Nick stakes Jake Days
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Outside the Brady Pub, Philip bumps into Nick, who tells him happy Halloween and walks off. Philip notes that the guy dressed as a zombie looked just like Nick, but he’s dead.

Philip sees Nick Days

In the cemetery, Gabi spots a shovel and begins digging up the grave Nick buried Jake in. She hits the coffin, opens it and finds Jake inside motionless. Gabi pulls him out and begins CPR.

Gabi and Jake in his coffin Days

Jake eventually gasps and wonders what in the hell happened. Gabi embraces him and asks if he knows how he got there. The last thing Jake remembers is being grabbed from behind as the cop was taking him to lock-up. She cries this is her fault and explains Nick busted him out of jail and buried him in his grave to get back at her. Confused, Jake asks if that’s the guy she killed. She confirms it and has no idea how it’s possible, but Nick’s walking around as creepy as he was when he was alive.

Gabi rescues Jake Days

Nick appears and tells Gabi she should have left well enough alone because now he must kill Jake all over again. Nick shoves Gabi out of his way, and she falls and hits her head on his gravestone. Nick pulls out a stake and plans to drive it through Jake’s heart. Suddenly, Gabi whacks Nick over the head with the shovel. She checks his pulse and declares Nick is dead, and hopefully the third time is the charm. She suggests they put him back where he belongs. They close him up in his coffin and rebury him. Afterward, Gabi thinks Jake should go to the hospital, but Jake declares he needs to go back to jail and make things right with the cops.

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At the police station, Eli tells Shawn everything has gone insane on All Hollow’s Eve, including Gabi busting Jake out and Ava being brought in under suspicion of the murder of Carmine. Eli thinks she finally snapped, and he’s heading out on a few leads to find out what happened. Eli suggests Shawn may be able to get through to her.

Shawn enters the interrogation room to talk to Ava, who begs him to find Charlie before it’s too late. Shawn can’t help her without knowing the facts, starting with what happened to Carmine. Ava swears Charlie killed Carmine, but Shawn says that is impossible because Jan killed Charlie. Ava details how Charlie killed Carmine and then came after her with a knife, so she ran.

Shawn questions Ava Days

Shawn thought Ava had changed her ways, but perhaps her past came back to bite her and she’s spinning this story to cover killing Carmine. Ava says for the hundredth time Charlie killed him, and now he’s going after Allie and Henry. She refuses to say anymore and wants to speak to Rafe. She demands her phone call, so Shawn says he’ll call Rafe for her.

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Eli arrives at the Kiriakis mansion to question Philip about Carmine’s murder. He knows Philip is up to his eyeballs in this and asks when he last saw Carmine. Philip recalls talking to Ava about Carmine’s return and telling her to take care of him. Philip suggests Eli talk to Jake given he and Carmine were associates. Eli says he’d like to, but someone busted him out of jail. Philip assumes it was Gabi and calls them both bad news. Eli must get back to the station but tells Philip not to leave town.

Eli questions Philip about murder Days

Tripp kicks in Nicole and Allie’s door and is stunned to find Charlie holding Allie as a shield. Tripp tries to reassure Allie that it will be okay and tells Charlie to let her go because he’s the one he hates. Charlie lets Allie go and blames Tripp for his death. Charlie decides to take Tripp back to hell with him and attacks him. Allie quickly grabs an iron pan and whacks Charlie on the head.

Allie hits Charlie with a pan Days

Tripp quickly throws a distracted Charlie on the couch and pins him down. Charlie tells Tripp that Allie will always be damaged goods and gloats Tripp is left with his sloppy seconds. Tripp grabs the pan and begins pummeling Charlie. Allie eventually stops him and says Charlie can’t hurt her any longer. Charlie lays motionless on the couch.

Tripp attacks Charlie Days

Tripp and Allie embrace. When they look back at the couch, Charlie has disappeared. Tripp searches the apartment and there is no trace of Charlie. Allie wonders if any of this was real. Tripp explains his mom saw him too, and she sent him to find her. They hold one another. Allie finally tells Tripp that she loves him, and they kiss.

Charlie dead on the couch Days

At Basic Black, Rafe goes to investigate Nicole’s claim that Deimos is dead in the boardroom, and she stabbed him with a pair of scissors. He shows her that there are scissors on the floor, but no body. She swears he was just there, and she details the events of Deimos’ return. Rafe asks why Deimos would come after her. Nicole explains he was out for revenge. Rafe wonders why he’d want revenge on her. She stammers and claims it was because she rejected him and he’s always been obsessed with her.

Rafe calms down Nicole Days

Rafe suggests perhaps her working late, and with it being Halloween, that her mind played tricks on her. Nicole thinks perhaps it was in her imagination and she’s sorry for bothering him. She tells him to forget what happened and go home to Ava. Rafe reveals Ava is currently being questioned about a murder. He fills her in on finding Carmine dead in his kitchen, and it appears Ava was hiding him in his house. Rafe further details Gabi’s claims that Ava and Philip hooked up with Carmine to try and take over her company. Rafe thinks he has been played for a fool and Ava hasn’t been honest with him for a long time.

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Nicole apologizes for calling him over for nothing given what he’s dealing with. He doesn’t want to leave Nicole alone. She swears she’ll be okay and she has Duke, who is always there when she needs him. Rafe asks, “What if I want to be the one who is there when you need me?” She reminds him that they agreed he should focus on Ava. Rafe says giving his relationship with Ava a chance isn’t working for him any longer, and every time he sees Nicole he just wants to… Rafe pulls her into a kiss, and as they jump onto the boardroom table and begin to make love, Rafe fails to see Shawn calling his phone.

Rafe and Nicole kiss Days

Back at the station, Shawn leaves Rafe a message and explains Ava wants to speak to him. Shawn tells Ava that Rafe will call him back as soon as he gets the message and he’ll let her know when that happens.

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Shawn enters the squad room as Eli returns. Suddenly Gabi and Jake appear covered in dirt. Gabi swears she can explain. Jake interjects that Gabi had nothing to do with his escape and he did it on his own.

Gabi and Jake at the station Days

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