Sami winces and holds her head on Days of Our Lives
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After EJ calls to invite Nicole over for dinner, he knocks on Rafe’s door. It opens to Ava, who is exactly the person EJ wanted to see. He thought she’d need an attorney because she helped his sister escape. She tries to deny it, but EJ has eyes and ears everywhere. He knows what she did. Ava wonders what he’s going to do about it. EJ assures her he has no intention of telling Rafe, because if he knew, he’d make a beeline for Nicole — and EJ won’t let that happen.

Ava scoffs. Their attraction is all in the past. Why would Rafe turn to Nicole? EJ flashes back to Nicole telling him about their conference table sex, but just points out their attraction is obvious. Ava wonders what it’s to him. EJ explains Nicole has been helping him move on and something real is developing. He wants it to continue, so it’s in both their interests to keep her “collaboration” with Kristen a secret. Ava wonders, if he’s going to keep quiet anyway, why’d he come over? EJ smirks. He just wanted her to know that nothing happens in this town without his knowledge.

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Rafe questions Chad and Abby in the DiMera foyer on Days of Our Lives

Before Abby and Chad can race upstairs at the mansion for sex, Rafe knocks on the door. He knows Chad visited Kristen at the station. He also knows she couldn’t have escaped on her own. Chad wonders if Rafe is accusing him of helping her. Rafe isn’t accusing him, but asks if Kristen indicated she was planning on running. Chad recalls finding her deleting his call log after she supposedly called Brady. Rafe deduces she called her accomplice. Chad hands over his phone for him to comb through. Rafe takes it and leaves.

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Rafe and Nicole wear anguished expressions, as they face each other outside on Days of Our Lives

Outside the DiMera mansion, Rafe texts Ava that he’s on his way home and then runs into Nicole. He explains he’s there about Kristen. Nicole hopes he finds her and she burns in hell. She also hopes whoever helped her escape gets nailed to the wall. When he asks why she’s there, Nicole tells him she and EJ are seeing each other. She hopes things move forward with EJ so there isn’t any more confusion about the two of them. She wants to put what happened in her office behind them. Rafe isn’t sure he can do that. He will respect her wishes, but it felt so right between them. She reminds him they agreed to move on. Rafe knows that in his head, but saying it and doing it are two different things. Rafe is trying to put their night out of his mind, but he doesn’t know if he can right now — or maybe, even ever. They lock eyes and she leans in close,  until EJ arrives. “Well, well, well,” he says. “What have we here?”

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Chad and Abby makeout in their bedroom on Days of Our Lives

Back inside, Chad and Abigail make it to their bedroom, musing over Kristen’s escape. They decide to stop talking about it and have dinner in their room. First though, Chad and Abigail kiss, which becomes more passionate and leads to the removal of clothing.

After Sami ties her guard Jason to a chair, he wakes up. They trade barbs until Lucas shows up. Sami jumps into his arms. Lucas grabs Jason and asks who he works for. Sami says she’s been trying to get that out of him, but she’s had no luck. They offer to help Jason get immunity if he gives up his boss’ name. Jason passes. They decide to bring him to the cops themselves, but as they lead him out, Jason slams Sami into the wall and runs off. Lucas runs after him, but loses him. He returns to Sami and suggests they go to the local police station. Sami wants to go home first.

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Lucas stands nearby, as Sami leans in to question Jason, who is tied up. Days of Our Lives

At the hospital, a frantic Allie tells Tripp about Sami getting kidnapped. They go back to her apartment, where she wonders why anyone would take her mother. Tripp has one idea — MarDevil. Allie thought he didn’t believe in demonic possession. Despite being a man of science, Tripp says Halloween opened his eyes to other possibilities. There’s a knock at the door. Allie opens it to Lucas and Sami, who she embraces.

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Sami tearfully embraces Allie at her apartment on Days of Our Lives

Kate sees Paulina in a hospital visitors’ room. Paulina’s still there after her run-in with Abe. She confides that Abe doesn’t think he can trust her again. Kate doesn’t blame him, but wonders why she gave up her daughter. Paulina explains about Lani’s abusive biological father. Kate understands all too well and tells her about Curtis. She apologizes for judging Paulilna without all the facts.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Chloe has questions for Brady, and EJ seeks honesty from Nicole.

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