MarDevil raises Charlie from the grave Days
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In the cemetery, MarDevil calls Charlie to rise from the grave. After some cackling, she prompts him for a thank you and then sends him off to wreak havoc. She strolls the grounds and then calls Nick Fallon from his grave. After he knocks off the dirt, she tells him how handsome death has made him and gives him a lengthy kiss. She offers him a day back on earth to avenge his death. MarDevil explains she may need one more person to join her army of the undead, but that means she would have to die tonight. They pace the yard and spot Deimos’ grave. After some bickering, she sends Nick off to cause misery. She brings Deimos back and rips his shirt open to see that her mark is on him. MarDevil tells him Nicole needs to pay for killing him. It’s too bad because Nicole used to be one of hers, but then she fell for a priest. Since she dumped Eric, she’s ripe for the picking again. Once he’s gone, she visits Tom and Alice’s graves and tells them they can push up daisies for eternity.

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Charlie stabs Carmine at Ava's Days

Ava isn’t happy when Carmine shows up at her place, sick of hiding at the town dump. He demands some five-star accommodation or he’s going to make sure she ends up in a cell next to him. She doesn’t appreciate being threatened. When she orders him out, he grabs a dishrag to choke her with. Charlie pops up and jams a knife into Carmine’s chest. This is even more frightening than that attempted murder. Charlie stalks her around the room and lectures her for what she said about him after he died. She’s sure this is a nightmare and runs out the door.

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Tripp and Allie discuss love in the square Days

On the way to the cemetery, Allie admits to Tripp that she’s freaked out by being surrounded by dead people. She’s also upset she saw him talking to Chanel and assumes they were discussing her. They sit in the square and discuss how he is more into her than she is into him. She can’t tell him she loves him, or anyone else since what Charlie did to her. Tripp doesn’t want her to feel any pressure. Allie says those three little words have been on the tip of her tongue for a long time. Before she can say more, Ava calls her son, desperate for help. He rushes off.

At the Salem PD, Gabi and Rafe join Jake in the interrogation room. Rafe explains that Abe remembered everything and gave them evidence that Carmine was guilty. The cop isn’t about to let Jake go though. He was still running around with a gun and has mob connections the DA will want to hear about. Gabi suggests he talk to Ava if he wants information about the mob, sure that she helped Carmine escape. She explains how Ava and Philip were working together to take over Gabi Chic. Rafe leaves to visit Abe. Gabi paces the room and rants, annoyed that Jake is being so calm about everything.

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Nicole and Rafe visit Abe at the hospital Days

Nicole drops by the hospital with flowers for Abe. She asks if he’s happy to be engaged to Paulina. They discuss his shooting and her marriage to Eric falling apart. She explains they are getting a divorce. That makes Abe sad. Nicole thinks Eric missed being a priest too much. She’s already moved on… with EJ. “Are you kidding?” Abe asks. Nicole changed her mind about him when he chased after her and helped her forget someone else. There was a man he would have approved of, but… Rafe interrupts. Things are awkward. Abe signs some paperwork for the cop and tells Nicole not to be a stranger.

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Rafe and Nicole discuss Ava at the Hospital Days

Nicole and Rafe get coffee in the lobby. He explains he suspects Ava of being involved in Abe getting shot. Gabi has hinted that Ava has not left the mob life behind her. They wonder what the truth could be, and she urges him to talk to Ava. After they chat about their plans for the evening, she tells him she hopes his sister is wrong about Ava.

Rafe is shocked when he walks into the apartment and finds Carmine’s corpse on the floor.

Tripp meets terrified Ava outside of the pub. She tells him she just saw his brother.

Allie is shocked when she opens her door and Charlie is standing there.

Nicole goes to her office and talks to her teddy bear. Deimos appears and she’s so shocked she falls out of her chair.

As Gabi walks down the lane, she calls Will to promise she will visit Ari soon. When she gets off the line, she gulps as Nick appears.

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