Kristen slaps EJ at the DiMera mansion on Days of Our Lives
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Brady reads Johnny’s script at John and Marlena’s. He says, “Is Johnny kidding with this script? How can Marlena be okay with this?” Lucas stops by to confront Brady about spending the night with Chloe at the Salem Inn. Brady insists nothing happened. Lucas declares Philip deserves better from Brady… and he knows it. Brady scoffs, reminding Lucas he lied to Chloe about having cancer. Lucas points out he did that because of Kristen, who is a walking death threat to Chloe. After more bickering, Brady thinks if Philp really wants to know what happened, he should ask himself.

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EJ crosses his arms over his chest as he talks to Kristen on Days of Our Lives

EJ leaves a message for Nicole. He invites her over for dinner at the mansion. That way, they won’t have any interruptions. Kristen enters. She says, “Guess again.” EJ looks around wildly and demands to know what she’s doing there. She slaps him. Kristen blames EJ for Steve tracing her location based on the number she gave him. EJ insists he didn’t give her up to Steve. He details his encounter with Steve and Kayla at Julie’s Place. He then realizes someone else was at that dinner, but lies that it was a business associate. She orders her brother to hide her until this all blows over or else she’ll take him down with her. EJ offers the secret room in the wine cellar. She turns to go see Rachel at John and Marlena’s. EJ is aghast. Kristen just needs to look at her daughter while she’s sleeping. No one will know she’s there. EJ sighs. He knows she can’t change her mind.

When Brady leaves the living room, Kristen slips inside John and Marlena’s place.

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Chloe and Nicole talk over a table in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

As Chloe leaves the Salem Inn, she spots Nicole sitting at a table. Nicole tells her about Abe and then learns Chloe moved out of the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole gets a call from EJ, but she ignores it. She calls the hospital and learns Abe is in stable condition. Chloe is relieved, but wants to know whose call she ignored. Nicole tells her it was EJ, who invited her to dinner. However, she also let Steve hack into EJ’s phone to track down Kristen. After agreeing Kristen should get what she deserves, Nicole admits EJ has been a good distraction from Rafe. Chloe thinks Rafe deserves to know how Nicole feels about him. Nicole points out he’s with Ava now. She recalls how in love she was with EJ once. Maybe she can feel that way again. Chloe worries about what will happen if EJ finds out what she did. Nicole thinks EJ will understand. In fact, she’s going to go to the mansion and take him up on his dinner invitation right now.

EJ’s doorbell rings. He opens the door to Nicole. He smirks and says, “I was just thinking about you.”

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Philip leans in to yell at Ava. She glares and her arms are folded over her chest. At the Kiriakis mansion on Days of Our Lives

Ava stomps into the Kiriakis mansion. She tells Philip Jake was arrested for shooting Abe. They realize with Jake already in jail they have no blackmail leverage. Carmine enters. He tells them they owe him for the mess he just got into with Jake, which led to him shooting Abe. He warns if he gets picked up by the cops, he’ll give them up. So, they better take care of him. Philip asks what he wants. Carmine wants to hide out in the mansion until this blows over. Philip will think about it.

When Carmine leaves to use “the gentlemen’s,” Ava tells Philip to do whatever it takes to keep Carmine quiet. Philip counters she knows how to disappear people, so she should handle him. Ava agrees to it. Philip leaves. When Carmine returns, Ava tells him she’ll take care of his arrangements. However, she warns, despite being out of the business, she can still squash him like a bug.

Philip knocks on Chloe’s door.

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Gabi sits with Jake across the table from Rafe in the interrogation room on Days of Our Lives

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Rafe enters the interrogation room and updates Jake and Gabi on Abe’s condition. A contrite Jake tells Rafe everything that happened with Philip and Carmine leading up to the shooting. Gabi points out Jake gave Abe CPR after Carmine shot him. If Jake were guilty, he wouldn’t have stuck around. Rafe admits they found additional prints on the gun. He wonders if they know where Carmine is. Gabi suggests they check with Philip. Rafe warns even if his story checks out, Jake set everything in motion. Gabi starts going off about Ava, telling Rafe she is in this up to her neck.

Holding a bouquet of flowers, Maggie walks off the hospital elevator. She introduces herself to Paulina and offers her support. Paulina cries and tells her Abe pulled through. She was scared though. Abe has become so important to her in such a short amount of time. Maggie’s heard the same goes for Abe. Paulina never thought she’d find love at this point in her life. Maggie is happy for them. Paulina says her daughter is in with Abe now. She corrects herself, her niece, Lani, is in there. After more consoling, the women agree they should all go out when Abe’s better.

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