Kate rests her hand on Philip's shoulder, as they talk in her Brady Pub room. Days of Our Lives
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Above the Pub, Philip hides and listens while Kate talks to Chloe, who insists Brady is innocent. Kate doesn’t want to hear it from the woman who cheated on her son with Brady on the conference room table. Confused, Chloe says, “Who told you that?” Kate says she overheard her and Brady talking about it, but Chloe says they were talking about Nicole, not her. She swears on Parker’s life that she never cheated on Philip. Kate reluctantly believes her, but that doesn’t explain why Chloe would defend the man who killed her son. Chloe tears up saying she believes Philip is out there alive. She begs Kate to talk to Trask so they can find out what really happened that night. Kate says she’ll think about it. Chloe thanks her and leaves.

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Kate opens the door to Chloe on Days of Our Lives

After Kate shuts the door, Philip emerges calling Chloe a lying bitch. Kate gently says she thinks Chloe was sincere and Philip misunderstood about the conference room sex. Philip won’t believe it, remarking, “It can’t all have been for nothing.” Kate assures her son she can help him get out of this, but Philip won’t let Brady and Chloe make a fool of him. Kate repeats that they didn’t have an affair, but Philip won’t hear that. He will prove that Chloe has been lying and get her confession. Kate tears up as Philip continues to rant about them always making a fool of him. But not this time. This time, he wins. He laments losing the women and the children he thought were his. Philip calls himself a hypocrite with Victor, considering he signed away his rights to his own son. He wonders why he can’t hold on to the people he loves. What does it take to get them to love him? Through tears, Kate says she can’t speak for anyone else, but she loves him with all her heart. They hug. Philip agrees he’s made a huge mess. He wonders what he’s going to do. Kate assures him she’ll fix it for him.

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At the Salem P.D., Belle looks with concern at Shawn, who furrows his brow. Days of Our Lives

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Shawn hugs Belle at the Salem P.D. after hearing Brady was arrested. He knows she’ll find a way to get her brother cleared. After he relays he had Ciara and Ben taken to a safe house, Belle shares her theory that Brady is being framed… by Kristen, who was devastated when Brady cut her out of his and Rachel’s life. As they theorize, Belle wonders who else would go to such extremes to get revenge on him.

At the hospital, Steve finds Kayla passed out on the floor of her office. Kayla awakens, panicked. She holds a letter opener on him, yelling for him to stay away. Steve gently convinces her he’s really her husband and not the devil. She collapses in his arms, repeating how scared she was. After recounting the story, Kayla realizes MarDevil took her keycard. She calls security to be on the lookout for “Marlena” and then tells Steve they changed security protocols after Jan was admitted. Steve realizes that’s who MarDevil is after.

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Allie and Tripp sit at a table in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

In the Square, Tripp gives Allie an early Christmas present. It’s a bracelet he saw her eyeing in the store. She smiles and gives him the same present. She was eyeing it for him. Tripp offers to return hers, but she likes the idea of being bracelet buddies.

In Jan’s hospital room, MarDevil says she needs her star player back in the game and waves her hand over the patient’s face. Jan’s eyes open. After Jan orients herself, “Marlena” catches her up on recent Salem developments. She then reveals herself as the devil. Jan wonders if Dr. Evans has been smoking, but becomes delighted when MarDevil’s eyes flash. She is thrilled to know someone has her back even if it is the Prince of Darkness.

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Tripp enters Jan’s room in a Santa hat. He sees “Marlena” with Jan and says, “What the hell?” He apologizes for interrupting Dr. Evans’ time with Jan, who thinks Tripp seems familiar. He casually reminds her, “You killed my brother.” He says he’s happy to see Jan awake and walks back toward the door to give them time alone. MarDevil slams the door shut. “You’re not going anywhere.”

Tripp tries to get through to Marlena, urging her to fight. When he turns to the door to get her some help, MarDevil hits him over the head. He goes down. MarDevil says she has plans for him.

Later, Steve and Kayla enter Jan’s room and see her lying there comatose, hooked up to machines. They really thought MarDevil would have been there.

Outside, MarDevil tells Jan her mission is to get revenge on Shawn and Belle. What better occasion than Christmas Eve? Jan gleefully notes that’s also their wedding anniversary.

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Roman off, as he talks to Allie in Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

At the Pub, Allie tells her Grandpa Roman how happy she is with Tripp. They even bought each other matching bracelets. She shows him the bracelet, which is the same one “Jan” is wearing in a hospital bed.

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