A handcuffed Kristen smirks at Gwen in the interrogation room on Days of Our Lives
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EJ drops by Nicole’s, interrupting her as she thinks about sex with Rafe. He brought her favorite ice cream: chocolate cookies and cream. As they eat out of the carton, EJ notes they’re both moving on from a Brady twin. He thinks it’d be ideal if they moved on together and kisses her. He suggests they take things to the bedroom, but she reminds him Henry and Holly are just down the hall. He promises to be quiet and persists, but she gets up. She can’t do this. He wonders when the last time she even had sex was. She blurts out that she had sex on Halloween. He assumes it was with Xander, but she goes on about how opposite of Xander the guy is. EJ realizes it was Rafe. She recounts how he was there for her after her run-in with Deimos. However, it was one time and it will never happen again. She tells EJ that Ava can’t know, so he needs to keep quiet about this. He agrees, but only if the next time she’s terrorized by the undead, she calls him first.

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EJ brings Nicole ice cream at home on Days of Our Lives

In his kitchen, Rafe asks Ava if she can forgive him. She asks for what. He flashes back to Nicole asking him not to tell Ava about their fling. He snaps out of it and apologizes for being so hard on her, assuming she was going back to the old Ava Vitali. She understands and promises not to give his sister any more trouble. Ava suggests they wipe the slate clean and start over fresh. He agrees and they kiss. Rafe pulls away. Ava offers to sleep in separate rooms. They can figure out where they go from here in the morning.

In the interrogation room, Kristen orders Gwen to bust her out of prison. Gwen can’t imagine why she’d do that. Kristen warns if she doesn’t, she could lose Xander forever. Kristen details what really happened to Sarah, adding she got Rex a prestigious position with Doctors Without Borders, where there’s little cell service. She also texts Maggie once in a while as Sarah to cover that base. Gwen doesn’t believe her, but Kristen warns if Xander finds out Sarah’s alive, he’ll leave her so fast it will make Gwen’s head spin. Kristen suggests she not wait too long. Because it will be easier to get her out of the SPD than Statesville.

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Xander and Maggie embrace at the Kiriakis mansion on Days of Our Lives

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Xander pays Maggie a visit to welcome her home. They embrace. After he extends his condolences for Summer’s passing, he asks if she’s heard from Sarah. She says she gets a text here and there and confirms she’s happy with Rex. He’s genuinely happy for her, which confuses Maggie. He tells her he’s in love again. Maggie wishes she could be happy for him, but she can’t get over what Gwen did to Laura, Abigail and Chad. Xander promises her Gwen has put revenge behind her. Maggie isn’t convinced. Xander urges her to give Gwen a chance, just like she did with him. Maggie points out Sarah was the first person to give him a chance. Xander believes Sarah never got over what happened with her baby, and that’s why she left him. But, he got through his heartbreak with Gwen’s help and now, both he and Sarah are where they are meant to be. He asks Maggie to talk to Jack on Gwen’s behalf. She agrees, if he’s sure Gwen is worth it and won’t hurt her family again. Xander assures her and picks her up into a hug.

Xander returns to his hotel room, to find Gwen pouring over an article about Kristen. He joyfully tells her Maggie can fix things between her and Jack. Xander is sure everyone will finally see what he sees in her. Gwen looks guilt-ridden as he hugs her.

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The devil as Kristen rubs up against John on Days of Our Lives

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In the DiMera crypt, the devil transforms into Kristen (played by Eileen Davidson). Tied up, John says she’s just another one of Lucifer’s tricks. Marlena stirs on the floor nearby, as “Kristen” assures John she’s real. She rubs up against him as Marlena sits up. Doc scowls at “Kristen” and urges John not to give in to the devil’s games. John makes it clear that he’d never.

“Kristen” chains Marlena up in another part of the crypt as she continues to try and seduce John. He knows she’s not the real Kristen, because Kristen is obsessed with Brady. But “Kristen” says she’s the Kristen he fell in love with when she was with Tony. “Kristen” gropes him while reminding him of the past. John insists the only woman he wants is Marlena and that will never change. “Kristen” knows he remembered what “they” had and assures John they can be patient.

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The devil leaves Susan’s body and re-inhabits Marlena. When Susan starts praying, MarDevil threatens Elvis Jr. unless she stops. MarDevil promises to be back after corrupting more souls. Upon their return, John and “Kristen” can pick up where they left off. Susan grimaces.

Next on Days of Our Lives: MarDevil has a gift for Ben and Ciara, and Abe and Paulina’s wedding day arrives.

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