Chloe holds carry out while talking to Brady outside Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives
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Chloe finds Philip in bed during the day watching TV and eating popcorn. She reveals she knows he was fired as CEO when she stopped by Titan to take him to lunch. How could he not tell her? They’re supposed to be a couple, which means they share the good and the bad. Philip flashes to hearing Brady talk about sex on the conference room table with her, and asks if she shares every detail of her life with him. Chloe points out he doesn’t let her in or make it easy for her to do that. He’s sorry for the funk he’s been in. She suggests they get some fresh air, but he doesn’t want to go anywhere. She offers to get them carry-out so they can get back to all that sharing they’ve been talking about. When she leaves, Philip scowls while ranting about Chloe going off to sleep with Brady.

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Maggie and Victor talk in the Kiriakis mansion on Days of Our Lives

Downstairs in the mansion, Maggie greets Victor, who reads from his tablet about John and Susan being chained in the crypt. Maggie fills him about Marlena being possessed again, and she’s the one who trapped them there. She explains she was on the way to a meeting with Brady when Belle called to tell him. He grows concerned about his grandson, but Maggie assures him he didn’t drink, but he is struggling. Victor blames “that twit” Chloe Lane. Maggie reminds her husband that his meddling contributed to the mess between Philip and Brady.

Later, Philip eavesdrops as Victor questions Maggie about Brady’s feelings for Chloe. He hears Maggie say Brady thinks he and Chloe could be happy together if only Philip weren’t in the way. However, Maggie assures Victor that Brady would never hurt anyone, and the threats he issued were just his way of letting off steam. Victor, however, fears that jealousy could push Brady to a dark place.

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Paulina gasps upon walking into John's hospital room, where Brady sits bedside. Days of Our Lives

At the hospital, Brady tries to get John to eat, but he’s too preoccupied worrying about MarDevil on the loose. Paulina enters as John declares Satan is making Marlena do violent things. After Brady leaves, a shocked Paulina tells John about her own encounter with MarDevil. John admits to Paulins that if he hadn’t lived through this before, he wouldn’t believe the whole situation himself. “Sounds like I should have done more research before I moved to Salem,” suggests Paulina, who fears Abe will never forgive her now that the truth is out. But John points out his longtime pal is a very forgiving man. He recalls that while Lexie was a wonderful woman, she committed some pretty bad acts after finding out about her connection to Stefano. Abe was able to forgive the unforgivable where Lexie was concerned, so he just might be able to forgive her, too.

Meanwhile, Brady and Chloe cross outside the pub, and the sparks fly before she takes her to-go order and exits. Brady is all smiles when he gets a call from Tate.

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Ciara watches Ben hug MarDevil in a cabin on Days of Our Lives

Ben and Ciara bring MarDevil to the cabin. Ben promises “Dr. Evans” she’ll be safe there, as Ciara goes to freshen up. “Marlena” is grateful and hugs him, as Ciara returns. “Marlena” notices Ciara eyeing her and asks if everything is all right. Ciara responds, that she’s having a hard time believing John is some kind of monster. It’s like it was someone else who came ranting and raving at the apartment. “Marlena” understands it’s confusing, but assures them her husband is a very dangerous man. Ciara thinks they should call the cops to let them know what’s going on. “Marlena” insists that can’t happen because the cops will cover for their good buddy John. Ciara has faith that Shawn would do the right thing. “Marlena” grabs the phone out of Ciara’s hand. “Marlena” apologizes, but says she is on edge. She hands it back as Ben assures her they won’t call anyone. Ciara remains leery, but agrees not to make any phone calls.

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Ciara uses her hand to make a point to Ben in a cabin on Days of Our Lives

However, Ciara worries that if something happens to the baby, being so far away from Salem could be a problem. “Marlena” says she’s a doctor and will make sure she and the baby are well taken care of. When “Marlena” steps away, Ciara tells Ben she doesn’t like the situation at all. At the very least, she wants to call Belle and Shawn to tell them what’s going on with John. “Something feels off here,” she insists. “Way off!”

Lani makes Abe coffee at home, as she admits she had trouble facing him. She felt like this was all her fault because she jumped to the false conclusion he was her father. She assumes he wishes she had never come to Salem looking for him. Abe gently says, “Learning you were my daughter is one of the best things that happened to me.”

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Lani looks emotional as she talks with Abe at the apartment on Days of Our Lives

When Tamara calls Lani, she ignores it. Lani can’t believe Tamara and Paulina let her form bonds that aren’t even real with him and Theo. Abe sternly retorts, “Who says our bonds aren’t real?” Abe recounts how his love for John didn’t lessen when the real Roman came home. DNA didn’t matter, only the love did. She is now and always will be his daughter. Lani cries and hugs him.

Abe makes it clear Lani is still his daughter in every way that counts, and that he’ll love his grandbabies no matter what. “Biology be damned!” he says… although he’s not about to forgive Paulina, Tamara and Olivia for the lies they told. He and Lani understand to a point the decision they made and why, but they can’t easily forgive the pain that was caused. Each realizes they have a lot of reflecting to do about their relationships with Tamara and Paulina. Abe leaves, but not before he and Lani once again hug and declare their love for one another.

In the final moments, when someone knocks on the cabin door, Ben goes to answer it, but MarDevil begs him not to. Abe arrives at the hospital only to run into Paulina, even as Lani receives a call from Tamara. When Chloe returns to the Kiriakis mansion with take-out, she finds that he’s not there… just as someone sneaks up behind Brady and knocks him out with a crowbar!

Next on Days of Our Lives: Paulina appeals to Abe, and Ciara, Ben and Marlena have a mysterious encounter.

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