Susan holds her hand in front of EJ's chest, at the DiMera mansion. Days of Our Lives
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Sami shows up at Nicole’s door, looking for Allie. Nicole says she’s not there and tries to slam the door in her face. Sami blocks it while sniping at her over sleeping with EJ. Nicole eventually yanks her into the apartment. She lays out how Sami broke up her marriage all on her own. Sami grows emotional, but then tries to slap Nicole again. The women tussle, as Allie enters wondering what’s going on. The women separate and Nicole leaves them alone.

When Allie acts protective over Nicole, Sami tells Allie she found her in bed with EJ. Allie interrupts her rant to suggest she lay off Nicole and talk about all the things EJ has done wrong. She thinks Sami and EJ’s “love for the ages” is more like life in prison without parole. Allie suggests there could still be something between her and Lucas though. “He was your first great love. And maybe he’s your last.” Sami says Lucas is a wonderful guy and she does love him… but trails off. She hugs Allie and thanks her for the advice before leaving.

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Sami and Allie hug on Days of our Lives

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Lucas runs into Rafe in the Square. He gets an update on Philip and then asks why the commish hasn’t arrested Brady yet. Rafe tells him they need a stronger case, so he just needs to be patient. Rafe then asks about Sami. Lucas snipes about her making a fool of herself over EJ, especially since she caught him in bed with Nicole. Rafe flinches. Lucas hopes Sami opens her eyes, because he wants her back.

Nicole walks by, wondering what Lucas and Rafe are talking about. Lucas says they were talking about Philip and leaves. Nicole sits down. She knows the men were talking about her and rants about everyone knowing about her sex life. She also brings up her altercation with Sami. Rafe is sorry she’s unhappy and thinks part of it is his fault. She calls that egotistical, but he says “What happened between us…” She says it’s over. He fires back, “Is it?” and pulls her in for a passionate kiss.

Lucas stops by Allie’s place. She tells her father there might be hope for him and Sami. She thinks Sami is realizing things are over with EJ and that she should be with him. Lucas smiles.

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EJ holds Susan hands at the DiMera Mansion. Days of Our Lives

Susan leans on EJ as he leads her into the DiMera mansion. Susan is consumed with concern over Ciara and her baby. EJ assures her she’s done all she can. Now, he just wants to look after her. When Sami’s name is brought up, EJ says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Susan doesn’t relent and gets the full story. She defends Sami and urges him to find love in his heart to save his soul. When he insists that love is no longer for Sami, she accuses her son of being a spoiled brat. She tells EJ to examine his conscience and ask himself if he still loves Sami. If he does there could still be hope. He snarks, “For a happy ending?” She retorts, “For your immortal soul.” Exasperated, she waves her hand and spits, “Oh, get yourself together Elvis,” before walking out.

Alone, EJ pulls out his wedding band, as Sami walks into the DiMera living room. They lock eyes.

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At the cabin, Ben stands between John and MarDevil. MarDevil raises her hand behind behind Ben, as John clutches his throat. Days of Our Lives

At the cabin, MarDevil shuts the door on John, but he busts in. Ben stands between him and “Marlena,” as he orders John out. John tries to tell Ben Marlena is possessed, but MarDevil stands behind Ben, raising her hand at John. He tenses up and grabs at his throat. When MarDevil releases her grip, John moves closer to Ben, who punches him out.

When John comes to, he’s tied to chair. MarDevil puts a gag in his mouth and pulls out a butcher knife. Ben’s eyes grow wide wondering what she’s doing. “Marlena” says she’s making sure he never hurts her again, but Ben talks “Marlena” down. After mulling over her options in her head, “Marlena” announces they need to go back to Salem and talk to the police.

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John with a gag over his mouth on Days of Our Lives

In her apartment, Shawn tells Ciara Marlena is possessed. After hearing the story, Ciara’s face falls. She wants to go back to the cabin to save Ben, but Shawn won’t let her anywhere near the devil. Shawn will call Belle and have her stay with Ciara, while he goes to help Ben. He gives her a safe word only Belle will know so she knows it’s her. Ciara begs her brother to be careful and then locks the door after he leaves. Ciara gets a call from Susan, who warns her about Marlena and the devil.

After Ben secures John in his chair, Ben asks “Marlena” if she’s ready to go. To herself, MarDevil says she’s ready to take his and Ciara’s unborn child. Ben opens the door to find Shawn standing there. Shawn points at ‘Marlena’ and calls her the devil.

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Shawn and Ben stand in the cabin's doorway, looking at a gagged John. Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Allie give Lucas relationship advice, as Sami makes a play for EJ.

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