John kisses Kristen in the crypt on Days of Our Lives
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Fresh out of the shower, Jake finds Gabi putting on a hot pink dress. She wants to go out and celebrate their latest win over Philip. She asks him for help with her zipper, but he’d rather help her out of her clothes. She says, “Like this…?” and pulls off his towel. They start making out.

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Gabi flirtatiously smiles at a shirtless Jake in their bedroom on Days of Our Lives

In the kitchen, Rafe finds Ava cooking. She thought cooking might make the place not feel like a crime scene anymore. Rafe is sorry he wasn’t there the night Carmine was killed. She knows he was working, but Rafe flashes to having sex with Nicole. When he snaps out of it, Ava gives him a taste of her minestrone, and they kiss. Gabi and Jake enter. Gabi and Ava immediately start bickering, with Gabi throwing Nicole in Ava’s face, and Ava accusing Gabi of stealing the necklace she’s wearing. Gabi insists she found it. After Rafe stands by Ava, Gabi storms out with Jake.

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Rafe opens a beer while Ava holds out a wooden spoon for him to taste from Days of Our Lives

As Ava rants about Gabi making her feel insecure about Rafe and Nicole, they sit down to eat. She goes on about Nicole, until Rafe shouts for Ava to stop talking about her. He just wants to have a nice dinner and focus on them. She can do that, and tells him how much she loves their life together. She says, “God, I love you.” Rafe doesn’t know what to say. Ava asks if that’s because he doesn’t feel the same way. Rafe agrees it’s been having her there. They fit. He cares about her a lot and promises that he’s committed to her and only her. They toast to a fresh start.

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Ava and Rafe clink drinks over their kitchen table on Days of Our Lives

Nicole drops by the mansion to see EJ, and shows him her divorce papers. EJ relays he has his own papers, but he can’t serve them because Sami is nowhere to be found. Nicole thought he’d be able to find his wife considering he found Kristen. EJ retorts he wanted to find Kristen; he doesn’t care if he ever finds Sami again. Nicole doesn’t buy it, but reveals she needs help with the legalese of her divorce papers. He agrees to look them over if she’ll go to dinner with him.

At the restaurant, EJ crosses out several terms on the papers. Gabi and Jake walk in and immediately spar with EJ. He spots the necklace he gave Sami on Gabi’s neck, and demands to know where she got it. Gabi says she found it outside the house, just about the time Sami left town. After they storm away, EJ recalls how Sami was going to ask Gabi if she could stay with her. So, if Gabi found Sami’s necklace, she must have been there. He thinks there’s something strange about all this.

At their table, Gabi tells Jake, Sami could be the key to paying EJ back. They just need to track her down first.

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A disheveled Sami makes a phone call in a dingy brown paneled room on Days of Our Lives

Chained up in the crypt, Marlena answers her phone. Sami cries while telling her mother she was drugged and kidnapped. She has no idea who took her, but she managed to steal a phone from the guards. Marlena tells her daughter, she’s not the only one in trouble. After Marlena explains, Sami exclaims, “You’ve been possessed by the devil again? I thought it was like the chickenpox. I thought it could only happen to you once.” Marlena admits she’s scared. She thinks they might lose John.

Elsewhere in the crypt, John resists Devil Kristen’s attempts at seducing him. He reminds her he loves Marlena, so “Kristen” says they can just make it about sex. She knows there’s something about her that brings out the untamed part of him. She changes into a sexy negligee, and John asks her to free his hands, so he can make “spine-shattering love” to her. “Kristen” wonders if he just wants to escape.

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Devil Kristen touches a shackled John's face on Days of Our Lives

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After more banter, “Kristen” sets John loose, but when he tries to walk away from her, she starts kissing on him. She reminds him how they couldn’t keep their hands off each other all those years ago. She wants to relive the past and asks him to make love to her. He passionately kisses her. After a while, John bites her lip, drawing blood. John can’t believe she thought he’d give up on Doc. She throws him into the wall. John crumples to the floor, unconscious.

As Sami urgently tries to make a plan with Marlena to contact the police, Devil Kristen takes the phone and tells Samantha that Marlena can’t help her now. She hangs up. Marlena asks if Devil Kristen knows who has Sami. Devil Kristen says, her lips are sealed. She then taunts Marlena about seducing John, but Marlena knows her bond with John is unshakeable.

MarDevil brings Susan back to see a chained-up John. Since Devil Kristen didn’t work on him, MarDevil will go to plan b, which is where both John and Susan die.

As EJ and Nicole muse on what’s going on with Sami, he answers a call from an unknown number. Sami yells into the phone for EJ, but the battery dies. After EJ hangs up, he tells Nicole he thought he heard Samantha’s voice before the phone went dead.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Johnny makes Chanel an offer, and Kayla and Steve have questions “Marlena.”

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