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Fresh from the shower, Ben finds Ciara still marveling at the fact that they are having a baby. Sure, it happened fast, but as Ben points out, “We’re young, we’re healthy, and we’re very, very good at doing what you need to do to get pregnant.” They try and guess exactly when it happened and conclude that maybe the mysterious wind which they feared was a bad omen might actually have been a positive one.

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Still sipping champagne after Bonnie and Justin’s wedding, Kayla catches Steve up on Abigail’s suspicions about Gwen and her search of Dr. Snyder’s office. Steve says that as much as he loves Abigail, he had to clear Gwen’s name because she, too, is his niece. He is, however, sorry to hear that Gwen might still be keeping secrets, especially given that Jack thinks she’s changed and they’re reconnecting as a family.

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Belle wakes up from a nightmare, admitting that seeing her mom dressed up as the devil — complete with glowing-eye contacts — freaked her out. She and Shawn start the day with a little bit of sexy time. Later, Steve swings by to talk to John and is surprised when Belle says that John’s out of town on a case. Given that they are partners, Steve definitely finds this development strange.

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At the hospital, Shawn runs into Ben, who shares that Kayla is helping Ciara find out for sure if they are having a baby. In the exam room, Ciara admits she’s a little bit nervous. Kayla says that’s natural, but adds that having a baby is one of the most rewarding experiences she’ll ever have. Ciara shares that Marlena has played an important role in helping Ben get past his fears regarding becoming a father and possibly passing on the bad genes which seem to run in his family. Before long, Kayla shares with Ben, Ciara and Shawn the news that Ciara is, in fact, having a baby.

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At the police station, Trask basically plays Deal or No Deal with Xander. Sure, he can walk out with that briefcase full of cash, but if he does, she’ll saunter over to Jack’s place and tell him about the secret Gwen’s been keeping. Xander plays dumb, so Melinda admits she eavesdropped on his and Gwen’s conversation and learned the truth about how and when Gwen really lost the baby. Trask says she’s going to take the money and start a legal defense fund which will assist undocumented immigrants in honor of her late daughter. “There’s nothing more I can do for my daughter, but maybe I can help someone else’s.” Xander admits it’s a worthy cause, but asks why she feels the need to do it with his money. Trask theorizes it’s payback for how much his lies and manipulations have cost the taxpayers “after all the time and energy I and the hard-working people in my office have wasted on your high crimes and misdemeanors.” (I mean, she has a point… ) Ultimately, Xander hands over the million bucks in exchange for Trask’s silence.

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Of course, what Xander doesn’t realize is that at that very same moment, Abigail is busy spilling those particularly rancid beans herself. Feigning shock, Gwen says that she can’t understand why her sister is being so awful about that tragic night, saying she fell down the stairs and she lost the baby. “Both those statements are true,” admits Abigail, “but not in that order.”

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Befuddled, Jack says he’s confused about what’s going on. After all, everybody knows that the secret Dr. Snyder used to blackmail Gwen was that she’d been a sex worker in Philadelphia. “Would you just tell him,” insists Abigail, “that this was another of your stupid, stupid lies?” (That’s right… it’s a lie so big Abigail deemed it worthy of two stupids!) Jack asks why Gwen would lie, and Chad chimes in that it’s because the truth is worse. After all, why would her being a hooker be so shocking given all the horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad things Gwen had done to their family? No, Snyder was using something much bigger to blackmail Gwen. “The truth is, when we got into that argument, she wasn’t even pregnant anymore.”

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Turning to Gwen, Jack, clearly hoping this is some kind of terrible misunderstanding, asks, “Is this true?” Quick on her feet, Gwen suggests that maybe Abigail is off her meds and making things up. “Do you have proof? Do you have any sort of evidence whatsoever?” demands Gwen. Unfortunately for her, Abigail does and whips out the medical chart proving her claims. Gwen, clearly missing the bigger picture, says she could have Abigail arrested for stealing the medical files. But her attempts at distraction fail when Jack, reading Snyder’s notes, realizes that Abigail is telling the truth.

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Chad steps up demanding how Gwen could do something so devious. “My wife had nothing to do with that baby,” he spits, “yet you let her think she did! She felt so guilty that she left me, she left our children!” Gwen tried defending herself, but it was a losing battle. Abigail says that because Gwen wasn’t raised by loving people, she has no idea how to love. “You’re a toxic person, and I don’t want you in my life,” she tells her sister as a stunned Jack sits in silence, absorbing what’s been revealed. “I can’t believe I didn’t see this coming,” he admits. “How could I have been so blind?” He has one question for Gwen. “Why would you do this?”

Weeping, Gwen insists that Abigail was wrong in saying she doesn’t know how to love. But Jack thinks it’s true, saying she doesn’t know a damn thing about how to treat other people. Gwen declares that she cares about her father, who makes her feel grateful and safe and, for the first time in her life, valued as a human. She lied to him because she feared losing him. “I knew that any love that you felt for me… would be gone the minute that you found out what I’d done,” she says, “and now I can see that I was right.” When she calls him “dad,” Jack recoils, saying she can no longer call him that before running out of the room, leaving her in tears.

Returning to find Gwen crying, Xander is shocked to hear about what just went down. He pulls her into his arms in an attempt to comfort Gwen, even as he realizes he gave Trask a million dollars for no good reason. Meanwhile, Chad and Abigail reconnect, with her admitting she feels bad about how this has all impacted Jack.

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Steve tells Kayla that John supposedly left town on a case, yet nobody knows where or what he’s working on. He’s pretty sure something is definitely not kosher. Elsewhere, Shawn shares with Belle news of Ben and Ciara’s pregnancy even as Susan arrives on the doorstep of the parents-to-be saying she’s had a premonition about their baby…

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