Ben opens his apartment door to a glaring MarDevil on Days of Our Lives
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At home, Ben gives Ciara a present for their anniversary. It was four years ago today that she broke up with Tripp and they ran into each other outside the Pub, with her motorcycle helmet in hand. She opens her gift, which is a motorcycle helmet for their baby. She can’t believe a human being they created will wear it one day. He says it all started four Thanksgiving’s ago. They flashback to that day when they shared their first kiss, and the Thanksgivings that followed, including when he was in Statesville. Ben recounts how she never gave up on him, but berates himself for giving up on her when he thought she was dead. Ciara assures him she knew he’d find her. Ben promises to never give up on her again, or their baby. He gets them cans of ginger ale to make a toast. They look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with their little angel next year.

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Ciara leans into Ben's arms, while sitting on their bed on Days of Our Lives

After Steve busts into the crypt, he finds Susan covered in blood, holding a knife. She whimpers that she had no choice as she slumps to the ground. Still shackled, John tells Steve that Susan stabbed herself to protect her son. He tells him to take Susan to the house for help.

In the DiMera living room, Anna tells EJ she wants to play Kristen in the movie. EJ points out there are some steamy scenes in the script. EJ asks Tony if he’s comfortable with him seducing his wife. As Anna points out they wouldn’t really be having sex, Steve bursts in carrying Susan. EJ stands and shouts, “What the hell did you do to her?” Steve orders him to call an ambulance and instructs Tony and Anna to get John.

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Susan lies on the DiMera couch, with blood on her face. Steve sits next to her, blood on his hand. Tony and Anna stand behind the couch looking concerned. Days of Our Lives.

Tony bursts into the crypt and sees John shackled. Anna follows with an axe. She swings at John’s chains. When they bring him to the house, John tells them Marlena’s possessed again.

At Julie’s Thanksgiving, Doug calls Marlena the devil. “Marlena” calls him delusional, but Julie believes her husband. She wonders if she should call “Marlena,” Satan. Shawn also thinks it makes sense. “Marlena” turns to Belle to ask if she believes it too. Belle wants to hear what else Doug has to say. Everyone gangs up on “Marlena” about how off she’s been lately. MarDevil sticks to her story about being Marlena, so Shawn arrests her. MarDevil says they will all be sorry. Julie doesn’t think the handcuffs will hold the devil, but Shawn says he doesn’t have many other options. Kayla gets a message from Steve for her to meet him and John at the hospital. She runs out with Belle, as MarDevil tells Shawn he can’t make her go somewhere she doesn’t want to. She breaks her cuffs.

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Anna swings an axe at John's shackles on Days of Our Lives

MarDevil’s eyes turn yellow and flickers the lights. She shouts that none of this had to happen, but now she has to inflict more pain on the family. MarDevil grabs Shawn’s arm and flings him across the table. He lands on the ground, unconscious. Now, MarDevil says, she has big plans for Julie and Doug. Julie steels herself, declaring, “Not today Satan.” MarDevil grabs a knife off the table, threatening them, but Julie holds out her rosary. She says love is her power. The god of love is stronger than the devil’s hatred and the devil cannot defeat them. Julie thinks now that the truth is out… it’s over. MarDevil shouts, “It will never be over!”

EJ sits with Susan at the hospital. Steve enters the room. He relays that Tripp said Susan should make a full recovery. EJ thanks Steve for what he did for his mother. Susan wakes up and tells EJ that Marlena is the devil and wanted her to kill him. EJ assumes she’s talking about Johnny’s movie, but Steve knows better. Steve gets a message from Kayla and leaves.

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EJ kisses Susan's forehead as she sits in a hospital bed on Days of Our Lives

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Alone with her son, Susan tells EJ what happened with the devil. She couldn’t kill John Black, even to protect EJ, but she thought the devil would accept her body as a human sacrifice. EJ can’t believe she was willing to die for him. She says she would do anything for him. A mama always protects their child and she’d do it all over again. “I love you,” she says. EJ tears up and says, “I love you mother.” He kisses her forehead.

In the lobby, Steve meets with Kayla and Belle. They update each other on what they’ve just been through. Belle calls Anna to ask about her father. After Anna assures her John’s all right, Belle says Shawn has MarDevil at the Horton House and is taking her to the station. Meanwhile, Steve and Kayla wonder what they do next. Steve doesn’t know. He’s just grateful they’re all safe.

Later, Anna and Tony come to the hospital and tell Belle John gave them the slip. He has a single determination to get to Marlena.

John runs into the Horton House. He finds Shawn with Julie and Doug. They tell him MarDevil went to fulfill her true purpose.

As Ben and Ciara make out at home, there’s a knock at the door. Ben opens it to a MarDevil.

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