In the woods, Philip looks at blood dripping from his hand. Days of Our Lives
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After running into Rex in the Square, Xander asks where Sarah is. Gwen cringes, as Rex says, “How the hell should I know where Sarah is?” Incensed, Xander wonders what he’s hiding. Rex tells him he hasn’t seen Sarah in months and that they never were together. Gwen tries to get Xander to leave for the airport, but Xander won’t budge. He continues to question Rex, who confirms Sarah jilted him just like she did Xander. Xander remains flummoxed, causing Rex to grow exasperated and leave. Xander yells after him, “If she’s not with you, then where the hell is she?”

As Xander reels, Gwen again tries to get him to go to the airport. But Xander says he can’t leave now. He has to find out why Sarah has been lying to him and why she’s been sending misleading texts to Maggie.

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With suitcases in tow, Xander and Gwen face Rex in the Square. Days of Our Lives

Steve comes into Kayla’s office and fills her in on MarDevil’s latest hijinks with Ben and Ciara. They both hope Marlena gets the help she needs. Steve goes in for a kiss. When he pulls back, Kayla sees MarDevil is in his place. Satan says, “Now I know why they call you Sweetness!”

At John and Marlena’s, Belle fusses over John who sits on the couch, stressing over his wife. He then asks if there is any news on Philip. Belle relays there’s no body yet. She prays they don’t find one. Belle gets a call from Chloe who tells her Brady’s been arrested. John gets up to go to the station with her, but he falters. Belle reminds her father he just went ten rounds with the devil, he should stay and rest.

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Chloe grasps Brady's hand in the interrogation room on Days of Our Lives

Chloe visits Brady in the interrogation room. He tells her he started to have flashes of what happened but they’re out of reach. She wishes there was something she could do. He asks Chloe to check on John for him and thanks her for believing in him.

After Chloe has left, Belle arrives and tells Brady about MarDevil and that Philip was declared dead. Brady isn’t surprised his grandfather sold him out. Belle says they need something concrete to discredit the evidence. She suddenly realizes the Pub has a security camera they can check. However, after checking on the cameras at the Pub, Belle returns to tell Brady they’ve been erased.

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Belle and Brady sit across the table from each other in the interrogation room. Days of Our Lives

When Chloe stops by John’s, he tells her about going up against the devil before they discuss Brady. John can’t believe Victor and Kate had Philip declared dead. Chloe assures John she believes in Brady before leaving. John calls Steve, who doesn’t answer. John then tries to get through to Kayla.

Back in her office, a horrified Kayla orders MarDevil to stay away from her. However, MarDevil says Kayla is the key to her repaying the meddling Belle and Shawn. Kayla’s phone rings, but MarDevil flings it out of her hand.

Later, Kayla lies on her office floor with blood dripping from her forehead. Meanwhile, MarDevil uses Kayla’s keycard to get into Jan’s room. She leans close to the comatose villain and says, “It’s time to wake up.”

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Kate glares at Philip, who makes an emphatic point in her Brady's Pub room. Days of Our Lives

Kate runs into Philip’s arms when she finds him in her room at the Brady Pub. Kate asks how he survived Brady’s attack. Philip corrects her: “Brady didn’t attack me. I went after him.” When she expresses confusion, Philip explains he set the whole thing up. Kate slaps him. “You bastard,” she shouts. She can’t believe he let her think he was dead. He innocently tells her that’s why he’s there, to let her know he is okay. He thought she’d be impressed that he pulled it off and giddily explains how he did it.

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Brady lies unconscious on the ground, outside near a bench. Philip kneels beside him, a syringe in hand. A bottle of booze sits nearby. Days of Our Lives

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He recounts seeing Brady and Chloe talking outside the Pub like he didn’t even exist. When Chloe left, he bashed Brady over the head with a crowbar and then dragged Brady to the bushes. He took out Brady’s credit card to buy shots at the Pub. He then got a bottle of booze, used a syringe to inject Brady with it, and sent himself threatening messages from Brady’s phone.

Kate grows concerned over the lengths he went to destroy Brady. Philip reminds her of her evildoings, but she doesn’t think they’re comparable. Philip grows upset while accusing her of never backing him. She calms him down, as he continues to explain that he cut his hand to smear blood on Brady. He then threw his prosthetic leg in the river. He’s currently using his old one.

Kate can’t believe Philip did all this for Chloe. Philip tells her Chloe lied to him and she and Brady are getting exactly what they deserve. The best part is they’ll never know he was behind it. Kate doesn’t think she can keep this secret indefinitely and reminds him of how many people are mourning his death. Chloe knocks on the door calling out for Kate. Philip orders his mother to ignore it.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Steve finds an unconscious Kayla.

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