EJ and Nicole lay smiling in each other's arms in bed on Days of Our Lives
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A groggy Brady wakes up in the hospital to Chloe at his bedside. The last thing he remembers is getting food for John. Chloe tells him how he was found at the river, drunk. Shocked, Brady tries to process her recounting of what happened with the tree, the knife, and the threatening texts to Philip. Brady insists none of it could have happened. Chloe cries as she tells him Shawn is having the river dragged for a body. Brady vows he didn’t hurt Philip. He asks if she thinks he did.

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Brady sits up in his hospital bed. Chloe's by his side, looking skeptical. Days of Our Lives

Belle comes to the police department where Shawn tells her Brady is in the hospital after a night of drinking and possibly hurting Philip. Belle knows Brady would never hurt him. Shawn gets a call from forensics. They found Brady’s prints on the knife. Belle knows it’s all circumstantial evidence, but Shawn can’t find a sample of Philip’s blood to test it against the knife. Belle suggests he call the hospital because Philip has had his fair of paternity tests. They should have it in their database. Shawn kisses her and runs off to call. When he returns, he reveals the blood on the knife is Philip’s.

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Belle hands Shawn a piece of paper at the station on Days of Our Lives

EJ comes upon Nicole and EJ nearly kissing outside the DiMera mansion. He wonders why Rafe is there. The cop asks EJ if he knows how Kristen escaped. EJ flashes to discussing Ava’s role in the crime, but assures him his hands are clean. After exchanging barbs, Rafe leaves, as Nicole wistfully watches him.

Inside, EJ questions Nicole about Rafe. She admits it’s harder to walk away than they thought. EJ thinks Rafe could make more of an effort. Nicole smirks as she points out EJ isn’t exactly over Samantha Gene Brady. EJ insists Samantha has no hold over him. Besides, why would he be thinking of her when there’s a fascinating woman standing right in front of him? They get flirty and start making out. When they pull away, Nicole sees a flash of Rafe. She snaps out of it and suggests they go to his bedroom. She has to get Rafe out of her mind. EJ grins. He feels used, but in a good way.

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Outside the DiMera mansion, EJ turns back to look at Nicole, who looks off wistfully. Days of Our Lives

In the kitchen, Gabi and Ava snark at each other as the former digs into a pint of ice cream. Ava picks up a knife reminding Gabi how Carmine ended up dead on the floor. Rafe comes home wondering what’s going on. Gabi rushes to him accusing Ava of trying to kill her. Exasperated, Rafe tells Gabi to go back to her room.

Once alone, Ava pulls out the hamburger Rafe didn’t get to eat in the Square earlier. He sits to eat, while telling her about seeing Nicole at the DiMeras. Ava defensively asks what they talked about. Rafe looks guilty, but says he just gave her an update on Kristen. He relays he questioned EJ too, but he thinks he’s lying through his teeth.

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Ava points a knife at Gabi in the kitchen on Days of Our Lives

At the apartment, Allie welcomes her mother home, as Lucas and Tripp look on. Tripp checks Sami out, but suggests she see a real doctor. Sami tells Allie her father was a real hero by rescuing her. Allie beams, but wants to know who the villain is. Sami believes it was Nicole. Tripp’s eyes grow wide as Sami lists the reasons why Nicole has it out for her. Lucas and Allie don’t believe Nicole would do this. Besides, Allie points out, Nicole got what she wanted when Sami’s marriage ended. Sami scoffs, “Who says my marriage is over?” Lucas reminds her EJ kicked her out of the house. Sami remains in denial. Lucas suggests she go to the hospital and get something to eat. Sami thanks him for the concern, but she rushes out to get her husband back. Lucas says if he had known Sami was going to run off to EJ, he would have left her in that room. Allie’s outraged. Lucas smirks. “I’m kidding,” he says. “Sorta.”

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Allie and Tripp watch as Sami kisses Lucas' cheek at Nicole's apartment. Days of Our Lives

Upstairs at the DiMera mansion, EJ and Nicole continue to make out. EJ tosses her on the bed and crawls on top of her. After sex, EJ asks if it was good enough to make her forget about Rafe. Nicole playfully says she’ll have to mull that over. As for him, EJ quips he doesn’t believe he knows anyone by the name of Samantha. As they continue to make out in bed, Sami opens the door. Her mouth drops.

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Sami stands dishelved in the bedroom doorway. She wears a slight smirk. Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Kate and Victor learn about Philip’s disappearance.

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