end of the phone.

Shawn gets back to “Belle” who pulls him into another passionate embrace. Shawn continues to hesitate. He feels like it’s selfish when their family is in turmoil. “Belle” thinks their happiness is the best way to get back at the devil, and kneels down in front of him as he sits on the bed. Shawn looks off unsure.

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Ciara and Ben visit with Doug and Julie at the Horton House. Days of Our Lives

Julie fuses over the Christmas tree, as Doug watches from the couch. She gets a text from Hope saying bad weather has grounded her plane. She won’t be making it to Christmas. Ciara and Ben walk in. They’re thrilled to see them, but wonder if it’s safe for them to be there. Ciara says they got Rafe to agree to let them come, and the guards are out front.

After noshing on a few cookies, Ben suggests they get back to the safe house. Ciara wants to hang their ornaments first though. As Ben helps her, he tells her how hard it was to hang her ornament last year, but he felt her there with him. Ciara says next year, they’ll be hanging one for their baby.

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At the station, Rafe brings Sami’s guard, Jason, in handcuffs. Lucas eyes him as Belle threatens to make him pay for kidnapping her sister. Rafe tells Jason he’ll have the D.A. go easy on him if he gives up the name of the person who hired him. Jason looks to Lucas, but just asks for his lawyer. After Belle and Rafe leaves, Jason warns Lucas he’ll take the deal unless he gives him a better offer.

In Rafe’s office, Brady mentions to Belle that Brady was allowed home to go home with Rachel. He leaves as Belle gets a call from “Shawn,” who is really MarDevil disguising her voice. He tells her to meet him at the Salem Inn.

Rafe returns to Jason, who is ready to talk. Later, Lucas thanks Jason for hearing him out and going along with his idea.

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EJ holds out the divorce papers in front of Sami. Days of Our Lives

EJ rips up the divorce papers at the mansion and moves close to Samantha. Stunned, she jumps away. She needs to understand what changed for him. He assures her the way he feels about her hasn’t changed. She’s the love of his life. Sami needs him to say that he forgives her for Lucas. EJ says he couldn’t handle learning about their affair, especially considering their history. Sami swears nothing like that will ever happen again, but then remembers he was with Nicole. EJ explains Nicole was there for him, but Sami is the woman he wants to spend his life with. EJ wants to focus on them now. There is nothing he wants more than for them to be together again.

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Sami beams up at EJ, her hands rest on his chest. Days of Our Lives

Sami excitedly jumps in EJ’s arms as they kiss. She rants about her kidnapper, who kept them apart. EJ calms her down, reminding her they are reunited now. They kiss, which turns more passionate. She asks him to make love to her. As they head to the stairs, Rafe knocks on the door. After Sami lets him in, Rafe immediately arrests EJ for kidnapping Sami.

Back in the room, “Belle” takes off her robe, revealing sexy Santa lingerie. As they have sex, Belle lets herself in the room and gapes at Shawn in bed with a blonde woman.

In the Horton house, Ben puts the angel on top of the tree. As they sing, it bursts into flames. The double doors fly open. Doug, Julie, Ben and Ciara cower as MarDevil enters, looking pleased with herself.

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MarDevil stands next to the Horton Christmas tree. The top is in flames. Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: John gets a miracle, and Jack’s home with a surprise.

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