MarDevil glares at Susan who curls her arms around herself on Days of Our Lives
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Lucas meets Philip at Brady’s Pub. He wants to know what’s going on with the whole Brady and Chloe thing. Kate walks up wondering the same thing. She joins her sons, as Lucas explains they saw Brady and Chloe going into the Salem Inn together. Kate scoffs, calling it totally predictable. She wonders what happened when he confronted her. Philip admits he didn’t. He’s giving up on all his jealousy and paranoia. He breezily says it’s possible nothing happened between them. Lucas and Kate look dubious. Philip is determined to be the man Chloe wants him to be. After more negative comments from Kate, Philip leaves.

When Lucas defends Chloe to his mother, Kate reminds him he has reason not to trust her either. They trade barbs and sling each other’s indiscretions in their faces. All Lucas knows is, if Chloe did cheat on Philip, he will blow sky high.

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Chloe smiles, facing Brady at Basic Black on Days of Our Lives

After Brady snaps out of his fantasy at Basic Black, he tells Chloe he was picturing them having sex on the conference table. He knows it sounds bad, but explains how Marlena suggested he do just that. He apologizes for even bringing it up. Chloe blows it off and mutters that the table has seen a lot of action. Brady demands to know what she means by that. She says one of their employees admitted to having sex on it last night. Brady deduces it was Nicole and assumes she slept with EJ. Chloe corrects him, but makes him promise not to tell anyone.

When the conversation turns to Philip, Brady is shocked to learn his uncle didn’t tell her he saw them at the Salem Inn together. Chloe hopes it means Philip finally trusts her and believes she and Brady are just friends. Philip approaches the door and overhears Chloe make Brady promise not to tell anyone about the sex on the conference room table.

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MarDevil grabs Ben's jacket with a smile on Days of Our Lives

At John and Marlena’s, Ben tells “Marlena” Susan thinks his baby is in danger. “Marlena” calls it absurd, but Ben defends her. If it wasn’t for Susan, he might have never found Ciara. He’ll always be open to whatever she has to tell him. “Marlena” understands, but suggests he not put faith in her half-baked visions. Ben worries he’s passing his evil genes to his baby. That’s why he came to her. “Marlena” says it was the right move. She promises to take care of Susan.

At Ben and Ciara’s apartment, Susan detects evil coming from the baby, but she can’t figure out where it’s coming from. She explains to a worried Ciara she can’t force her visions. She tries to relax and fight through the darkness. Suddenly, Susan sees someone who delights in spreading pain and suffering to those closest to him. Ciara says, “Oh my god. I think I know who it is.”

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Susan puts her hands on Ciara's belly on Days of Our Lives

Ciara shows Susan a photo of Clyde. Susan gets bad vibes off him, but doesn’t think he wants to harm her baby. Susan puts her hands over Ciara’s belly again and feels an overpowering evil. MarDevil walks in with Ben. “Marlena” orders Susan to take her hands off Ciara’s baby right now. Susan is thrilled to see Dr. Evans, thinking she can help them find the evil. “Marlena” explains she’s there to stop her, not help her. Susan recoils when “Marlena” glares at her demanding the nonsense stop. She orders Susan to come with her and they leave.

“Marlena” brings Susan back to the penthouse and orders her to stay away from Ben and Ciara. Susan won’t back down. She feels the evil and has to speak up about it. MarDevil seethes. Susan doesn’t care if “Marlena” approves or not. “Marlena” grabs her by the hand to stop her from leaving. Susan shakes and says, “It’s you.”

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Nicole and Rafe talk at the Salem Police Department on Days of Our Lives

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Rafe brings Nicole to his office in the station. He tells her Ava and Tripp claim to have seen Charlie. Nicole wonders how he’ll verify everyone’s stories. He explains he sent units to check out the graves. Nicole declares if Ava is telling the truth about Charlie then they made a terrible mistake. Rafe assures her he didn’t sleep with her in reaction to Ava, but because it’s what he wanted to happen. Nothing else matters. Nicole counters that it does matter. It changes everything. She knows Rafe wasn’t there for a terrified Ava because he was with her. Rafe takes Nicole’s hands, reminding her she needed him too. Nicole frees her hands from his, wondering if he told Ava what happened. He didn’t get the chance, but he plans to. Nicole declares that he can’t. She already betrayed her husband. She doesn’t want to betray her best friend. She says they have to forget it ever happened, but Rafe won’t let it end like this. Nicole doesn’t give him a choice and tearfully leaves.

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Being possessed by the devil is just a drop in the bucket of all the drama Doc’s been through. Relive Marlena’s colorful past in the photo gallery below.

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