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As we get into Salem, Chanel is telling her mom about her nightmare in which Paulina disowns her. She’s prepared for the worst, so let it rip. Instead, Paulina apologizes. “I would have preferred it if it had gone down a different way,” she admits, “but you told the truth, which is a hell of a lot more than I ever did.” She then apologizes further for being cowardly and accusing Chanel for being a liar. Her youngest daughter happily accepts the apologies.

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She worries, though, that Paulina cares more about Lani than her until the two bond over a lifetime of memories. That’s something, she never had with Lani. “You will always be my baby,” Paulina declares. The two reconcile just in time for the holidays, but there’s no family Thanksgiving for them. Chanel’s got plans. She’s flying to Italy with Johnny! And she may or may not be back for Christmas. Sorry, Paulina.

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Off in the DiMera crypt, Susan tries rallying John by saying she’d had a vision that they’d be saved today – even if she’s lost track of what day it is. MarDevil saunters in and informs her that it’s Thanksgiving. But even better, “This is the day that I get to see the blood of innocents spilled.” It’s time for Susan to kill John. When Susan balks, declaring that she’d never break any commandment, let alone the one on murder, she’s given a choice. Kill John, or EJ dies instead. Not her Elvis! “He’s a good boy,” Susan cries. “He’s not perfect, but he does have a pure heart.” MarDevil takes a beat, then replies, ““If you say so.”

The devil then admits that Marlena is still fighting her, but he knows how to get her to stop. “All I have to do is stop John’s heart from beating.” But that doesn’t mean she needs to wait around for it to happen. MarDevil leaves Susan with a knife and a threat. John had better be dead when she returned, or else. Don’t worry, John tells Susan when they’re alone, EJ isn’t in danger. Susan is. The devil just wants to lead good people like her astray. Susan, though, can’t risk her precious Elvis.

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At the Williams household, Doug’s family is shocked that Julie sprung him from the hospital, “Whether Marlena likes it or not.” As Shawn and Belle try to figure out what to do, Kayla asks to see Doug’s medication. It’s a powerful tranquilizer she informs everyone, and Doug’s on a strong dose. Julie knew it. “Marlena’s drugged my husband into insensibility,” she spits at her family.

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Kayla warns Julie that it may take up to 24 hours for his medication to wear off, but until then, she won’t be able to tell what kind of mental state Doug’s actually in. Afterwards, Shawn and Belle start setting the table, and Belle informs her husband that it may seem crazy, but she’s pretty sure Doug is afraid of her mother.

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Elsewhere, “Marlena” is just getting home when Paulina taps her on the shoulder. It takes about five seconds before she starts lighting into the shrink. “Who the hell do you think you are messing with my life? My family?” “Marlena” sweet talks her way around it, saying she told Chanel with the best of intentions. Paulina scoffs in her face. She doesn’t buy the innocent act. “I’m filing a complaint with the state medical board. You’re going to lose your license, and your job. Now let’s see if that cuts through your little ‘devil may care’ attitude.”

“Marlena” bursts out laughing. Once she gets the giggles under control, she tells Paulina to stop projecting. She’s never getting her family back, nor Abe. Paulina grabs her arm as she turns away, and snaps, “I’m not finished with you, you cold-hearted bitch.” MarDevil, it seems, doesn’t like being touched, because she immediately bares her fangs. Her voice drops, her eyes glow, and Paulina’s jaw drops to the floor. She then tells Paulina to let go of her and scares the shocked woman off before she can even work through what happened. That’s when Belle calls to inform her mom that Marlena’s no longer in charge of Doug’s care. Julie is. And they’re both home.

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Over in town, Steve grills Johnny over Marlena’s strange behavior. Johnny tries defending her, but Steve insists something’s off. That’s when the DiMera admits that it was weird seeing her at the crypt, “dressed like the devil.” For Halloween, of course. But Steve still knows something’s up, especially when Johnny says Marlena wouldn’t allow him in the crypt, saying there was big “rat” in there. That’s enough to send the P.I. running. Steve arrives at the crypt to find it locked, but there’s a handy shovel laying nearby to use as a key. But his pounding on the door just makes Susan think the “devil’s returning for his due,” so she prepares to do John in.

In the show’s last few moments, Chanel and Johnny get ready to run off into the sunset together, and Paulina calls the police, but can’t figure out exactly what to report. Steve bursts into the crypt to find Susan covered in blood. And Marlena shows up at the Williams’ Thanksgiving dinner. An enraged Julie pivots from her heartfelt speech to yelling Marlena down. That’s when Doug pounds on the table, rises, points to Marlena and finally speaks. “You… you… you’re the devil!”

Stephen Nichols, Stacy Haiduk"Days of our Lives" SetNBC StudiosBurbank07/19/21© XJJohnson/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 14228U.S.Airdate 11/24/21

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving in Salem, but it’s also the 22nd anniversary of Nadia Bjorlin’s debut as Chloe. So when you’ve gotten your fill of holiday drama, why not check out some photos we pulled together looking back through Chloe’s drama-filled life? We’ve a feeling she could give the troublemaking MarDevil a run for her money.

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