Charlie confronts Allie at her place Days
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Undead Charlie barges into Allie’s. She assumes this is a trick, so he prompts her to tear at his mask. It doesn’t come off. He assures her he’s not after her virtue; he just wants his son. She did everything she could to keep him away from Henry, but now he will take him away. When she tries calling for help, he demands to know where his son is. She lays into him about how his mom loves Tripp better. Once more, he asks where his son is. She won’t say so he threatens to kill her.

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Deimos scares Nicole at Basic Chic Days

In her office at Basic Black, Nicole looks at her teddy bear and wonders why she hasn’t gotten rid of him. Back-from-the-dead Deimos appears in the doorway and the shock knocks her onto the floor. He announces that they have some unfinished business. She assumes Rolf is behind this, but he assures her it was someone more evil. He’s had a lot of time to reflect in the grave and he still holds a grudge against her for killing him in cold blood. After flashing back, they argue about who was playing God with whose life. She stabs him with scissors. He collapses. After checking for a heartbeat, she calls Rafe.

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Nick frightens Gabi in lane Days

Living dead Nick startles Gabi when he corners her on the lane. She tries telling herself he’s not there. “Sorry babe, this isn’t a dream,” he says. Nick reminds her of the various times she killed him in the past. She makes excuses but it was premeditated murder and she confessed to it. Gabi insists she’s paid her debt to society. He cares more about her debt to him. He’s not going to kill her because it would be too easy. He’s going to kill Jake instead so she could live knowing his blood is on her hands. She begs him not to, but he says it’s already too late. He has an empty grave at his disposal so decided to put it to good use. She runs off to the cemetery to start digging.

Kate bumps into Julie outside of Julie’s Place and invites her to Thanksgiving. She informs her that Nick is back from the dead. Julie is perplexed so Kate explains some kids told her they saw him. They rehash everything that happened to Nick and how he’s beaten death before. So has Kate, who shrugs it off and walks away.

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Ava panics to Tripp outside pub Days

Tripp joins Ava outside of the Brady Pub. She tells him she saw his brother and he killed a man. This doesn’t make any sense to him. His mom explains that his brother planned to kill her and that’s when she ran. He says this is just like what happened when Charlie drugged her. She insists otherwise. The doctor tries explaining how acid flashbacks work but she claims this was real and they need to warn Allie. He reminds her that Henry is safe in the pub and repeats that she’s just imagining things.

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Rafe fills Eli in at home Days

At home, Rafe calls Eli and tells him he’s found a corpse in his kitchen. Eli and the crew soon arrive to pick up the corpse. Rafe explains it’s Carmine and there’s a chance Ava was involved. Carmine worked for her when she was running the mob. Rafe doesn’t know what to believe. He gets a call informing him that Jake has escaped from lockup. They wonder if Gabi was behind that. After Rafe takes off, Ava and Tripp arrive as Carmine’s body is wheeled out. Eli needs to take her down to the station. Ava insists Charlie did it and she needs to talk to Rafe. She orders her son to go and check on Allie.

When Tripp gets to Allie’s, he bursts through the door and finds Charlie holding her.

At the Salem PD, Rafe gets the details on how Jake disappeared. Nicole calls him to say she has an emergency in her office.

Eli questions Ava at the Salem PD Days

Eli brings Ava into the interrogation room. She tells him about her son coming back from the dead. He thinks she needs a doctor.

Rafe arrives at Nicole’s office and she tells him she stabbed Deimos with a pair of scissors. When she tries to show him the body, it has vanished.

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