Jake leans in as he and Gabi deal with Victor on Days of Our Lives
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A frazzled Gwen bursts into her and Xander’s hotel room, but he’s not there. She grabs a mini bottle to try and collect herself. With Kristen gone, she thinks there’s no way Xander will find out Sarah didn’t go off with Rex.

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Rex enters Brady’s Pub as Kate and Roman go in for a kiss. He’s happy that after all these years, Roman finally won his mother back. They ask him to keep their reunion to himself, so they can announce it at Christmas. When Kate brings up Sarah’s name, Rex tells them Sarah dumped him before he left town. Kate is thrilled he’s finally done with that “ridiculous woman.” Roman wonders if she didn’t go with Rex, where in the hell did Sarah go? Rex has no idea. They tell him everyone, including Xander thinks they’re together.

Roman holds Kate close at Brady's Pub. They look deeply into each other's eyes on Days of Our Lives

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Xander saunters into his Salem Inn room, to a relieved Gwen. He acknowledges Rafe had reason to suspect him in Kristen’s escape, but wonders if not him, who in the hell did help her? Gwen guiltily looks away. Xander jokes that Gwen was there at the same time as Kristen too. Maybe she helped her. Gwen tenses up and changes the subject to their dinner plans. When she again says they shouldn’t dine and dash, he wonders if the bad girl he fell for went good. She thought he liked good girls. He asks if they’re talking about her or Sarah. Gwen insists she’s not jealous of Sarah, but she knows how much she hurt him. Xander declares Sarah is his past, and Gwen is his future. He doesn’t care why Sarah left him for Rex. It’s her loss. Gwen leaves to get them a table at the Pub, while Xander changes.

At the Pub, Gwen peeks her head in and sees Rex. She turns out and runs into Xander. She tells him they can’t go in there, suggesting they go to the Bistro instead.

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Gabi sits on a coffee table, facing Victor in his chair at the mansion. Days of Our Lives

At the Kiriakis mansion, Gabi tells Victor if he makes her and Jake his co-CEOs, she’ll give him Gabi Chic. Then, she will do everything she did for that brand, for Titan. He says it’s tempting, but only idiots would offer him chump change like Gabi Chic. Jake leans in and says, “What about DiMera enterprises?” Victor accepts that deal, but Jake hedges. He can’t just hand it over to him so easily. Victor calls him an idiot again and tells them to leave. Jake offers to make him a board member. If that doesn’t happen by an agreed-upon date, then he can turn them down. Victor says if they can get him on the board, then they will finish this conversation. After they leave, Victor chuckles over how easy it was to manipulate them — like fish in a barrel.

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Gabi and Jake share grim expressions while sitting on their bed. Days of Our Lives

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At home, Gabi says they need to decide who will really run Titan. She thinks co-CEOs is best. Jake counters that when their plan comes to fruition, she can run Titan and he’ll run DiMera.

Chad flies into the DiMera living room and pours himself a drink. Abigail greets him and tells him Kristen escaped. Chad wonders if Kristen had a plan or if she improvised it. Abigail thinks she must have had a plan, but who in their right mind would help her? Chad doesn’t care who helped her. He just hopes she stays the hell away from Salem. He picks up Abigail’s script and asks about the movie. She thinks it might be dead in the water since and Johnny is in Italy and Marlena is on the run. Abigail jokes that she won’t get her love scene with EJ now, prompting Chad to rant about his brother and their work battles. Chad thinks the only threat to DiMera right now is if he can work with EJ without killing him. As they wait for dinner to be ready, they start to kiss. Abby says the rest of the night will be no business, all pleasure.

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Shawn finds Chloe in tears at the hospital. He shows her the bloody knife he found at the riverbank where Brady’s body was found. He thinks Marlena has something to do with it. Chloe disagrees. She thinks the blood on Brady’s clothes is Philip’s. She catches him up on Philip and Brady’s feud and how alcohol was found in Brady’s system. She also hands him Philip’s phone that she found in Brady’s pocket. He scrolls his call log and finds that he received threatening texts from Brady. One of them reads, if Philip doesn’t cut himself out of Chloe’s life, then Brady will. Chloe says this looks really bad.


Shawn steps away to check in with the station, while Chloe calls Victor. She asks if he’s heard from Philip. Victor says after his stunt with Ava, Philip is as good as dead to him. Shawn returns to Chloe and says the river is being dragged. They have to look at this as a possible homicide — and Brady is their prime suspect.

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