At the DiMera mansion, EJ holds a piece of paper over his head. Sami lunges for it. Days of Our Lives
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MarDevil brings Jan to a Salem Inn room. The devil says Jan will remain free as long as she helps destroy Belle and Shawn’s relationship, on their anniversary no less, by sleeping with Shawn. Jan doesn’t think Shawn would ever go for that and she doesn’t want to force him. MarDevil has a way around that. She hands Jan a phone and tells her to text Shawn.

At the Salem PD., Shawn tells Belle about Steve and Kayla’s theory that the devil might have been after Jan, in order to get to them. Belle starts to freak out over the devil coming for them, but Shawn calms her down, assuring her they’ll get through this.

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Shawn holds Belle's arm as he kisses her at the Salem P.D. Days of Our Lives

After Belle leaves, Shawn gets a text from an unknown number. The message contains a Salem Inn room number. He texts back asking who the sender is. Jan excitedly jumps up, but doesn’t know how to respond. MarDevil takes the phone and texts, “Just come. Promise, you won’t regret it.”

Jan paces, worried Shawn hasn’t responded. MarDevil believes Shawn won’t be able to resist the lure of the mystery. Jan then worries he’ll arrest her on the spot. MarDevil promises that he won’t.

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In a Salem Inn hotel room, MarDevil holds up a mini booze bottle to Jan, who grins. Days of Our Lives

Upstairs at the Pub, Lucas explains to Philip he kidnapped Sami because he loves her so much. He won’t let her go back to EJ. He recounts finding Sami outside Gabi and Rafe’s place and chloroforming her. He was going to let her go after EJ and Nicole got together, but then she called Allie. He felt horrible upon hearing the fear in her voice, but then he realized he could “rescue” her and be the hero. However, she went straight to EJ.

After putting Roman off downstairs, Kate finds her sons together in her room. Lucas vows he won’t betray his brother’s confidence. Philip promises the same. Kate tells them about her visit with Victor. They will get Philip the help he needs, but no one can know Philip is alive. Lucas gets a message from Rafe to come to the station. The brothers hug goodbye before Lucas leaves.

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From behind, Lucas covers Sami's mouth with a cloth on Days of Our Lives

Alone, Kate asks Philip to focus on his treatment and not reach out to Chloe or anyone else. Philip promises not to screw it up. Kate tells him Victor has the jet ready to go.

Downstairs at the Pub, Kate thanks Roman for supporting her. She pulls him into a kiss allowing Philip the opportunity to slip out the front door. Kate hugs Roman, as Philip looks to his mother from the doorway. They mouth their goodbyes to each other.

When Lucas gets to the station, he runs into Belle. She tells him the cops found one of Sami’s guards and he’s being transported there.

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In Brady's Pub, Kate kisses Roman, as Philip sneaks out behind them. He wears a hoodie over his head. Days of Our Lives

Shawn draws his gun and knocks on the Salem Inn door. Jan nervously asks MarDevil what she should do. MarDevil suggests she open the door. When the door does open, Shawn smiles. He sees what looks to be Belle, who seductively says, “Happy anniversary, Sweetheart.”

In the DiMera mansion, Johnny and Chanel explain to their shocked parents that their wedding was spur of the moment. When there’s nothing but silence, Johnny asks if anyone’s going to congratulate them. EJ pipes up to say they’ve made a terrible mistake. He accuses Chanel of marrying Johnny for his money and threatens to cut Johnny off if he doesn’t get an annulment.

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Johnny and Chanel face their parents in the DiMera living room on Days of Our Lives

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Paulina tears into EJ, defending her daughter, until Chanel interrupts her. She admits she used to be that person, but she’s not anymore. After Johnny insists they’re in love, Paulina interjects that Chanel was just kissing Allie. Is Chanel sure she wants to be with Allie’s brother? Sami’s eyes widen.

Chanel assures everyone they all talked about it and she and Allie love each other as friends — that’s it. She knows Allie will be thrilled for her and she hopes Sami will be happy for them too. Sami apologizes but she can’t do that. Sami points out they’re both very young and haven’t known each other that long. She says marriage is for life, which makes Johnny laugh considering his parents’ relationship. Paulina’s eyes bulge, as Johnny rattles off Sami and EJ’s antics over the years. He doesn’t care if he’s cut off, Chanel is his family now. They leave the room to spend Christmas Eve together.

When EJ further disparages the union, Paulina points out they’re all flawed. She’s going to trust her daughter, who she is proud of. She suggests EJ and Sami get on board if they don’t want to lose their son. After Paulina leaves, Sami and EJ discuss the situation, which leads them to rehash their relationship. Sami says she will always love him. He might be denying it now, but she knows he feels the same way. She asks for the divorce papers so she can rip them up. He picks them up and she lunges for them. He holds them away from her and says he doesn’t want a divorce. He wants her. He rips up the papers himself.

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Johnny puts a ring on Chanel's finger on Days of Our Lives

Upstairs, Johnny tells Chanel there’s nothing his parents could say or do that will make him change the way he feels about her. He asks if it changes how she feels though. She assures him she’s all in. They make out until Johnny backs away. He pulls out their rings and they slide them on each other’s fingers. They declare their love and resume kissing.

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