Ciara glares at Ben, as MarDevil observes on Days of Our Lives
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At the station, Roman supports Kate who is there to ID the prosthetic leg. They head into the interrogation room where Rafe has the leg covered with a sheet. He picks it up and she confirms it’s Philip’s. She also brought the serial number, which matches. Kate tears up over the shock. Roman tries to comfort her, but all she wants is for Rafe to arrest Brady for doing this to her son. Rafe understands where she’s coming from, but they don’t have enough evidence. Kate goes off on him and then collapses in Roman’s arms crying. She collects herself, pointing out they don’t even know if he’s dead. Rafe promises to keep her updated on the investigation.

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Roman sits with Kate who looks at a prosthetic leg at the police station. Days of Our Lives

Roman leads Kate to the squad room where they run into Chloe. Kate promptly slaps her and rants at her over causing her son so much pain. Kate declares if Philip ends up dead, then Chloe will be just as guilty of murder as Brady. Roman drags Kate out, leaving Chloe in tears.

Belle sits with Brady in his hospital room, as John walks in. Brady wants to help the cops with the search for Philip, but John says he’ll go do it. Brady stops him because Marlena needs him more. John won’t walk out on him right now, but Brady assures him he’s fine. Belle agrees and urges her father to find MarDevil. John relents and hugs his kids before leaving.

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Belle watches, as John embraces a bedridden Brady at the hospital. Days of Our Lives

After Brady tries to reassure Belle about John finding Marlena, she refocuses on Brady’s case. He tells her he doesn’t remember ordering a drink from the Pub. She thinks there has to be an explanation for why his blood alcohol was three times the legal limit. She suggests they check his credit card statement to see if there are any charges from the Pub. She looks through his account on her phone and sees a charge. She’ll talk to Roman to see if she can get an itemized receipt.

Rafe sees Chloe at the station and brings her into the interrogation room. She cries upon seeing Philip’s leg. Chloe gets a call from Brady, but ignores it. She doesn’t know what to say to him.

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Brady makes a call from his hospital bed on Days of Our Lives

Roman brings Kate to the Pub. She needs to be alone right now and heads upstairs. Belle rushes in to ask Roman for Brady’s itemized receipt. Roman steps away and finds the receipt that says Brady paid for six shots of whisky.

From his hospital bed, Brady leaves Chloe a message, promising to figure out what happened. He needs her to believe in him. After hanging up, Brady suddenly remembers talking to Tate on the phone outside the Pub before he was hit. Kate appears in the doorway. She warns, if Philip is a dead man, then he is a dead man too.

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John and Shawn stand facing Susan, who sits in a wheelchair, in the hospital lobby. Days of Our Lives

John sees Susan waiting for Elvis Jr. to come pick her up in the hospital lobby. He’s sorry for what she went through with MarDevil, but she knows it wasn’t his or Dr. Marlena Evans’ fault. She also knows she would never hurt a little baby. John asks, what baby? She tells him about her visions of Ben and Ciara’s baby and that the devil has evil intentions. Shawn joins them, agreeing with Susan. They realize the baby is why the devil came back after all this time. Shawn and John leave to talk to Ben and Ciara.

At the cabin, Ciara wakes up to Ben, while “Marlena” is out for a walk. She asks him to take her home. “Marlena” returns overhearing their conversation. She understands why Ciara would want to go home, but she promises she’ll take care of her and the baby. Ciara has a sonogram appointment this week and she needs to get back. “Marlena” reminds Ciara of the promise they made to keep her safe. She worries John could find her. She’s begging them to stay a little while longer. Ben wants to go to Ciara’s appointment, but he could stay with her if she’s really scared. Ciara asks to talk to Ben alone.

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Ben and Ciara in the cabin on Days of Our Lives

Outside the cabin, Ciara angrily tells Ben she needs him too and she wants to go home. She knows something is off with “Marlena.” Nothing makes sense and “Marlena” is starting to creep her out. “Marlena” comes out to ask if everything is all right. Ciara says it’s not because Ben made his choice and it’s not her. She storms off. “Marlena” apologizes to Ben for driving a wedge between them. Ben knows “Marlena” is the reason they are about to bring a child into this world. He’ll talk to Ciara and make her understand. He promises they’ll stay.

John and Shawn find mail piled up outside Ben and Ciara’s door. They also find spoiled milk. Shawn calls Ciara who doesn’t pick up.

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MarDevil faces Ben at the cabin on Days of Our Lives

“Marlena” and Ben return to the cabin, but Ciara’s not there. “Marlena” says they can’t let her go back to Salem. She opens the door to stop Ciara, but John emerges from the bushes.

Shawn calls Ciara again from her apartment. She answers from the doorway. “Hey,” she says, looking at her brother.

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