EJ pulls Sami off of Nicole on Days of Our Lives
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At home, Rafe brings out a box of Hernandez family ornaments. He asks Ava if she has any. She relays her family wasn’t often in the Christmas spirit. However, she is in this year because they’re together. He feels the same and they kiss. She grabs them beers, as she asks for reassurance he is truly happy they’re together. He puts down her beer and kisses her. She smiles and says that’s working, but he could try a little harder. He grins and kisses her again.

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Rafe and Ava decorate for Christmas on Days of Our Lives

Trask saunters into the SPD wondering why Shawn isn’t out there arresting Brady Black. Shawn reminds her there’s no body. Belle chimes in to point out all Trask has is circumstantial evidence. Trask orders Shawn to find out what happened to Philip and arrest the person who did it. After she leaves, Shawn takes off to talk to Victor, while Belle decides to visit Brady, who she is now making her client.

After Brady repeatedly asks if Chloe believes he didn’t hurt Philip, she admits she doesn’t know what to think. He was drunk. Brady chokes up swearing he hasn’t had a drink in long time. He didn’t do this. He doesn’t care asks what anyone else thinks though. It’s just important that she still believes in him. Chloe can hear the sincerity in his voice, but she’s seen what he’s like when he’s fallen off the wagon. She admits there were times she feared he’d hurt her when he was loaded.

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Belle faces a devasted Chloe and Brady at the hospital. Days of Our Lives

Belle enters, as Brady grows defensive with Chloe. He asks his sister if she thinks he has it in him to hurt Philip. Belle says no one knows if a murder has been committed. Brady points out that’s not exactly a glowing endorsement. She tells Brady the blood found on him is a match for Philip. She implores him to piece together what happened that night with Philip. He’s tried, but he can’t remember.

Maggie finds Victor in the living room looking through Philip’s high school yearbook. He tells her Chloe called looking for Philip, but he told her Philip is dead to him. Victor often wonders why God took Bo and Isabella so soon from him, while leaving him with a son who brings shame to the Kiriakis name.

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Later, Shawn stops by He tells Victor Philip is missing and they suspect foul play. He reluctantly adds that their main suspect is Brady. Victor knew Chloe was going to be the death of one of those boys.

Lucas sits with Kate at the Pub and updates her on Sami’s rescue. When he vents about Sami making a beeline for EJ, Kate informs him EJ has been getting close with Nicole. Lucas smirks. He knows Sami will go ballistic… and he loves it. As Kate suggests Lucas not get his hopes up that Sami will come back to him, Victor calls. He needs to talk to her about Philip.

Back at the mansion, Shawn gets a call. The divers at the river found something. After Shawn has left, Kate arrives. Victor tells her someone may have hurt Philip… or worse.

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Sami reels from Nicole's slap on Days of Our Lives

Sami clears her throat when she sees EJ in bed with Nicole. A sheepish EJ darts up and says, “You’re back.” Sami responds, “I can see how much you missed me.” EJ tells Sami to leave because he and Nicole were in the middle of something. When he leans in to kiss Nicole, Sami orders, “Don’t touch her again, EJ.” Nicole gets out to change in the bathroom.

After EJ and Sami bicker, Nicole returns fully dressed. Sami declares EJ is her husband, and slaps Nicole. EJ informs Sami the only reason he’s still her husband is that she left before he could file divorce papers. She looks gutted, but retorts she wasn’t there because she was kidnapped. EJ and Nicole are skeptical. He suggests Sami tell her tale of woe to Lucas. She did, she spits back — he’s the one who rescued her. EJ sets his jaw, wondering why there wasn’t a ransom demand? Sami accuses of Nicole grabbing her for revenge. Nicole slaps her. Sami rushes her and they crash on the bed. EJ picks Sami up off Nicole and tells her she’s not wanted there. Sami agrees to leave, but vows this isn’t over.

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EJ and Nicole kiss while sitting on the bed. Days of Our Lives

Once Sami is gone, EJ tells Nicole she doesn’t have to leave. Nicole thinks she does. It was fun while it lasted, but Sami being back changes everything. EJ says as far as he’s concerned, Sami is his past and Nicole is his future. He kisses her, but looks pensive as they hug.

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Lucas approaches a crying Sami at the bar in Brady's Pub. Days of Our Lives

Sami enters the Pub shouting for her father. She could use a cup of chowder and someone to talk to. Lucas walks behind the bar and says, “Will I do?”

At the river, Trask meets with Shawn and a diver, who holds a plastic bag. She asks what that is. Shawn tells her it’s a prosthetic leg and the only person he knows that needs one of those is Philip Kiriakis.

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